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Defection of Old Abhyasi(s) in Europe

Defections in Europe...

Madeleine is a 20 year disciple of Sahaj Marg who has "finally" resigned. This is her "point of view" and testimony...

I took this off Elodie’s French Blog and translated it…this is only one of many who are leaving the SRCM in Europe according to Alexis, of the original research site on Sahaj Marg: "Mielke"

This person’s name is Madeleine…

Hello from an old ex abhyasi....

I am another ex abhyasi of Sahaj Marg, where I passed more than 20 years of my life, beginning at the time of Babuji. The first years of practice were for me positive and for this reason, I am grateful to Babuji and Chari. Unfortunately, these last years, I have started to be in crisis.

I felt very sad and I did not recognized (believe) what I saw and heard, I had impression of choking and well on, I felt guilty during 3 years (I am not up to the mark, I am not good a abhyasi etc...) and finally, after long suffering, I have succeeded in releasing myself from my direction of culpability and be on my way, this, after I sought a long time, and everywhere another way possible which would be appropriate to me, which was not easy, as you will appreciate.

If I write today, it is only to encourage those who would like, but do not find the courage to cross the step towards the fresh air! By experiment, I know that it is hard. It is said to you that you will lose your condition (which condition?), that it is your ego which takes the top, one cannot betray Master like that, one will make him suffer... etc... Surely, one needs a minimum of courage to cross the step and to dare to call in question what one lived all these years, but if one considers all the sadness which one feels, the culpability, the direction of smothering, the impression which one does not go upwards any more but that one is spread out horizontally in the materiality... if there is a TRUE SPIRITUAL RESEARCH, one cannot continue to commit suicide with small fire like that!

At the beginning, in my opinion, the way to the top was open, but today, where is it? Where is the spiritualitè? It is not we (the abhyasis) who changed and who do not have any more a spiritual aspiration, in fact the SRCM has Changed and does not carry out us any more where we wanted to go. AND if the SRCM changed, who changed? Those that manage it, unfortunately! Where is the love? Where is humility? Surely not in the continual requests for money and with the expansions and the financings! But I can assure you, that beyond Sahaj Marg, there are other things! There is life and also Spirituality! And even spiritual purity, the purity which I did not hope for to find any more, it still exists, in some recesses of the sphere, with some discreet and humble Master, who does not make publicity and still lives in the greatest of simplicity.

It seems to me that many abhyasis remains only by fear. If you feel the necessity to leave, DARE! What do you have to lose? Nothing! But everything to gain! Sahaj Marg is not UNIQUE, like someone said to us and re-said! The divine would not be so miserly, and be lavish only inside the SRCM? I also often heard: yes, but there, there is not the transmission! The transmission, (You know I think that Sahaj Marg derives from the Sufism which Lalaji inherited from his Sufi Master (see book published by the SRCM in July 2001 "the complete works of RAM Chandra- Lalaji Maharaj volume II). In Sufi practice, there is the transmission (nothing new (unique) thus!) and the transmission was apparently used at the time of the first stages of the Sufi spiritual practice (see book of Thomas Dahnhardt: "Change and continuity in Indian Sufism). Afterwards, they pass on to another thing. Therefore, the transmission is useful, but until where? And from which level does it emanate? Are there not other more subtle and/or lower forms of transmission too? All is relative!

Babuji said that if a disciple is not convinced that his/her Master can bring him/her to God, she/he has the full right to go towards another Master.

I wish all, all the brothers and sisters who are in a sincere search, good luck!


Taken from Elodie’s Blog:

...and traslated by Cyril Borg, using Babelfish…

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