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James Clerk Maxwell - Spiritual Guru?


James Clerk Maxwell, (1831-1879) is generally credited with the development of the classical electromagnetic theory. He synthesized all previous unrelated observations, experiments and equations of electricity, magnetism and even optics into one consistent theory. His set of equations—Maxwell's equations—demonstrated that electricity, magnetism and even light are all manifestations of the same phenomenon: the electromagnetic field. From that moment on, all other classical laws or equations of these disciplines became simplified cases of Maxwell's equations. Maxwell's work in electromagnetism has been called the "second great unification in physics". (Newton's was the first)

Because his original EM theory was written in the new "quaternion algebra", and because this new algebra was not as widely understood or accepted by the other academics of his time, who were more familiar with the simpler "vector algebra", he was, after a 30 year battle, finally convinced to begin "translating" his original EM equations into the simpler "vector algebra". He passed away before he could complete this massive task and the "slaughtering" of his theory was left to Maxwell's main opponents and "nemeses", Heavyside and Gibbs.

What are Quaternions?

A quaternion is an extension of complex numbers with two additional imaginary dimensions. Or two sets of complex numbers, one part being "real numbers" and the other part called "imaginary".

W.R. Hamilton, the inventor of Quaternion Algebra (over a field) knew that complex numbers could be viewed as points in a plane (2d), and he was looking for a way to do the same for points in space (3d).

William Rowan Hamilton, found that after spending years trying to find a three dimensional number system but with no success, he finally looked in 4 dimensions instead of 3, and it worked. Hamilton's invention (Quaternions) of 1837, was supported and taught by a few mathematicians and specially by Arthur Cayley (1821-1895), another multi-dimension geometer, until its use by Maxwell in his original EM theory, in 1850's.

Hamilton was building an algebra that might do for TIME what Geometry had done for SPACE, define it in three or n... dimensions. Or more accurately: as three dimensions (length, width, height) defined SPACE, there could also be three (or n...) dimensions of TIME ... or three (or n...) dimensions of MOTION (change) as measured by TIME to complement the three (or n...) dimensions of Space, as demonstrated by geometry.
(see Cornell University archives of lectures by W.R. Hamilton, Dublin 1843)

But Maxwell was also a poet.

His "... unembodied spirits of direction", at the end of the second verse of his poem: "To the Committee of the Cayley Portrait Fund", only makes sense in context of a "non-commutative" algebra such as "quaternion algebra", where AB does not equal BA (when A and B are quaternions or two sets of complex numbers), because "direction" is important. If A=3 and B=4, then in a non-commutative multiplication, 3x4 does not equal 4x3 even though the product is 12 in both cases.

James Maxwell's poetry may be the vehicle that defines his view of REALITY more accurately than the slaughtered "EM" theory currently credited to him, but which should really be called the "Heavyside Gibbs" theory. Maxwell's (Quaternion) EM theory with its 20 equations and 20 variables to define Magnetism, is not the same set of four partial differential equations that describe the properties of the electric and magnetic fields and relate them to their sources, charge density and current density.

Maxwell's original EM theory is finally beginning to be read and studied, and Quaternion algebra is finally being used in Computer Graphics, and in the Space Programs as a tool to rotate objects in 3d, be they computer graphics (2d) or satellites in space (3d). It is quite possible, according to some mathematicians, that the theoretical work for a wider societal use of Magnetism and other fields such as gravity, including even "anti-gravity", could already be in Maxwell's original equations. Since Magnetism, being a field, can induce an electrical current (field) that can then be used to do work, and vice versa, maybe an EM field can also induce other fields such as a "gravity" field.

The extrapolations excite and stagger, but do not "boggle" the open mind ...

If fields are "interchangeable" as induction between Magnetic and Electrical fields seems to show, can an EM field induce a gravity field?

What about other possible fields?

In our atmospheric sciences, the fields that we call "high and low pressure systems", seem to induce magnetic and electrical storms, that we experience as "thunder and lightning".

Are thoughts also arranged in "fields"? Do "thoughts have wings"? What about mind, or consciousness itself, are they fields also? Can an EM field, (or simply a magnetic field) induce a "mind field"? What is "animal magnetism" or charisma? Is "magnetism" involved?

What about plasma fields (ionized gases)? This was the area of research of David Bohm, Einstein's protege at a time when many physicists, and researchers from other scientific fields, were inventing and coining such theories as the Holographic Universe, "hidden variables" and the "explicate" and "implicate" Universe.

What about fields in the "Higgs Ocean"?

What about Spirit? Is SPIRIT a more "rarified" but conscious form of energy? Is SPIRIT a field also? Are SPIRIT and MIND the new "fields" of some as yet unquantified "fundamental energies" and/or even "entropy-reducing" fields?


Many of the terms used in the poem (below) are "mathematical" terms ... Google and learn... using knowledge, and logic, not "obedience" and "blind faith" ... The ONE Geometrizes.

To the Committee of the Cayley Portrait Fund

O wretched race of men, to space confined!
What honour can ye pay to him, whose mind
To that which lies beyond hath penetrated?
The symbols he hath formed shall sound his praise,
And lead him on through unimagined ways
To conquests new, in worlds not yet created.

