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This is Sahaj Marg (tm) ! REALLY?

Taken from a speech by Chari: This is what Sahaj Marg is, on their site: Sahaj Marg, System of Raja Yoga.

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This is what Sahaj Marg is .... REALLY??

Ashram Inauguration, 11 February 2011, Haldwani, India


" Nowadays in this corrupt world people say, ‘I am very honest,’ or, ‘I never tell a lie,’ et cetera, et cetera. But even in telling the truth we can tell lies. And when you think of the lie, you know that is enough, you don’t have to tell a lie because, according to our tradition of yoga, everything begins here, and then it comes here, and then it comes into this – manasaa vaachaa hastaabhyaam – from the mind, to the speech, to those karmendriyas [organs of action] as we call them. So, much later only it comes here [the heart]. It is here [the mind] that all evil originates, all good also originates. As the Vedas say, the mind alone is responsible for our uplift as well as for our downfall."

The questionable ethics and morality (honesty) of re-registering a society in another country (California-1997) when its Board of Directors refuses to accept one's letter of nomination and calls it a forgery or a fake (see Chari's letter of nomination), has now to be faced. (see: Umesh's, Babuji's son's letter of nomination ... Umesh is now deceased ... poisoned allegedly. (See on Youtube: Exposing Sahaj Marg)

If one is to preach morality, then one should also "practice" it. To call one's method "Raja Yoga" when the founder states that it begins at step #7 (meditation) of Patanjali's "eightfold" path, is not honest ... Sahaj Marg (tm) is not Raja Yoga.

The bloggers are not "enemies of sprituality", that is a lie. Also, homosexuals may not be the "norm", but they are certainly not "un-natural", that is a lie. And racism is not to be practiced by those who preach against it. (see article on "skin complexion, height, cut", as practiced by Babuji and Chari, in chosing a wife for the Founder's son). Lalaji and his Sufism has nothing to do Sahaj Marg. Sufism of the Naqshbandiyya Sufi Order, is not taught by Chari ... that is a lie. Babuji was passed over by Lalaji in 1930, one year before his death. (See Why!! (narrowness of heart?... In Sahaj Marg?) "Epitome of Sahaj Marg" on Lalaji's grandson's, Dinesh, on his site, NaqshMuMRa Nexus )

"So Sahaj Marg takes the mind for its field of action, the mind, the intellect – this composite which gives us all the thoughts that we have and is very essential. That has to now be regulated. And what do we do to regulate it? We use the heart. We meditate on the heart, not on the mind. From here, the education spreads out. Slowly the mind becomes subordinate to the heart. This [mind] thinks. It has no moral values, it has no ethical values – it gives us thoughts."

Sahaj Marg(tm) teaches one to meditate on the PUMP, and not on the "Nerve Center" (brain or "third eye") ... The PUMP (heart), like any other pump in a feedback system which is the body, is a slave to the brain (the nerve center) which sends its signals to the heart, and analyses and re-analyses the feedback from the heart. If the heart's feedback is emotionally coherent, the brain acts accordingly and adjusts it's own "thought" patterns (happiness, contentment, fight/flight, etc... If it is not and the brain is functionning properly, it continues seeking a coherent or "healthy" pattern.

The heart like the stomach, has no morality, no ethics, no love, no compassion. It is not the seat of the "invented" religious soul, and it is not the contact point with the outside illusuory world or the DIVINE. It does not anaylyze or make decisions. The entire entity works as a whole, and its parts are all important, some more than others.

The MIND is not contained by the skull. The brain and the MIND are not subservient to the heart and will never be, but they respond to feedback. They work together, if the body is healthy. Demonizing the brain (information gathering, analysis, and decision-making ... thinking) is a remnant from our "corrupt", superstitious and religious past.

If in my mind, I decide to love and be empathic, when there is no love or empathy around me, I will make that decision with my MIND or with my WHOLE physical body, including it's electro-magnetic field. It is not the heart which will decide to love or show empathy, although the "intuition" will come from the physical as well as the electromagnetic body, including the heart, the stomach, etc ... The heart, simply being the central pump creates a large magnetic field.

