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The Sahaj Marg BIBLE? ... According to WHOM??

It seems that Babuji, who invented Sahaj Marg in 1945, and founded and registered the Shri Ram Chandra Mission (SRCM) in India, as a "society" will not be predominant in his "BIBLE". It appears that according to Chari, the current President and Master of SRCM (California - 1997), the Whispers from the Brighter World series of "opulent" books will become the Sahaj Marg BIBLE.

Who will be the alleged "ghost writers" for the "all new" Sahaj Marg Bible that will come out of the channeled messages allegedly received by a French lady "medium" who is also an "abhyasi", but "not a professional" (medium), and written and sold as an "opulent" series of books called: Whispers From The Brighter World, all according to Chari? ( in Chari's own words in Italics)

The first volume was sold in April, 2008 for $250.00 US. The second volume (April, 2009), was sold for $150.00 US. There will apparently be another "whisper" in April, 2010 and yet another "whisper" in April, 2011. Chari also gives a hint that there could be more "whispers" indefinitely, since these will not be reprinted until 2050, so "buy them now" and have a "collector's item" ... or as the sales shpeel goes, "become blessed" to have the first edition, that can erase one's samskaras (impression on the soul) if one reads the messages "over and over" up to "seven or eight times", according to Chari.

(see the many "Whispers From The Brighter World" articles on this blog)

According to the "invitation" (by Chari) to purchase the book (that has now morphed into the series of book (S)) which is on their web site: Sahaj Marg Spirituality Foundation, the four message givers are:

Message Giver # 1

A medium, who is not a professional, has passed on these messages to me after my Master gave orders that they be made available to me. She is a sister-abhyasi of the Sahaj Marg system of spiritual practice. I have recorded messages from four sources, all of them beloved to me, and all beyond question. The first is my mother, Janaki, who passed away in the year 1933 leaving behind four children, three boys of whom I am the eldest, and the fourth child a girl, who followed her mother when she was but three years old.

No comment by 4d-don about Chari' s mother's "liberated", "heavenly" or "Brighter World" status. She passed away in 1933, before Babuji founded his SRCM, invented Sahaj Marg, and before her son, Chari, became involved with Babuji and Sahaj Marg ... If anyone believes, or gives these messages any status or importance in the Sahaj Marg Bible, they are free to do so, and they will deserve what they get! I don't believe that Babuji, or any wise person, would take the word of an "anonymous" medium about a message allegedly from an un-named group of spirits which another anonymous and also un-named Medium claims to be "Chari's mother". In Spiritualism, and its messages from beyond the grave, the caveat is BELIEVER BEWARE!

According to this "anonymous" French lady Medium, Babuji apparently "gave orders" that the messages from the "others" (Lalaji, Chari's wife, and Chari's mother, and his own) be made available to Chari.
That sounds unlikely! Lalaji, being the "elder", would decide for himself what to do with his messages. I guess that Chari was not sensitive enough to get his "messages" directly. Or was Babuji refusing to talk to Chari? (pouting? angry at him?) How can we question or challenge this "anonymous" lady's credibility? The importance to SRCM is that you BUY THE BOOKS ... Credibility does not seem to be very important in Chari's SPIRITUALISM!!

Message Giver # 2

The second entity who has graced me with his messages is the Grand Master of the spiritual system hailed as Sahaj Marg, now spread all over the globe. He is a personality with whom I have had no personal relationship, since Lalaji Maharaj, as Mahatma Ram Chandraji of Fatehgarh was popularly known, attained Mahasamadhi, preceding my mother into the Brighter World when I was five years old. I have been blessed with spiritual experiences wherein He has graced me with His spiritual presence on several occasions. On a few occasions I have been blessed with direct sittings too from Lalaji Maharaj.

Lalaji passed away in 1931, Chari's mother passed away in 1933. Babuji registered his society, the Shri Ram Chandra Mission (SRCM) in India, in 1945. Babuji passed away in 1983. Chari Registered his SRCM (California - 1997) in San Luis Obispo, California, in 1997. The "channeled messages" are sold as "whispers" in 2008.

Lalaji has an existing succession in the Sufi Order,
NaqshMuMRa and in the RamAshram. Babuji was not a "preceptor" of Lalaji and met him a few times when Babuji was 18 yearrs old. Babuji registered the Shri Ram Chandra Mission (SRCM) 13 years aftet Lalaji's death in 1945. See "Lalaji is our Master!", they all claim on this blog.

