Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Depressed Preceptors at SRCM (California)

Taken from Elodie's French blog: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg this is a post by Alexis. Translated by the author using Google Translate.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"Many Preceptors have problems with depression, why?"

So who is this sentence by, in your opinion?
I leave you to think about it, we will return to it ...

In the training manual for preceptors, the circumstances in which it is forbidden to bring someone into Sahaj Marg are specified. Thus the following should not be admitted to the practice (the conditional is not mine, but by the SRCM):

- Lepers,
- Alcoholics and drug addicts,
- People who have bad character (sic) and do not want to change,
- Mentally disturbed people

Although of interest, leaving aside the first 3 categories, we focus on the last one (as does the SRCM). I quote "(...) transmission may exacerbate the mental problems of such persons and even in some cases bring about suicidal tendencies. In particular, a person who received EST (Electro Shock Therapy) should never be introduced into the Mission. The Master said such treatments affect the brain irreversibly. No problem for cases of mild depression. One should avoid transmitting to someone who is already an abhyasi and suffers from mental depression (...). "

Clearly, the preceptor must refuse to introduce people with "non benign" depression as well as the transmission to abhyasis who suffer from depression, as long as their affection lasts.

How many preceptors ask the many people they approach to recruit, whether they suffered Electro Shock Therapy (EST) or what is the state of their mental health? How many (preceptors) interview abhyasis on their current mental state before starting either an individual or a sitting (satsangh)?

To my knowledge, the preceptors are not trained by SRCM in identifying depression. I even understand that they persevere most often on psychologically fragile people to introduce them. It's easier and the results are better. As for preceptors who are professional "psy" they do the opposite of what is stated in the manual, they introduce some of their clients. A Swiss psychotherapist preceptor followed 54 patients for 8 years, all introduced to the SRCM, "about 30% are so-called " un-structured ". If I take the usual psychiatric classification they include borderline personality, - borderline neurotic and pre-psychotic (...)". Mild depression? I am not a "shrink" ...

Moreover Chari "cares" from time to time by pulling the alarm:

In a speech on 31/12/1992, he said "(...) our preceptors must be very careful when they accept new abhyasis to ensure that they do not have people here who can not be helped. I make specific allusion and refer to people who have mental problems, which have undergone therapy in psychiatric hospitals or in offices. Such cases are becoming more frequent (...)."

The explanation follows in "Whispers", dated 10 April 2001. Babuji would have delivered these words from beyond the grave: "Be wary of the confusion that is being made between the workings of our spiritual psychoanalytical method and all practices that are currently springing up. It is not desirable to make connections between them. Criticisms currently made by the media against Sahaj Marg in France, allude to leaders who manipulate our candidates by involving them in both disciplines. It would be necessary to stop mixing it all up by considering abhyasis as potential customers and vice versa. Preceptors Therapist are not serious enough on this point, hence are already numerous problems caused by this lack of vigilance. "

Good! You've had time to reflect. So from whom then is this sentence: "Many preceptors have problems with depression, why?"

Chari? No, not even ... It is Ajay Kumar Bhatter, the dauphin (heir apparent), about preceptors in Europe, following his takeover of the controls for the region, since the beginning of the year.

This staggering statement can only surprise us.

Chari asks his troops to not introduce "non-mild" depressives into the Mission, but he himself has chosen depressive preceptors. He had to! In the preceptor's manual, in the absence of training of the preceptors, it is just stated that if the preceptor is hesitant, it is sufficient for him (the preceptor) to send the picture of the candidate to Chari for advice ...

In short, either Chari and Ajay are also unable to detect depression (from a photo) or on the contrary they actively seek them out, and pretend to be surprised at the outcome (but to what end? To better hold them? (dependent) ) Or, maybe the act of becoming a preceptor itself makes people depressive and Ajay is only noticing today ...

In any case, it is staggering!

And... this post on the same blog in the Comments by "Anonymous":
Does that not sound familiar: First, the claim of "religious persecution" followed by first targeting and then attacks on the "phantom" enemy who then becomes the "victim" of religions. And the "holy" jihadists, always get the "right person" of course. Or do they just say like all religions, and excuse their crimes by the militarism: "collateral damage" or "God will sort them out"

Hello Elodie,

It is now turning into delirium.
Here is an excerpt from an e-mail sent to me this weekend, perhaps by an abhyasi or at least by someone with a close link with the SRCMtm - for publication on your blog.


"I was informed that those responsible for SRCM France are desperate about the success of the blogs. They do not know what to do, neither does Ajay, by the way. Because abhyasis receive the list of blogs and that it destabilizes the lot, they are in search of the abhyasis who transfer this information by e-mail addresses. They plan therefore to trace the e-mails received to reach those responsible. They are crazy, but I am sure that there must be a lot of experts in computer. therefore careful with your blogs and even with your private e-mails because they will not be shy."

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