Sunday, August 09, 2009

Chari's 82nd or 83rd Birthday Bash

Taken and translated (by 4d-don) from a comment by Alexis on Elodie's Blog in France: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg:

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Chari's 82nd or 83rd birthday. As you like, it is your choice!

According to the SRCM (California-1997), 34 830 people attended the (Chari's Birthday) ceremonies on the 23rd, 24th and 25the of July, 2009, of which about 4,000 were children. 96% were Indians, versus only 1,527 who were foreigners. Among the Indians, more than two thirds of them lived in only 4 states: 3 states from the Horn of South India (Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka) and Uttar Pradesh, the home of the historic SRCM. The state of Tamil Nadu by itself accounted for more than one quarter of the abhyasis present, the ceremony taking place at Tiruppur in the same state, as well it is in the state where the Mission headquarters are located.

It is really not far from the true representation of Sahaj Marg in India and in the World ...

On July 24th, 2009, as a speech, Chari read a message which he apparently received from Babuji. On two occasions, the latter exclaims that time is passing, "time is pressing", without one knowing too well what to do (about it). And he concluded with these words: "do not waste your time (...) time flies." To use the word "time" four times in a short message, is revealing. Does Chari feel it the end coming? In any case, he puts on the pressure ...

His speech the next day focused on religion. And it appears to be the classic version of Chari's Sahaj Marg: "Where spirituality begins, religion ends" or "Religion has no God, God has no religion." He adds: "Today's wars are all about religion. The biggest problem facing humanity today is religion." And later, "I pray that all of you will awaken." But no, no, rest assured, Chari is not starting a new crusade of these modern times. He took time to explain: "We do not preach that we destroy religion. We are not here to break temples or idols." Whew, that is reassuring. It was time! After the speech of the night before, where Babuji apparently said (through the mouth of Chari?) that "time was pressing", and this fierce charge by Chari against religion, one was entitled to ask questions.

Well, yes! By the way, time is pressing, but to do what, then?


4d-Don's Comments: What does Chari and the "Sahaj Marg" abhyasis do when "time is pressing"? Have a Birthday bash for Chari!! And that, to the SRCM (California-1997) gang, is "spirituality" as opposed to those who stay at home and "MEDITATE" or "commune" with the Divine or with LIFE.

Somewhere along the road, Chari misses the point. What he calls "corrupt" for other religions, (POMP and CEREMONY, or parties), he condones for himself and his "serfs" ... Is there not a societal word for that condition? Hypocrisy!!

The parallel in Christianity is Pope Leo X, who's corrupt pompous and ceremonious actions and hedonistic and sensually orgasmic birthday bashes, brought about the "Protestant Reformation". The parallel in today's politics (besides the scandals around "birthday bashes" in Indian politics) is dictator Mugabe of Zimbabwe, who celebrates his birthday lavishly while the masses of Zimbabwe-ans are in "a health and financial crisis".

One notices that the "children" are used at these parties, by most pyramidal religions' leadership as well as by political dictators... There is not more "honour" in Sahaj Marg than in the other RELIGIONS Chari calls "corrupt"!! By Chari's own standards, Sahaj Marg is also "corrupt". Parties cost money! Charity money!! Money that could help the POOR ... not charity money spent on a birthday party for the Indian well-to-do business and nationalist community and their children.

Babuji would say that Sahaj Marg is for those 18 years of age and older and would not indulge is such nationalist hedonism and "materialism" using the children for his egotistical "glory" ... Why is Chari using the children as all religions do?? For his ego?

And according to Chari, in his speech above, "Religion has no God" ??? Silly and Wrong! Also, according to Chari, God is MALE. At least, that is the falsehood or the outright "LIE" that Chari teaches to the children. And the violence and the battles inside the SRCM are also about RELIGION!! The "hypocrites" point at others so that the people they target don't look at them!! Chari is no "philosopher" or Saint!!

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