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The Truth About SRCM Politics and Lineage: Clear as Mud

Taken from an exchange between Alexis and Shashwat on Elodie's Blog in France: Pour Que Vive le Sahaj Marg.

See also, Shaswat's blog: The Cult of Sahaj Marg (Shri Ram Chandra Mission) :


Sequence of Events (SRCM-1983-1984)

Shashwat Said:


your questions are answered to some extent by Manbhawati Devi.

Later after the death of babuji, Chari called everyone one-by-one and asked them if they are going to accept him as father or brother, according to Mabhawati Devi, Chari asked her also the same question, and she replied that babuji had already told her that Chari would do something like this, and she cannot accept chari in place of babuji as babuji himself have asked her not to do so.

So did everyone rejected chari in late 83 and early 84?

yes and no!!

Yes:- All members who were on administrative board of SRCM (which was functioning since 82) rejected him.

No:- Chari created a new setup, which was created by him by asking people to either join him or leave him, to who joined him accepted him, now it is very clear that Chari was not in-charge of the situation at that time.

About Dinaysh kumar interview, i am sadden by your response, I don't know if you have read my email exchange with him which led to the telephonic interview, It was Dinaysh who approached me for the interview, i asked him to talk in april, (when i was planning a trip to india) and i got response after 2 months. Dinaysh said what he wanted to say, i asked him what i wanted to ask!!

Its more of a sahaj marg syndrome when you refuse to accept the obvious.

(much like abhyasis belief that 80+2=83!!)


PS:- I am waiting for a reply from K.C Naryana for his interview.

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Alexis Said:

In June 83, were Narayana and Kasturi part of the working committee, yes or no? A priori, they recognized that Babuji had prepared Chari and appointed him to the Presidency. And they did not oppose him ...

So what happened in 1983? From the little we know, Umesh Chandra was not a candidate, it is one of his brothers (Prakash), who was and who was dismissed. Was Chari accepted or rejected? I do not know.

Then came February 84, with the application of Umesh Chandra, the appointment and dismissal of Chari.

So what happened in June 1983? It is understood that Navneet and his supporters do not talk about it because this episode is less favorable to them. Hence the importance of interviewing other witnesses to the event to shed light on this period.

To communicate only on certain historical moments in exclusion of others, is to be deliberately biased. Seeking to know is t0 try to be objective.


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Shashwat Said:

K. C Narayana was part of the meeting of Feb 84 and as well as june 83, kasturi was never part of administrative block of SRCM.

Narayana opposed Chari's nomination letter and was part of the meeting held in Feb 84 as well, which rejected the claim of both Chari and Sharad Saxena.

This information is available in the working committe meeting document which i had uploaded previously, but due to lack of space i have only important documents online. (I have to spend more money to buy more space, I am already paying a hefty sum per month for the site.)

Prakash was never a candidate for president of SRCM, i don't know from where this information has come out, but as far as I know, Prakash was never a presidential canditate for SRCM, on the contrary Prakash Saxena was the founding member of SRCM and his name is present in the list of founding members in the original constitution of SRCM (at number 11). see documents section of my site for more details.

First meeting which was held immediately after the founder died was on 10 June 1983, in this meeting two people presented their candidature for president of SRCM.

One was from chari and other one was from sharad saxena, son of prakash chandra (who was a founding member and not a candidate).

No decision was taken in the meeting of june-10-83, but it was agreed that decision will be taken in the next meeting.

Chari called everyone one by one and asked them to either accept him or leave the mission. (Manbhawati Devi was one such person who was called by Chari, she rejected Chari).

I Hope this is clear now, although most of this has already been cleared by Puneet saxena, (interview is available on youtube).

I will summarize it as:-

1. Founder died on 19th April 1983.

2. Meeting of working committee of SRCM was held on 10th June 1983, in which P. Rajagopalachari and Sharad Saxena presented their claims for nomination. (Umesh did not present his claim in the first meeting) no decision was taken at that time, it was agreed in the meeting that both the claims will be examined and decision will be taken in next meeting.

3. P. Rajagopalachari started influencing members. between 1st meeting and second meeting (according to Manbhawti Devi).

4. During this period, Umesh Chandra presented his claim.

5. Second Meeting (scheduled in 10th June 1983 meeting) took place on 6th and 7th Feb 1984 (two days).

6. In this meeting all the 3 claims were examined and Umesh Chandra was declared as president as his nomination letter was considered to be genuine by the members of the working committee.

Following people were present in the meeting:-

1. Mr. P.C Chaturvedi (Chairman of the meeting)

2. Mr. P.C Saxena.

3. Mr. B.M Heble

4. Mr. R. Rajagopalachari

5. Mr. R.L Mimani

6. Mr K.V Subba Rao

7. V.R Vipat

8. Dr. S.P Shrivastava

9. Mr. K.C Narayana

see: Freedom From Sahaj Marg (for many legal documents and interviews)

7. After this meeting, S.A Sarnad (who was appointed secretory of SRCM in 1982 by the founder) circulated the appointment of U.C Saxena as president of SRCM on 15 Feb 1984.

8. P.C Chaturvedi who was chairman of the committee which appointed Umesh Chandra Saxena as president of SRCM is father of Kasturi Chaturvedi, (who some say drifted towards Chari, then moved away from him) but while talking to me, she did not mention that she ever endorsed Chari's nomination as president, she told me that Chari was never appointed as President of SRCM, which is consistent with the resolution adopted in 1983-84 meeting's.

What followed there after is legal battle, which is continuing even today.

9. According to K.V Reddy, who was overseas secretary of SRCM since 1980, K.C Narayana was neutral till 1991, started his own group ISRC with a commitment to umesh chandra that his group will be merged in his, once the legal skirmishes are over.


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