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Inquiry and Response About Babuji's "Journals"!

This inquiry was left on my blog: Quotes From "Autobiography of Ram Chandra" (Sept. 10, 2007) by a surfer from Minsk, Belarus.

Anonymous said...

The Regard Don!

The question Beside me. But where "material" after 1955? Hitherto nobody has not published.

July 29, 2009 3:20:00 PDT AM

Reply by Christian:

Christian, an abhyasi with Chari for 18 years, then with ISRC of Narayana for a short time, is now an "ex-abhyasi". Christian is a research psychologist and a psycho linguist.

Christian Said:

I am only in possession of 4 volumes of Babuji's journal:

Part I: early life, adult life, at the feet of the Master, Journal (1928 - 1932) - vol 1 1899-1932 (2nd Ed 1980 1500 copies)

Part 2: Instructions and Spiritual Teachings received from Masters
- vol 1 : 1944 May/Sep (1st Ed 1987 3000 copies) - Preparation
- vol 2 : 1944 Oct - 1945 Mar (1st Ed 1988 3000 copies) - Declaration
- vol 3 : 1945 Apr - 1955 Jun (1st Ed 1989 2000 copies) - Contribution

More volumes, which were not published at the time these three volumes were being printed, were supposed to come (it is therefore possible that these additional volumes are published now, but I have not seen them).

The reason why you will not find these essential writings at the Shri Rajagopala Chari Mission (SRCM) is that this crook and his gang have never been in possession of the master's manuscripts. All rights belong to the SRCM Shahjahanpur from which Chari parted to start his own SRCM in a brotherly spirit.

The content of these manuscripts bring a new light on the teaching of sahaj marg, far different from the endoctrination that Chari is spreading to poison the mind of people. Babuji's teaching is closer to sufism, and Babuji insists repetitively on the use of discriminative intelligence, involving the heart as well as the mind, to walk on the path - as did his master. The spiritual teaching Babuji received is full of humanity and good sense, far from the madness of Chari, but it seems that Babuji spoiled it with seeds of poison fully bloomed today.

Abhyasis are not people anymore, they have become robots. These are not humans, but these are selfish objects.

I doubt that Babuji would ever have lovely words towards Chari if he was back today, contrary to the messages' content that a French medium delivers for business purposes.

Kind regards


See highlighted section about Chari and his clan by the author of the Autobiography of Ram Chandra, and section about "Spiritual Techniques used on Babuji" in this article:

Controversial "Spiritual Techniques" Used On Babuji, From The "Autobiography Of Ram Chandra"

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