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My Partner is an Abhyasi! A testimonial!

Taken and Translated from a comment left on Elodie's Blog in France: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg
Article: Ma compagne Medite

My Partner is an Abhyasi (Meditates with SRCM (California-1997)

Here is a poignant new testimony posted yesterday, Tuesday, August 25, 2009, on the article: "Des horraires de Celibataire" (A timetable for Bachelors):

Anonymous said ...


I can only salute your efforts. My relationship of 10 years is imploding because of Sahaj Marg.

At first, my companion was not meditating but her parents are preceptors. Five (5) years ago and she decided to start and I did not want in any way to take that freedom away. At the time we agreed that it would not interfere with our partnership. This movement being greedy, the conditions have changed, with the SRCM (California-1997) children's project at the center of the debate. While I respect everyone's spiritual quest, I want my children to be protected from strong influences, but my girlfriend wants to take them to rallies. Out of my reach.

Why bring the children to these group "rallies" then, if this is not a pre-conditioning? Not to talk about the OMEGA School where, according to them, all the children have chosen to go without any parental pressure.
I feel the wind changing and now there are 3 in our home with Chariji. Finally, this condition was put to me in a firm way. Very long depressed, I think I now see clearly.

Sahaj Marg is deeply against couples where one is not active or even sympathetic (with Sahaj Marg). Initially, you are accepted because you have a potential of becoming an abhyasis. Then the day you do not share anything with this movement, things get complicated.

I no longer recognize the words of my companion. But now I must put a stop to this because I can't start a family knowing that one day my status as an outsider will not be tolerated.

But your site gave me some weapons to try to convince her, something which is very difficult. The time change (for meditation), the UN label, the commercial launch of Whisppers vol 2, the presence of a book sold for 800 euros on the website, are real and are impacting people. But they quickly turn to the well being and the deep change they have felt, even though personally I found nothing positive to date. The answer becomes: "yes maybe there are a few "driftings" but that's normal, it is part of being human! "

Best regards,

"Anonymous" because I still have a little hope. Forgive me

Reply by Shashwat

(Taken from Orkut's: Freedom From SRCM (Sahaj Marg) ) See Article called "Sahaj Marg the Family Destroyer"

Dear anonymous,

In sahaj marg and its victims there is no hope, i am sorry to say this, but this is true, once a person is contaminated, its done, now that person will not be able to come out of sahaj marg control 100%.

It is because sahaj marg hypnotizes its victims and effects of sahaj marg is physical in nature, its victim loose their power to think and distinguish between their family members and those who are not.

I understand its very hard to leave your partner and move on in life especially if you have crossed the marriageable age, but unfortunately there is no other way.

There is no point in clinging to your partner who is a brainwashed zombie, and does not have a mind of her/his own, s/he is now a source of pain for you, hence there is no point in allowing that person to cause you any further suffering, just leave her/him and save your children.

move on, there is no point in remaining attached to a person who is immune to your love.

Victims of sahaj marg cannot love, for them, their family, society and any other relation are nothing but distraction. they do not deserve our love, hence must not be given that.

they are fooled into believing that instead of living a normal life, living a complicated life which is full of lies and manipulation is spiritual. even if they leave sahaj marg, they will never be able to come out of its influence, in other word, they have become handicap and retarded, no medicine and no treatment can make them a normal human being...

the only way left is to leave them, exactly the manner they are ready to leave you because you are not in sahaj marg.

When normal humans are not welcomed in sahaj marg, zombies are also not welcomed in our society of humans.


Sam Said:

What a sad message, I hope that things will improve for you. Yes people entering the Sahaj Marg may tend to become fanatics and families where everyone does not meditate are often destroyed. I hope that it will not be the case for you, I wish you courage, you'll need it.

On another subject, the Omega School of separating the boys and girls, but the machismo of Sahaj Marg does not stop there. The master can not be a woman, women are present only at the lowest levels, abhyasis and preceptors, but absent at the decision-making process, and now I just learned that retreat centers will also be segregated, some month will be reserved for men, others for women. I suppose abhyasis will say that special work is taking place there requiring the separation, but we can nevertheless ask questions. The segregation of men and women are already taking place at the satsanghs, women are excluded from high-level decisions, and now this.

Is Sahaj Marg move towards a kind of fundamentalism? Time will tell. One more reason to be vigilant.

Wed., Aug 26, 2009 06:14:00 PM

Alexis Said:

@ Anonymous

I'll be brutal, but since the time we have been receiving testimonies like yours, one has to find a reason ...

You wanted to form a couple with your girlfriend, she became interested in Sahaj Marg, you are more than two. You are henceforth a threesome in which Chari is the lover and you are the cuckold. Her sole purpose is summed up in the alternative to oust you or to convert you.

