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Re-Counting the Sahaj Marg (tm) Way!!

Re- Counting, The Sahaj Marg (tm) Way!!

Taken and translated from an article by Alexis on Elodie's Blog in Europe : Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg in a comment called: Quel Anniversaire? Les Bons Comptes Font Les Bons Amis

Comments by 4d-don are in
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When some take liberties with facts and numbers, one can only surmise what liberties are taken with myths and fantasies and/or other "intangibles" ... (un-touchables?) ...

There is the subjective TRUTH which can be different, when witnessed from different perspectives; and then there are objective FACTS ... REAL-ity!!

There are ERRORS, and then there are LIES and/or "manipulations"

Alexis said ...


Good accounts make good friends

Lalaji was born February 4, 1873, Babuji was born April 30, 1899 and Chari July 24, 1927. We are now in 2010 and we celebrated the 137th anniversary of the birth of Lalaji (2010-1873 = 137), the 111th anniversary of the birth of Babuji (2010-1899 = 111). And the abhyasis are preparing to celebrate the 84th anniversary of the birth of Chari (2010-1927 = 83 !!!). Understand that if you can ...

Last year, we were told that in India, they do not count the years the same way as in the West*. OK, but why does the statement not operate the same way for Chari (in India) or Lalaji and Babuji (Western)? If there must be a Westerner among them, my choice would be Chari, not Babuji or Lalaji ...

The SRCM is crazy with numbers! 84 or 83 years old? It is not about the one year. Spirituality is not going to bother with math. This is likely what we will hear this year. Admittedly, this is true! But are the accounts of the SRCM or the SMSF also as spiritual as counting the years of Chari? Here, I shudder ...

The confusion began in 2007. Then, they celebrated with great pomp the 80 years of the Big Boss, but quite another soft music was already serenading 81, and the same thing in 2008. Then came the revolution in 2009 and he (Chari) was now 83 years old, and there was no question anywhere of 82! Chari had taken two years in one ...

Why do they suddenly want to make Chari grow old a little faster? By this account, he will turn 90 in 2016, nine years after his 80th birthday. We will then celebrate the centenary of his birth in 2026, a year earlier than the initial count.

When SRCM (California-1997) counts its money, there is no question of spirituality, it knows perfectly well. So eventually, it ends up seeming rather bizarre! There must be a good reason behind it. What is it? What does this cover?

What is therefore so important in 2016? France is organizing the Euro 2016 and the Summer Olympics will be held in Rio de Janeiro, and this should also be the first manned space flight of India. And in 2026? The 250th Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America and the 23rd World Cup of FIFA.

We'll have to do more research ...

Mon, June 21, 10:28:00 AM

* The weak attempt of an explanation presented to us ... with an example: On one's second birthday, one has lived for two full years but we are told that in some countries (India?), it is seen as one's third "birthday", counting the day of birth as a "birthday", as if it was an "anniversary" of the event, and not the initial or inaugural event itself, the birth! ...

It is now "EXPOSED"!! Please correct it!! ... Along with the other historical, philosophical and theological errors and/or flaws, in your goal of leading others on a "Search for the ULTIMATE"! It is one thing to live in "error", but to live in a continued stand of "non-correction" is the egotism that RELIGIONS have to maintain.

Sahaj Marg (tm), like many Religions, being trapped in a snare of its own making, DOGMA and the TRUTH, does not have a "corrective mechanism", since their TRUTH is said to be "inspired" by the DIVINE and has to be "eternally TRUE", while science and secular society, has many corrective mechanisms ! ...

Which is more egotistical ? Which one is so self-involved that, in it's own mind only, it can't accept being wrong?

Why the refusal to correct such a silly mistake? Are they testing the "obedience" of the "flock/herd" ? The abhyasis (sheep) are being trained to be so obedient, that none will dare tell the MASTER, the MISSION, or the Method of an embarrassing error that should be corrected? Who is steering (manipulating) this ship?

"Ahem! Excuse me! Your emperor has no clothes!"

From Wikipedia: An anniversary (from the Latin anniversarius, from the words for "year" and "to turn", meaning: (re)turning yearly; known in English since c. 1230) is a day that commemorates and/or celebrates a past event that occurred on the same day of the year as the initial event. For example, the first event is the initial occurrence or, if planned, the inaugural of the event. One year later would be the first anniversary of that event. The word was first used for Catholic feasts to commemorate saints.

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