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Lessons for SRCM(tm) from Babuji's letter to UNO


I add my comments for the abhyasis who are interested in seeing and understanding where SRCMtm does not adhere to the UN's goals and disregards the advice given by Babuji in 1957. This is from Babuji's mouth and pen and is not "channelled" from beyond the grave. (I will bold the sections I comment on in a different color and font.)

(Letter to the U.N.O)
N..B349 / SRCM
Shahjahanpur, U.P.
Dated 8th July 1957

Dear Sir,

I am glad to receive your bulletin and I pour forth my warm thanks for the awakening for peace created among our brethren of the world. The idea of peace common in all minds, though shattered by the self of the individual mind, is working on individualistic basis to gain one’s own end on account of the narrow mindedness of people. To dissipate the idea of individual self and to work harmoniously for the common good is the demand of the time. The conferences and meetings held for the purpose may only be like spark to offer a temporary glow to the scattered fragment of peace. Their cries in the wilderness will not carry far on the path of success because of the material agony of faith working at the bottom. (read this carefully)

What we, therefore, require at present is only to improve the morals and to discipline the mind. We must learn how to create within the heart a feeling of universal love, which is surest remedy of all evils and can help to free us from the horrors of war. I perfectly agree with our friend late Mr. Bernard Malan when he expresses his faith to unite in the common search for happiness. Happiness, of course, is necessary to end all grief. But it is like the Black wall of the scientists, which does not allow them to proceed further towards universal love. To come up to the level of real happiness we must necessarily rise above ourselves, which is essential for the creation of atmosphere of universal love. (This means forget the self-centered goal of "the central region" and the "Mission" and think of your family, neighbour etc..) That is the primary factor in the solution of the problem. India has ever since been in search of it. She did not encroach upon other countries for war and blood shed not for reason of her cowardice but because she realized her pious duty towards humanity. They were happy in their own homes in spite of the torturous incursions of their nations. (These incursions of SRCM(tm) into other countries is not to unite families and societies, but causes divisions through the disrespect of the religions, cultures, and families of the targeted countries...see Chari's speeches) These tortures were to them nothing but flowers sent by the Divine Master to coach them to proper steps necessary for the uplift of mankind individually and collectively.

The seed of it is so deeply laid that still its branches bear blossoms filling the air with the sweet fragrance of peace and happiness. It is so firmly rooted that even the worst tempest cannot uproot it. Such are the things necessary for the uplift of mankind, which everyone, occidental or oriental must treat as a part of his duty. Unless the foundation of peace is made to rest on spiritual basis no better prospects can be expected. It is but definite and certain that sooner or later we will have to adopt spiritual principles if we want to maintain our existence. If the material force can avert the incursions and attacks, blood shed cannot be avoided because even then we have to apply force causing thereby bloodshed on either side. Arrogance can not be stopped by material force. It is only the spiritual force, which can remove the causes of war from the minds of people. (the "arrogant" incursions of the "material force" that are castles, ranches, ashrams, and the "spiritual capitalism" that is the "gift to "or from" the Master, etc...will cause divisions as Babuji warned. Chari did not listen to Babuji and Dr. Varadachari then, he does not listen now. The spiritual force that was Sahaj Marg is now a cancerous "material force" with a steady incursion into more and more countries. It practices the cultural mores of the Hindu culture (arranged marriages, etc..) and disregards the local "customs", Holy days and family days (Christmas, Easter, etc) and even disrespects the religions and the God of the targeted cultures. (see Chari's speeches)
How to introduce these things among the masses who are yet unfamiliar with the accuracy of the mark is the next problem and is equally intricate. If my opinion were to be invited I would lay down the simplest possible method as given below.

Let all brothers and sisters sit daily at a fixed hour individually at our respective places and meditate for about an hour thinking that all people of the World are growing peace – loving and pious.

This process, suggested not with exclusively spiritual motives (notice this sentence and think about it), is highly efficacious in bringing about the desired result and weaving the destiny of the miserable millions.

With prayer (not the self-centered and self-serving "Method" of Meditation but a meditation and a prayer) for the success of your noble mission

Yours sincerely,

Ram ChandraPresident,
Shri Ram Chandra Mission


Babuji and Sahaj Marg was "spiritual" and did not "commercialize" the Mission. That was done after his death by others.

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