Your turn to choose, but if your partner is addicted, it no purpose anymore to fight. You will use use up your strength in a losing battle.

Save your strength for something else: this one is lost ...

"Religion divides, spirituality unites" they say! Yep, but the failure rate of inter-religious marriages is less than that between abhyasis and non-abhyasis which flirts around 100% ...

Thurs, August 27, 2009 11:25:00 AM

Martin Said:

Welcome to the club!

It is now 10 years that I have been leading the same fight with my girlfriend for the results that are very disappointing. But whatever the outcome, rest assured that this fight is just.

When one has the conviction that a loved one is in danger one can not simply remain passive and simply look at it and see the damage.

The time factor is decisive; the practice (Sahaj Marg) over time encloses the abhyasi in a cage from which it is then difficult to free them. The "reasonable" arguments have little effect on conditioned and manipulated minds who have lost their free will and critical thinking.

Once the "dope" is ingested, the addictive process generates all these effects forever, and even more dope to move towards a zombie state (living dead) as asked by the guru.

This pathetic distancing from the reality makes communication impossible since it condemns the infected practitioner to choose between himself or his partner.

What would you do for him/her?

Escape yourself if you can ... if not, expect to suffer the pangs of degradation of your relationship.

If you really love, then struggle on with patience and determination, if all fails, you'll always be conscious of having done what you could.

Good luck!


Thurs, August 27, 2009 12:52:00 PM

Elodie Said:

Hello anonymous

Your testimony relaunches the discussions and the answers are already very different. Is there only one right answer? Certainly not, it is up to you to make your mind up and decide on a course of action. Where we are much in agreement, is in wishing you courage, and to insist on the fact that it will take a lot of it.

As Alexis pointed out the contradictions between the actions and the writings of the SRCMtm about spirituality that unites, I wanted to add that it (SRCM California-1997) joined the UN in India around the theme of "reconciliation" for the International Youth Day in mid-August.

Unity, Reconciliation, SRCM (California-1997) is not afraid of big words, but it really does just the opposite.



Thurs, August 27, 03:26:00 PM

4d-don Said:

Anonymous ...

I attended a Catholic "religious" school, which was also a 'Boarding School" such as OMEGA (Why Omega? Is it the END?)

You've probably heard about the abuses of Catholic priests (and "brothers and sisters") in North America (USA and Canada). It was not just the orphans and the aboriginal children who were "molested", but those who for one reason or another, were "different" (social class, introverted, artistic, loner, rebel, etc. ..).

The "religious" Boarding Schools, with their "Love" (from religion), and "obedience" (from discipline in school), place all the power in the establishment, the structure, and the "Brothers and Sisters" teachers. This imbalance of power attracts like a magnet, the pedophiles from around the world wanting first to be loved and respected by the "parents" of the children so as to have access to them. These priests (and brothers and sisters) who, because of their religious beliefs that "Sex is the tool of our animal (lower) nature (or the devil) do not exteriorize their so-called weaknesses in sex with adults, but with children, it is the" GAME "that allows them to exteriorize their "sexual power". The pyramidal structure of religion does not allow the serfs (the parents) to question the authority.

We know more now, because the victims and the "pedophile" religious teachers of the past, thanks to "technology", now have a place to be listened to, to be heard and believed. And thanks to the media (including the Internet), people now have a little more power.

Good Luck with your family ...

Babuji did not want children or dogs at the meditations. His instructions were that Sahaj Marg was for those 18 years of age or more. Why the drift from Babuji's wishes? Chari? ... who says:

Retaining the Spirit of Youth
A talk given by Shri Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari to the Youth on January 22nd, 2006 in Malaysia

"You know, I am still young at heart. That's why I wander around the world, I wink at girls, no? [Laughter] I believe they like it, too, at least the more mischievous, naughty ones! Do you ? [abhyasis: Yes.] Aha! "

(Which abhyasis says: "Yes"? A Male or a Female?? The Teacher (brother/sister) ?

Chari (seems to) encourages the children to be: Mischievous and naughty



Wed, August 26, 2009 06:47:00 PM


Anonymous said...

My, such ramblings by one who "claims" to want to KNOW! Yet Investigation within is best in such a case rather than so much challenging and investigation without. It is said that only One who Knows can identify another. Yet you freely criticize all and everyone. Better luck next lifetime when it comes to KNOWING.

4d-Don said...

Hi "My"..

At least our "know-ing" is not "pyramidal" and does not come from "one dimension" but the "knowing" that we have, possess and are gathering daily, comes from many sources and by such, is more "believe-able" ... It is not from "unknown spirits of the Dead" created from the MIND of an anonymous French lady Medium, or from "autonomous egregores". It comes from PEOPLE, living PEOPLE, REAL alive PEOPLE, not the "LIVING DEAD"...