Raja Yoga of Patanjali is involved with controlling the MIND, so as to give the heart, the correct and accurate decisions, if one starts at step #1. Raja Yoga is a code of conduct and it is WISE. Sahaj Marg eliminates the wisdom in Raja Yoga (steps 1-6) and keeps the narcistic "sensations" (navel gazing... self-centered) of obedience and submissiveness to yet another "cult of a person-ality" and/or it's pyramidal and dictatorial organization.

In Sahaj Marg(tm) as in most dictatorships, the important "maxim" is to OBEY!! Even to the point of killing one's mother if ordered or transmitted by the guru (not God) !!
That is not a "co-herent" or LOVING emotion. Not for the innocent mother, at least. Neither is MATERIALISM.

When I receive what is in the heart of Sahaj Marg (from the preceptors) I find confirmed by their own written words, racism, homophobia, dishonesty, insisting on obedience, divisiveness, etc... I don't see or feel their (or their disciples') compassion, empathy, acceptance or evn LOVE ... although it is preached. Sahaj Marg(tm) is RELIGION ...

"This [heart] brings in the morality, the ethics of any situation. Therefore this [heart] is the governor. This [mind] is the governed, though it provides all the information. Therefore Babuji Maharaj said that for two or three reasons we choose the heart for meditation. According to all the great religions of this world, the Lord resides in our heart. Secondly, it is from here that the blood circulation starts. So when you purify this and you meditate on this, it is as if this divinised blood flows through our whole system, divinising the system, like it carries oxygen to all organs of the body."

NOT true! The mind does not provide all the information, it processes and analyzes it and makes decisions ... The WHOLE entity and more provides the information. Religions can not realistically in one sentence be called "corrupt", and then, in another sentence, opportunistically be quoted as being "enlightenened" (make up (control) your dualistic and opportunistic mind, and speak one TRUTH from SPIRIT! ). You should start your "modified Raja Yoga" at step #1, so that you might BE "honest".

ONE (the Lord) or ONE-ness IS everywhere, not only and/or not more in the heart or in the brain, the lungs, the rectum, etc... One should use a blood cleanser to cleanse the blood ... that is a "physical" herb, tonic, etc., prayer will not cleanse the "morality, ethics" as we can readily see in the adherents to RELIGION and/or spiritual groups who show their lack of morality and ethics as much as the rest of us after praying ad infinitum. A cleansed or purified "blood", is not DIVINIZED, but simply cleansed or purified (not in a religious sense but in a physical sense). This quote is attributed to Jesus, the Christ: "It is not he who says: 'Lord, Lord' who enters the Kingdom of Heaven
(Sahaj Marg(tm)'s "Brighter World" )".

"So these are two very important reasons why we do meditation on the heart. Slowly the divine voice of the conscience, as we would like to call it in modern terms, it begins to weakly, feebly, tell us, ‘Brother, halt,’ when we are taking a doubtful step. If you listen to that, it becomes progressively stronger and stronger until one day you hear nothing but this."

Now the heart is called: CONSCIENCE ... that is better. Please read and find out what that means. It does not mean "heart".

Others who meditate with various methods, or who pray, or even who don't meditate or pray at all, also have a "conscience". Conscience is not restricted to the Religious or to those who meditate on an imagined light in the heart, the PUMP. One could make a case that those who meditate on the imagined light in the heart don't seem to display as much empathy, tolerance or acceptance for other "darker complexions" (race) , ab-normal sexual preferences (homosexuals, bi-sexuals, trans-genders, Eunuchs, etc.) , or for those of other so-called "corrupt" religious beliefs, as they claim and preach. And their ethics and morality is certainly questionable. "Methinks they doth protest too much." (Shakespeare).

Conscience is allegedly comprised of the information which an entity takes into this world from its "genes" or ancestors, plus what it acquires from its environment. You will notice that conscience falls into the discipline called "psychology" (study of the psyche), and is not discussed by a "cardiologist" (heart specialist). WHY? Because morality does not reside in the heart. We are SPIRIT and an energy form, our spiritual qualities reside in our SPIRIT or our energy fields, not only in our material heart, the pump for blood, or in our brain, our nerve center.

