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What is an Egregore? Is it Part of Raja Yoga?

This is the Message from Chari, claiming he received it from Babuji (see it on Sahaj Sandesh, Mar. 9, 2009)

"Tuesday, March 3, 2009 10:00 a.m.
The 9:00 p.m. prayer is neglected in our Mission by many abhyasis. It is important and should not be neglected like that. It is about a rallying point, and union between the hearts, on a vibratory level, where is created the favourable egregore, i.e. a subtle bond between practising abhyasis. This ritual is not to be neglected. Is this too much to ask for? It would be wise for all to become aware of it. A few moments of interiorization and convergence of thought can only serve our Mission, i.e. all our brothers and sisters who have decided to follow their divine Master. May the wise ones remember it, for the good of all.
- Babuji Maharaj."

Warning to PRECEPTORS of SRCM(California-1997)

Does that sound like Babuji? Meditate and ask Babuji ... Ask a Saint! How about the "only saint in Sahaj Marg" according to the FOUNDER, Babuji ... Sister Kasturi? You will know! It contradicts what he said about his Sahaj Marg: focussing on the ULTIMATE, not on the POWERS ...

Are you, the PRECEPTORS who are deputized and given a "title and a certificate" and a "mission", to attract others to this "cult of a Personality", ready to lure others, including children, into this "Magic and Mysticism" as used by the neophytes and amateur "imperialists, and materialists" inside the schism of SRCM (California-1997)?

Chari, the current (old) Master, may get away with it, as he is "defended" by his "POLICE" and by you, and he will not live forever! ... Who will defend you? And those you "LURE" into this "creating an...egregore" ritual by outright bold-faced lying or lying by "omission"? Some will get angry!! Are you protected from the egregores of "other sects", such as the RELIGIONS who also have "egregores" and/or "archangels" and already have a history of "violence" using such "egregores" as the egregores take on a life of their own, and change over time?

Babuji, and many other "wise men", warned about playing with, accessing and using the POWERS !! Will you heed the warning or be led by egotists and "profiteers"? This could be Babuji's (or the "autonomous egregore's") last warning. If you serve that autonomous BEAST, you will do so "WILLINGLY". The consequences are on your head as you have been made aware by Babuji while he was living, and in his books, and many others, and by this BLOG ...

This is just another ploy, a scheme, to get "MONEY" from you and to get you to buy the next issue of "WHISPERS" and to sell it to others, as the channeled Sahaj Marg Bible! Channeled by an "anonymous French Lady Medium" messages claimed to be received from some anonymous "other great souls", to be "obeyed", and repeated before even being read with the BRAIN. Don't OBEY! And dis-empower their "egregore". You can do it!

Remember, in the battles of the "egregores", the first victims are the "holy innocents", the "do-gooders", the "opponents of corruption", who are not protected by "gangs of goons" as the leaders and creators of "egregores" are. The "gangs" of corrupt "collectors of funds for birthday bashes" for the egotist LEADERS, display the behaviour described in sociology as "groupthink" and "mob mentality", and they don't act like rational or "civilized" people, but like idolatrous fans and even like murderous "brutes" as the egregores take on a life of their own.

Corrupt theology leads to corrupt spiritual practices, to corrupt philosophy, to corrupt psychology, to corrupt sociology, and the use of "egregores", "archtypes" or "archangels" to carry out cultural, racial, and nationalistic "wars".

No more egotistic "birthday parties" in the name of "SPIRITUALITY"...

Don't BECOME spiritual, as Babuji would say: Come, BE spiritual!! (inverted endo? ;-)) )


To protect your family and friends, there is a "Cease and Desist Order" template here that can be changed and adapted to your situation. They (the egregore) will not let you go "FREELY".

What is an "egregore" or "egregor"

From: Embark to Mysticism:

Most of the material found here is taken from internet sources, mostly from Rosicrucian and general mystical sites. An accepted definition would be: It is the psychic and astral entity of a group. It is a kind of group mind which is created when people consciously come together for a common purpose. Each of us belong to several of these groups. The process is unconscious. There also are drawbacks, some disturbing psychic influences in many cases, and a restriction of freedom. It is impossible to free oneself from certain egregores, for example the egregores of the country you live in. However we should free ourselves from non-essential egregores.

