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From "SPIRITUALIST" Sahaj MART (tm) to Bio-Psycho-genealogy?

Next time you visit your Sahaj Marg (tm) preceptor, check out what else he/she is promoting and/or selling. Being a good disciple, you agree to be "obedient" to them, as requested by the Sahaj Marg 3M's (Obedience and service to the MASTER, METHOD, MISSION). As you are also in the "target market group" and part of the NETWORK of many "alternate" and " New Age" therapy promoters, you may be targeted as a potential buyer of what is being sold. That is the way some earn their livelihood. They will attend the events and they will become "preceptors"! Why NOT? ... That part of Sahaj Marg is not FREE !!

You are now living inside the commercial, spiritualist MARKETPLACE called SAHAJ MARG(tm) or Sahaj MART, operated by pseudo-religious businessmen who call their (trade marked) product SPIRITUALITY but which is really "SPIRITUALISM"!! ...

You may be approached by proponents of many alternate (New Age) therapies and products, and many other COMMERCIAL products sold by the BUSINESSMEN of the Sahaj Marg (tm) PYRAMID ... (i.e. hotel accommodations, travel, food, rental spaces, incense and other meditation "stuff", books, pictures, souvenirs, videos, tapes, alternate therapies, divination, NEW AGE stuff, etc.. etc..) just like a REAL MALL ... Welcome to the SPIRITUALIST MALL of SAHAJ MART (The un-Natural Mart) !!

These Dear Bio-psycho-genealogists!

The website of Jean-Claude Badard has changed He is now described as a researcher, trainer and therapist in France and Italy. He apparently still interacts with the A. I.T.Sa.M. (Associazione Italiana Tutela Salute Mentale), especially in the field of Bio-psychosomatics. He was introduced at one of its conferences by the conference speaker, Sandra Conte, and was translated by Dr. Luigi Bissatini, respectively the secretary and the vice president of the SRCM (California-1997) in Italy.

For the record, Jean-Claude Badard, this very early follower of Sahaj Marg, a former preceptor, was born in 1949, and is a former psychologist from Montpellier, where he practiced for many years before moving precipitously to Fontaine, near Grenoble. He allegedly practiced the method of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, also called "bio-decoding" and "biologie totale". (a method that allegedly includes stopping all treatments for the benefit of psychotherapy in order to cure illness, including terminal illnesses such as cancer.)

He (Dr. R.G. Hamer) was jailed for 12 months in Germany from 1997 to 1998, and served a prison term from September 2004 to February 2006 in Fleury-Mérogis, France on counts of fraud and illegal practicing. He subsequently lived in voluntary exile in Spain until March 2007, when he apparently moved to Norway). (See Wikipedia article)

Also promoting and offering therapy in psycho-genealogy, one finds another couple of Sahaj Marg(tm) preceptors, the Scala's (husband and wife):

From: NLP and Bio-Decoding Institute:

1st law:The iron rule of cancer: Every cancer and related diseases start as a DHS - Dirk Hamer Syndrome - which is a serious, painful, acute-dramatic and isolating
life experience called conflict-shock. It manifests simultaneously on three levels: Psyche-Brain-Organ.

For an Exposé of Bio-Psycho-Genealogy on-line:
According to Dr. Orac, (see Scienceblog article below) bio-psycho-genealogy has now spread to Quebec, in Canada. The public Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) has published a documentary.

See Scienceblog Article: Biologie Totale: The quackery of German New Medicine on steroids

From Dr. Orac on Scienceblog:


This is a personal web log, reflecting the sometimes prickly opinions of its author. Statements on this blog do not represent the opinions of anyone other than the author. They most definitely do not represent the opinions or position of the author's hospital, university, cancer institute, surgical practice, partners, or research colleagues. The information on this blog is intended for discussion and entertainment purposes only and not as recommendations about how to diagnose or treat illnesses. Any personal medical issues the reader may have should be referred to the reader's physician. If the reader freely chooses to follow the opinion of a pseudonymous blogger like the author (who has also not done a proper history or physical examination and whose credentials cannot be verified) over that of his or her own personal physician, it is the reader's decision alone, for which the reader must bear full responsibility.

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This site is by: Caroline Markolin, Ph.D. who is the main promoter of Dr. Hamer's theory in Canada... Some of the original research by Dr. R.G. Hamer.

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