(...) "The heart uses this whole corporeal system as its vehicle to do the work that has to be done in this world for two reasons. One, is for our own personal growth, transcendence, divinisation perhaps – ultimately if we persist; and the other, to help society to become that which my Master wants us to become."

The heart pumps the blood... the glands circulate the hormones, the brain circulate neuropeptides. The brain does not dwell only in the skull but is spread to the whole body, so is the lymphic system, and the blood system. One is not more "special" or "divine" than the other ... how silly and un-enlightened !!

The responsibility for the survival of the species does not rest solely in one's heart or in the heart of one's neighbours ... One should also cleanse and control the MIND, as per Patanjali's 5th century BCE system of Raja Yoga. The heart is a PUMP for blood.

Starting at step #7, which removes steps 1-6, the code of conduct, means that adherents of that "modified Raja Yoga", are now not controlling the MIND and so, as we can see, are still being "un-ethical, and immoral" as if they did nothing at all ... (they still develop the material as they did before Sahaj Marg(tm)) . Born developers and materialists, they want to continue developing real-estate, but now they use religion to enhance their material empires.

How can the Founder be racist, and the current Master be so "homophobic" if their "heart" is so "cleansed" of their mental "evil"? How can they be so "divisive"? How can one who claims "spirituality", be so "materialist" (developing buildings), not SPIRIT or spirituality with his TIME ... Materialism, but also spiritualism (a fantasy, and a con). Because the heart is not the seat of anything except blood. It is simply a PUMP.

(...) "But Babuji Maharaj used to say we have to listen, we have to obey. Sahaj Marg par excellence is the way of obedience."

That is the truth about the ALL NEW RELIGION of Sahaj Marg(tm): OBEY!! Don't use your "God-given" brain and MIND ... let those who control you use that. Sounds like a "con job". A game of salesmen and businessmen. Don't think, just buy or even better, just GIVE!! (all your TIME, LOVE, MONEY, buying books, icons, parties, DVD's, CD's, travel, food, etc. etc.), and specially, LURE others to the PYRAMID. It's called MARKETING to the masses ... with OPIATES to make them dense and easy to control. The Dalits of India warn us about the tactics of the "densing of the masses" used by the upper castes of India and many other "theocracies" and dictatorships.

(...) "We have three sources of wisdom, three sources of direction, three sources of guidance, three ways in which God can take our hand and lead us on the path: God Himself; a guru when God is not directly accessible; and your conscience. All three are the same."

The Greek (5th century BCE), would say that our sources or Knowledge or Wisdom are: LOGOS (reason, logic, etc..) and MYTHOS (myth, stories, allegories, metaphors, religion, etc.). God is not a Male, so IT is not HE. ONE is everywhere and is always accessible as it is IN and OUT of ALL ... it is Everything, Everywhere and Everywhen. It is silly to say that God is not "accessible" but the "GURU" is. What God can't do or be, the guru can?? lol lol. Flawed theology that places a PERSON (capitals) as more important or powerful than a god (small case) ... lol lol. And now your psychology (mind) or your "conscience" which is not in the heart ... is a source of Wisdom? OK!

We're getting closer... we could become ONE soon ... As soon as Chari stops calling us the "enemies of spirituality"... lol lol We don't call him that... he's simply a "SPIRITUALIST" as per his own constitution (see on-line here) ... He (and you) needs a MEDIUM, not a guru!!

(...) "And this is what I said, we have a dual duty: one to ourselves, one to our society. Our society is not Hindu or Muslim, or this or that. Our society is not Indian or Pakistani. Our society is humanity. We have no bias, we have no differences. Mankind is one, humanity is one. Therefore we are a brotherhood of human beings. We must love each other, honour each other, cherish each other. I pray that it be so."

Our society is not "heterosexual" or "homosexual" ... And we should not dicriminate based on "skin complexion, height, cut" when we chose our wives, friends, as the leadership of Sahaj Marg (Babuji, Chari) etc..., and there are no "enemies of Spirituality" among the bloggers ... there are opponents of "spritualism" (Mediums, messages from the dead, egregores, etc...). There is a difference.

As Jean-Luc Picard of the Starship Enterprise would say: Make it so!!

This is from "science fiction", from Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek, so Chari must think it is "enlightened"!! ;-))

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