May you come to realize that in the Age of Information, Knowledge is BLIND and as such should come from more than a Pyramid (one dimension, i.e. "the top of the religious Pyramid of megalomaniacs" who simply re-hashe most of the energy created by the energy of the "GROUP" to entrap the "MINDS of the followers" in an "illusion" of "Divine Energy") which has only enough "POWER" so as to habituate (addict) the "adherents" (adhesive, glue, stuck) to the corrupt power that resides at the vertices of a PYRAMID ... It is not "DIVINE" but is of the LIGHT (your meditation), which is MATTER or MATERIAL, not SPIRIT or SPIRITUAL ... And it is not what Lalaji taught or the Sufi way. It is manipulated by the "autonomous egregore" and other "spirits" in a "spiritualistic" ritual. (not spirituality that comes from ONE, or ONE-ness, but "Spiritiualism" that comes from LIGHT (Lucifer)... That creates Matter by MOTION... hence the many "Ashrams" and other MATTER accumulated by the GROUP, and very little morality, ethics, or "SPIRIT"...


Knowing a little more every day ... ;-))

4d-Don said...

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "My Partner is an Abhyasi! A testimonial!":

I was with SRCM for 10 years. It was starting to affect my family life - but after the Tiruppur event in 2007, I finally saw reason. The celebration and the hymn singing had the hallmarks of a religion. It was sickening to see 'volunteers' being felicitated one by one and falling at Chari's feet.

I decided enough was enough.

Posted by Anonymous to Our World from Another Dimension at April 4, 2010 1:29:00 PM PDT

Anonymous said...

Hello Guys,

I came across this website and read few articles. Not sure why you guys thoughts are so complicated.

I am an practitioner myself of the system for more than 15 years and my wife is not. She still follows the religion very sincerely. I don't get involved in here activities and she doesn't pester me to leave my way. We are happily married for 17 years now.

I suspect the problem with you guys is you want to know completely about something before you jump into it.

I read some messages that abhyasis fall on Chariji's feet. To my best knowledge those may be Indians and its in Indian custom to touch elders feet as a mark of greetings and showing respect. I personally dont do that.

I felt of writing these few words after seeing so much of negativity coming out from this blog. Hope I didn't hurt anybody's feelings.

4d-Don said...

Hi "anonymous"...

After 2,000 years of crusades, inquisitions, physical, intellectual and sexual abuse by the Christian priests and the "establishment" (Bishops, Cardinals, etc..) of the Roman Catholic Church, there are still over 1 BILLION "faithfulls" who are still "Roman Catholic" and who really believe that they are going to HEAVEN while the rest of us are going to HELL ...

Go figure ... What kind of "god" do they believe in, eh?) Christianity did not begin in corruption and neither did Sahaj Marg(tm)... or Sahaj "Mart", but as with Christianity, it became corrupt at the first generation and has not extricated itself from the lure of the material yet!! It is after all a RELIGION ... as usual, managed by BUSINESSMEN!!

Sahaj Marg(tm) was supposed to be a "spiritual" path (that means going "inside", as "spirit", if it exists at all, is not "matter" but is even more rarefied than "energy") and it (Sahaj Marg) has become an "outside" cult of a person really rapidly (in time ... decades)

If you think that there is a GOD out there and that "HE" (a male?) favours the abhyasis of Sahaj Marg (your cult of a person) over the Billions of Catholics or the Billions of Muslims (over the years), then as they say "down here" in the REALITY:

"Push but push evenly!!"

DO as you will with your time but to be SPIRITUAL, that means to "BE", not to BECOME and certainly not to "DO" ...

I believe in a different concept of the DIVINITY or the ONE-NESS of ALL ... and the Brighter World is simply the SRCM version of HEAVEN!! In the "clouds", or "out there" (i.e. Scientology)...

We, the "FREE thinkers" are simply trying to get some understanding between humans, (that's using the "intellect" or the "brain") and not simply OBEYING as some others who are happy being little sheepish children ... Others, such as those (we) who walk their own path, prefer to experience the FREEDOM which ONE-ness has CREATED for ALL ...

I don't have to BE like you to BE ... All of your difference is in DOING not in BEING ... In your "BEING", ALL of US, we are all ONE ...

So, go in Peace and only read what they tell you to read ... and specially: OBEY the PYRAMID which Chari has created for you and your obedient kind ....

Others (who are not "serfs") prefer FREEDOM and are content with THINKING for themselves ...
and writing our blogs for other "FREE thinkers", and those who are ready to experience FREEDOM... the FREEDOM of BEING!