First, ye Determinants! in ordered row
And massive column ranged, before him go,
To form a phalanx for his safe protection.
Ye powers of the nth roots of minus one!
Around his head in ceaseless cycles run,
As unembodied spirits of direction.

And you, ye undevelopable scrolls!
Above the host wave your emblazoned rolls,
Ruled for the record of his bright inventions.
Ye Cubic surfaces! by threes and nines
Draw round his camp your seven-and-twenty lines—
The seal of Solomon in three dimensions.

March on, symbolic host! with step sublime,
Up to the flaming bounds of Space and Time!
There pause, until by Dickenson depicted,
In two dimensions, we the form may trace
Of him whose soul, too large for vulgar space,
In n... dimensions flourished unrestricted.

James Clerk Maxwell

To read other of the 50 poems by James Clerk Maxwell:

Definitions and Research hints:

Ruled surfaces
Cubic Surfaces
Seal of Solomon

Dickenson: Mathematician, artist
Vulgar Space: Common Space of 3 dimensions (length, width, height)


Logos: In Greek philosophy, this one access to knowledge can be defined as: Logic as defined by Sound using Words (as in language) ... often used with the other access to knowledge, Mythos (Myth, as opposed to the more scientifically logical and verifiable knowledge of Logos).

Used by Biblical (Christian) John (John 1) the "beloved" disciple of Jesus, the Christ of the original (Greek) New Testament: In the Beginning was the Logos, and mis-translated in the (Germanic) English as: In the Beginning was the "WORD"(static), and mis-translated in the romantic French (latin) Bible as: In the Beginning was the "VERB" (action). Both were and are still used to signify that Jesus of Nazareth, their Christ (Saviour, Messiah) was there (existed) "in the beginning" of the UNIVERSE, according to the Christians. That is before the theoretical Big Bang of CREATION!

"Have faith", we are then told by the faith-based. And they continue, "one does not need LOGOS, or gnosis" (knosis or Knowlege). If one relies on "gnosis" one is labeled "gnostic" (agnostic= can't decide... fence sitter, etc ...) . They, on the other hand, rely on MYTHOS and/or blind (not logical) faith in their written and/or oral MYTHS.

SPIRITUALITY, unlike religion which relies on faith, should refine the intellect and hone its tool, LOGIC. It should not go around or under logic, as some "mystery/miracle" religions do. Instead of "logic", the faith-based create a childish and divisive dependence on miracles and MYTH or on a very human "Divine" PERSON through "obedience" to the words of "His (male)" representatives (also male), as HE (male God) does not speak to many (Moses?)

Fear (of disobeying their God), some religious adepts claim is the beginning of wisdom. That is not logical (or LOGOS) and fear, even the fear of disobeying the ONE (God), will not lead back to a concept of ONE or UNITY but to a concept of TWO. We fear what we are not. We fear what is outside of us and/or what we are outside of (IT). We can also fear what we don't know, such as ONE (what some call GOD), but LOVE should be the spiritual quality that removes that FEAR.

If Spirituality unites, where Religion divides, as some "spiritual" movement adepts claim, then James Clerk Maxwell and his equations, UNITE in REALITY! This "unification" makes James Clerk Maxwell a REAL force for UNITY! That makes him more of a spiritual "guru" than those so-called Masters who "DIVIDE" society yet again in the name of the ONE, what they call GOD.

For those who don't use, or don't want to use LOGOS and understanding as their source of knowledge, then look to MYTHOS and have FAITH and obey other religious "men", with my blessings! I chose LOGOS and so did JAMES CLERK MAXWELL, creator of the "second great unification in physics" (Isaac Newton's was the first "unification"). Spirituality is not MAGIC or FANTASY and/or Miracles performed by humans, but it is a part of the lingering REAL MYSTERY of REALITY.

Off the Wall stuff... for those "faith-based" adherents to religious dogmas and tenet, who believe in fantasies, myth, or anything esoteric or conspiratorial ... I present this for fun! ;-))

The Seal of Solomon on Mars:

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Anonymous said...

One of the most complex derivation for any engineering student is Maxwell’s derivation.

Religion, is simply a study of our existence, science is also same, study of existence, religion explains law of existence, (law of karma) sceince also explains the same (Newton’s 3rd law of motion), only difference between Newton’s 3rd law of motion and law of karma is human involvement, law of karma applies not only on materials, but also on humans, newtons law is explained only for materials.

Science is exactly same as religion, just that few names have been changed, Hindu religion as a matter of fact is based purely on logic, Adiguru Shankaracharya proved everything based on logic, what religion has revealed thousands of years back, science is doing the same today.

But in religion we have some cults who exploited the fundamental philosophy of religion, in science this is not possible, as human thinking is developed in such a manner that what we believe if presented in one form, we accept, if same thing is presented in different form we reject, for example, criminal chari claims that he transmits shit, which zombies of sahaj marg digest with great pleasure, but if he is asked to transmit same shit while under observation with technical presence, zombies of sahaj marg will reject that transmitted shit immediately.

But we cannot help it, as law of karma states, those who have pending karma, will have to eat and digest chari's (transmitted)shit, those who have done some better karma will be able to comeout of this cult, and those who are purely sinful, will remained glued to this cult forever.