If this process is continued for a long time, the egregore will take on a life of it's own, even if all the members should pass through transition, it would continue to exist on the inner dimensions and can be contacted even for centuries later by a group of people prepared to live the lives of the original founders, particularly if they are willing to provide the initial input of energy to get it going again. These thought-forms are created reality by an individual or a group. They exist in the exoteric and esoteric realms. They are created by groups such as societies or cultures, professions and trades, or any group. They can be accessed by all members of that group. They change as the group contacting them changes.

The egregore is prone to change, either to evolve or degenerate as members of that group change. The group then reflects the changing "egregore". This contact of group members to their "egregore" is automatic in most cases, when the member actually feels that he/she is a member of that group. Most members are unconscious of this process. There are also instances where some groups deliberately use the egregore for the spiritual development and well being of their members.

This is true of various mystical organizations. For some beginners, this is where the danger lies, because of the tendency of man to seek protection, the price of which is often a loss of freedom.


I will add in closing: Choose your egregore carefully, it can be of utmost importance in bona fide Mystical Orders and very disastrous in the wrong hands.

From: Liora Sara Bernstein at: http://www.mystae.com/streams/scripts/egregor.html

Eliphas Levi, The Great Secret, Thorson Publishers Ltd., 1975. Chapter 10, "The Magnetism of Evil" (pp. 127-136) has a multitudinous array of egregors (spelt without an "e"):

Levi refers to the powers of nature and the cosmos as egregors. "These colossal forces have sometimes taken a shape and have appeared in the guise of giants: these are the egregors of the Book of Enoch." (p. 127).

Levi later claims, discussing the planets; "...governed by those genii which were termed the celestial watchers, or egregors, by the ancients." (p. 129)

Further on in his article he relates the egregor to the Kabbalistic Adam Kadmon ("that collective giant"), to the "Anakim in the Bible," and generally speaking to natural powers operating the world and to their analogies as they have been expressed in myths in various cultures. When he has done that, he says:

"This is why we reject the mythology of the egregors finally and absolutely." (p. 130).
The manuscript of this work had been finished in 1868 and was first printed in 1897. Levi, who had been trained as a Roman Catholic Priest, died in 1875. The founders of the Golden Dawn were acquainted with his writings. Levi himself was conversant with Rosicrucian ideas.

Also from Ms. Bernstein...

Of John Dee it has been claimed that he was the "founder of the Rosicrucian Order, the protestant response to the Jesuits" (About Dr. John Dee).

An additional question left unanswered is whether Dr. Dee was aware of the word egregor in the sense of a watcher/angel from the Book of Enoch. I have not learned his system, but as far as I know it contains four Watch Towers with designated governors, or angels. Generally speaking, the word "governor" in Dee's context is translated into Hebrew as "Sar" SAR (the letter "shin" vowelled as "sin" and the letter "reish"), when it is retranslated it would be "arch" like "archangels (Greek "archon" also translated as 'Prince'). This type of angel, the archangel, appears in the Book of Enoch, and the "Sarim" in there are called "Irim" as well.

What is even more amazing is that the Dead Sea Scrolls refer to "towers" protected by angels. During a discussion of angelic names, M. J. Davidson, in his Angels at Qumran (Sheffield Academic Press, 1992), explains that "The group of four archangels, Michael, Sariel, Raphael and Gabriel are called by Syncellus (1.En.9.1) 'megoloi archanggeloi'. (Syncellus in his time distinguished between 'mere' archangels and 'Mega' Archangels). The same list occurs in 1QM9.14-16, where the shields of the towers are to be inscribed with these four names." (p.326).

Davidson explains that in the Qumran Community, the war between The Sons of Light (the Qumranites) and The Sons of Darkness (all outside the sect) ... "is to be conducted with acute awareness of the place of the angelic world in it.... 1QM 9.10-16 provides details on battle formations which involve four 'towers' ('Migdalot') which are apparently units of soldiers with specifically long spears and shields.... On each of their shields is written the name of one of the four archangels." (p.228).

see also: How to incarnate an "egregore" ... http://user.cyberlink.ch/~koenig/fs3.htm


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