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Sahaj Marg and SRCM's Entelechy! (Aristotle)

Presented as a "Heads up!!" to those inside Sahaj Marg and in the Shri Ram Chandra Mission(s), (zonal-in-charge(s), prefects, preceptors, abhyasis, etc...) who are feeling "emotional" (angry, depressed, sad, betrayed, deserted, etc...) ... and who may be seeking for answers in the many "alternate therapies" that use religions and "spiritual movements", churches, ashrams, social worker's offices, mental health clinics, etc... as their "hunting grounds" ...

Use your Intellect (Head, Brain) and get out of "Emotions" (Heart? No !! Just not using the "Brain" effectively)

Here is what Aristotle (384 BC – 322 BC) the Greek philosopher said about "entelechies":

From "Entelechy":

An individual's life can in many ways be regarded as beholden to various simultaneous and overlapping entelechies, for example, the life trajectories imposed by the biological limitations, our mortality, the norms and expectations of family and/or society, and the individual's ego-ideal. Externally imposed entelechies and fantasized but unrealized entelechies can both be sources of frustration.

Societies can also be said to embody entelechies in their cultures; religious views, collective senses of entitlement, "mission" or "mandate" and even in their very languages. Societies/cultures sensing that their entelechial trajectory is reaching its terminus (i.e., sensing they are in decline) or that this trajectory has been deflected from its "proper" path by illegitimate forces - either internal or external - may exhibit violently irrational or even self-destructive reactions.

Author's comments:

Since in SRCM and Sahaj Marg, "Intellect" has been vilified, demonized and hence neutralized by the SRCM Guru, you will either have to re-activate it so as to gain control of your "emotions" again, or find a truly "balanced" spiritual path such as 'bhuddhism" so as to control the emotions and lessen it's effects in your life.

To practice SPIRITUALISM, and to "Brainwash" yourself with the messages of "the un-named SPIRIT ???", through "repetition" (seven or eight times...) of the messages so as to attain the imaginary goal of erasing one's samskaras, is simply a "con-game" and a dangerous one. It will only make one more "emotional" ... This is a "violently irrational and even self-destructive reactions", that Aristotle warned about. SRCM destroys "intellect" and REASON, along with the LOVE that Chari agrees is destroyed by the "PRECEPTORS". (see Chari's speech to Preceptors , Jan 16-17, 2001- see "On other religions" )

SPIRITUALITY (if it was a person) WOULD SAY:

We are Humans BEING ... Not Humans DOING! You are already "SAVED"... Just LIBERATE (Free) yourself and BE GRATEFUL, and BE content to BE ... "ALIVE" !

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