Message Giver # 3

The third person to bless us with His messages is Babuji Maharaj, my spiritual Master, who has filled my life to the brim with His loving presence, His teachings, and His divine love, starting with my very first meeting with Him in Shahjahanpur way back in 1964. His loving and patient guidance have followed me throughout the forty years of my sadhana under the Sahaj Marg system, and even today that same guidance, filled with His love and compassion, is generously made available to me through these messages. Lalaji Maharaj rediscovered the Sahaj Marg system of spiritual practice, and my Master spread it all over the world, during the years 1972 to 1982, when I was closely associated with Him in his work carried out through the Shri Ram Chandra Mission.

Lalaji passed away in 1931. To say: "Lalaji Maharaj rediscovered the Sahaj Marg system of spiritual practice, (...) is stretching the truth to the maximum. Do your research and see the true Sufi lineage of Lalaji and see what they say Lalaji "rediscovered" and left for them and mankind.

Read the interviews with Dinaysh the "dean" of Lalaji's family's organization and see their site : NaqshMuMRa Nexus, where they publish a letter by Babuji from 1963.

Message Giver # 4

My wife Sulochana, who departed for the Brighter World in November 1999, is the fourth giver of messages, having secured her place in my Master's heart in His lifetime, and now seated at His divine feet in the Brighter World.

Comment by 4d-don... If anyone believes that, they deserve what they get!

Chari, in his speech: Read with your heart, he says:
"You are all familiar with the messages that were published a couple of years ago, under the title Whispers from the Brighter World - mainly messages from Babuji Maharaj, but also containing messages from Lalaji Sahib and some other highly spiritualized entities. " Now you know who are the "highly spiritualized entities", Chari's wife and his mother.

Chari's theology sounds like the Religious "salvation" of many religions, with the
saved "sittin on a cloud" in the Brighter World or in "heaven", or at "His divine feet". "His", would hopefuly be the feet of Ram Chandra Saxena (Babuji), a male (His), and not the feet of the ONE SPIRIT, or what Chari calls his "male" GOD (with the attributes "maleness" and now of "feet"?? ... at least we hope that Chari's male GOD is not a PERSON and does not also have "feet".

So as to be honest and accurate, the trade-marked Sahaj Marg of Chari should now be called "Spiritualism" not SPIRITUALITY !! Not Raja Yoga !! And with not much of a "theology". Christianity with it's Master, Jesus the Christ as part of the "TRINITY" of their Triune God, is being challenged for credibility. NOT !!

So much for the so-called SPIRITUALITY of the neo-Spiritual Groups of the NEW AGE!!

Note that the pronoun "His", to apparently signify Chari's Master (Babuji?) is capitalized but also note that the word "divine" or coming from the ONE "DIVINITY" is not!! I would write it: "his Divine feet", and give the most important (capitalized) reverence to the CREATOR of Babuji and of ALL, ONE!

The last sentence in his "invitation" to purchase his "gift" contains his "carrot and the stick" or as Chari calls it, the Religious tactic of "Fear and Temptation".

I think Chari is talking about himself, and about the SRCM (California - 1997) abhyasis and his own "inner circle", not about us who have left this group, and are not serving the "
forces of hatred, willful violence and religious bigotry" any more. Chari and his current group are doing that. The only real threats I get in this life, are from the "SRCM (California - 1997) "humanity", not from an apocalyptic "instant extinction" from nature or from the ONE. The forces of "hatred and wilful violence and religious bigotry" are alive inside the adherents (adhesive, glue, as in "stuck") to religions, including the Sahaj Marg of SRCM (California - 1997) !!

May these messages bring new hope to threatened humanity, threatened with instant extinction by the forces of hatred, wilful violence and religious bigotry.

My reply:

Yes...Yes... Lies, scams, and the un-ethical and immoral games and scams of "spiritualists" and megalomaniac miracle workers, and other "pseudo-enlightened" have always brought hope to humanity. (lol... sarcasm!). NOT!! Now go home and meditate and reduce your carbon footprint, searching for a GOD which is everywhere. Sahaj Marg (tm) has made some more cynical, but many of our species are still gullible and naive and still want to believe in such fantasies that are woven and used by "businessmen scammers".

Now, in REALITY, the hope we the victims of SRCM and Sahaj Marg get from this, is that finally, thanks to the technology, we can expose them from their beginning. We don't have to lobby the newspapers, radio stations, TV stations, publishing houses, etc... anymore so as to get our message out.
We, the information miners, the INFONAUTS are now the MEDIA.

Scammers Beware!! Religious start praying!!

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