Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sahaj NEW AGE Mart(tm) and Quantuum Mysticism!

I received this comment to the previous article. ( I add all the hyper-links)

Hi Don,

just wanted to point your attention to a flawed attempt to justify SRCM's nonsense scientifically.

In European Echoes April 2011 newsletter the article below appeared:

Nice, France

Lecture “Science and Spirituality”, March 20
The abhyasis present at Nice Ashram on Sunday 20th of
March, followed enthusiastically the talk “Science and
Spirituality” given by Charles Thomas, Researcher at
INSERM (National institute of Health and Medical

After the presentation of the subject and the definitions,
essential for the layman to follow, the features of divergence
and convergence between Science and Spirituality were
focused upon to conclude on a balance between these two

This presentation was endorsed by scientific studies (namely
Einstein and the present Quantum Physics) on one hand and
spiritual masters on the other.

Charles brought these notions to our level by using simple
sketches as well as extracts from the videos “What the bleep
do we know
” and “Down the rabbit hole”.

He had proposed this theme in January in Toulouse, Vienna
(Austria) and Munich (Germany) and has continuously
improved it after each session. Presently, he is preparing a
version intended for general public use.

This lecture lasting one hour was followed by a session of
questions and answers, and then a debate for about one hour.
More than fifty abhyasis participated. They came from the
local region or other more distant centres.

The morning finished with an improvised meal, which was a
continuation of what we all shared.

Now notice the teaching material used:

"What the bleep do we know"
and Wikipedia's take on it:!%3F

Sahaj New Age Marg!

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Anonymous said...


I have read many links regarding SRCM/Shaja Maarg. I wanted to clarify some points, pleas let me knwo.

1) Is that transmission is true? or its some kind of rekhi technical.

2) Can we achieve to spiritual doing Dhyana in SRCM?

3) Who was again Idol Worship?


4d-Don said...


In Sahaj Marg(tm), they have taken Patanjali's Raja Yoga and have eliminated all the steps except step #7, meditation, and step #8 Samadhi...

So Sahaj Marg is not really Raja Yoga but they use the name because it is a name that many people know...

Sahaj Marg is not against "idol" worship. They are really a cult of a personality, their "special" personality being Babuji who met Lalaji a few times only and who was not a preceptor of Lalaji's and was passed over one year before Lalaji died.... According to the material on Lalaji's family's site, Babuji was passed over because of lack of space or (I quote): "narrowness of heart and space" ...

Babuji and his family had some problems with Lalaji being a "muslim" sufi at a time when the Nationalist movement still strong in India.

See (towards the end of the page):

See also here for some example of Babuji's and Chari's racism and homophobia... Is that "spirituality"?

Sahaj Marg is more SPIRITUALISM with messages from the dead, mediums, egregores, etfc...

Sahaj Marg(tm) divides... Sprituality should UNITE...

4d-Don said...
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4d-Don said...

Now, To answer your first question.

I am now transmitting to you ... I am using symbols (letters in the form of words) and they are being "transmitted" to you on the EM (Electromagnetic) field through the wires and through the air. Do you receive it?

Yes you do and it creates a measure-able wave form in your brain as you read this message.

Religions like Sahaj Marg claim to be "unique" in using "transmission", but every religion does the same.

Have someone sit in a little room like the "catholic priest" does, and then have him tell you that your sins are forgiven as the priest transmits the forgiveness and blessing of God through his son, Jesus, and then see how "light" you will feel and how happy and joyful you will be to have had your sins forgiven ... But are your sins really forgiven in REALITY??

No!! The universal law of cause and effect will not be erased that easily and so "cheaply" by a cheap trick by some religious charlatans. It does not work for the Catholics and it does not work for Sahaj Marg(tm)... It's part of the SCAM ... Cheap parlor tricks for the gullible... keep you hands on your wallet because they will sell you "books" and "more books" and then "pictures" called "icons"... most religions are idolatrous...and they have idols for sale.

Sahaj Marg claims that they erase samskaras with their meditation and cleaning, but they refuse to accept that the priest can forgive sins... that is the battle of the religions and they are all bad-mouthing one another...

That game has to stop for the sake of our GLOBAL peace, and the INTERNET finally give us, the common people, a way to communicate our TRUTH to one another. We don't have to believe them and their fantasies and made up legends anymore ...

Love is a "transmission" and so is hate and so is empathy and tolerance, but it is not a RELIGIOUS experience, it is a HUMAN experience ...

Love one another... your friends, your family, your associates and your neighbours... That is a transmission and it will show one's HUMANITY and will help us all