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25 Years of Degradation of Sahaj Marg!

Taken from speech by Chari on Oct. 12, 2008. comments are by author of blog.

Comments from the author of this blog are in red italics

Awake Now

Speech given by Rev. Master on 12th October 2008 at Hyderabad, India

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

My journeys to Hyderabad are becoming longer because now the airport is very far away—two hours! Anyway I am happy to be here to do what I can to help you in your spiritual progress. (The "materialists" are in reality degrading the "spiritual progress" of some naive seekers and adherents who are "stuck" to this sect)

There are two aspects to my work: one, I cannot do more than what the Master (which is told to him by an anonymous French female "spiritualist medium") permits me to do; two, I must have the strength and will to do what He (He is not the ONE nor Babuji, but an anonymous French female Medium) permits me to do. The third, and most important, is your cooperation in permitting that work to bear fruit in you. By cooperation I mean living a life according to the ten maxims of Sahaj Marg; (...or don't be attracted to the Material, to the point of re-registering a society in another country) regularity in practice; discipline—inside and out; discipline—material (let the material Ashrams go, rather than being "addicted" to POWER) and spiritual; discipline—at home (do not use violence to gain Material Power) and in the outside world (do not place your lackeys on the "board of directors" of SRCM around the world, and suck money from the poor in other countries for "private schools" for the wealthy in India, 28 acre ranch in Texas, castles in Europe, commercial real estate, etc...) ; and discipline, most of all, in regulating your thoughts (such as calling bloggers who do not agree with your tactics: the "enemies of spirituality"...control your thoughts, and retract that silly statement), because that is where the origin of all problems lies.

Really speaking, as Babuji emphasized several times, it is easy to train animals. Babuji used an example of a lion. He said you can train a lion in a very short time to keep its mouth open so that the trainer can put his head into it and take it out alive. He said the human being is the most difficult to train, and that is a matter of experience. (Quoting Babuji or others does not add to your credibility anymore)

We all know, all of you know who are parents, how difficult it is to train children (we do not "train" our children as if they were "animals" ... Children have a brain and a mind, and "logic" and they can think and UNDERSTAND. Try to "educate" and teach "logic", and "thinking") . Most of the children go untrained. (Is that what you and your brand of Sahaj Marg or SRCM(California) do at LMOS? Train Children? Are you doing this in Babuji's and Lalaji's name?... If so, you will see "rebellion" and degradation there also. You are really trying to relive the feudal Past! (12th century). They may be educated, but they are not trained. Therefore, by the time they become adults, they have a fair degree of education, which means that their heads are crammed with facts necessary to earn their living, but their hearts are generally empty. (Such as your heart also, as they are filled by you, the Master) They have no courage. They are bewildered when they are thrown out into the arena of the world. What shall I do? How shall I do it? Where shall I do it? All these traumas start from the time you send a child to school. Babuji Maharaj said this is because at home they are not trained at all. (Where did Babuji say this? I think you make it citation) He said, “Really speaking, true training starts with the conception of the child.” (educate, instruct,... not "train") But even after the child is born, there is no training. Children run wild. (not my children, maybe yours?) They neglect everything that they should do, and do everything that they are not required to do. Kabir has said this beautifully, “Our childhood we waste in play.” (Leave my children play away from the "religious fanatics", and the servants of the sacred cow of "linear time", who would teach "DIVISION" in the name of GOD (what I prefer to call the UNITY or ONE) ... The Material, Money and POWER are not that IMPORTANT, unlike what the "capitalists and materialists" want to teach in the name of SPIRITUALITY ... Play can also be SPIRITUALITY... Let the children be SPIRITUAL, not RELIGIOUSLY divided by "sects" as with Sahaj Marg)

The next stage of life—the stage of youth, we do even less (call that YOU, not WE... we don't rely on schools to teach our children "morality" and "ethics", do you? Maybe if you , the CEO's of Industry paid your "serfs" a fair wage, they would have time to devote to other more "spiritual" joys in life) because now we have schools, we have our education, we have our mark sheets, our grades. They are our certificates of, shall we say, advancement in the world, and parents are happy enough to have a look at your report card and be happy. What you do at school other than study, nobody looks into.

Today, in modern life, as it is lived now, in this year, I am told that school is really a school for scandal. (in your words... your LMOS shools will thus be judged) (You know there is a novel of that name written in the last century by a fellow called Sheridan—The School for Scandal. It used to be required reading when I was in school. I don’t know how many of you have even heard of the title. Of course it has no connection to what I am speaking about.) The scandalous behaviour today of our young men (my young men were not (and are not) "scandalous". Maybe because we, the parents had morals and ethics, and were not driven by "MONEY" and "POWER" ... you must speak of your youths) of our young men who have married and entered life with a seriousness that is not there, of a purpose which is not what it should be. Because grihastha ashram [life of a householder], properly speaking, is the union of two hearts who come together in marriage, the worldly purpose being to have children (not necessarily true... there is the "spiritual" and loving act of "adoption") so that the parampara [lineage] can go on, but the much larger spiritual purpose being to help each other to walk the spiritual path with the guidance of a guru, (As Babuji instructed, it is better to have no GURU than a BAD GURU... if we change the word GURU for FRIEND, it becomes clear...) so that in this life we can achieve what has to be achieved. (Leaving a "large footprint" is the "capitalist and materialist" way... in SPIRIT, there is no path and nothing to be "achieved"...but much to be LIVED and TO BE in a MORAL and ETHICAL existence that is LIFE. BE spiritual..., not BECOME spiritual and "achieve" so as to be "recognized"... That is EGO!! and will lead the true spiritual seeker astray and cause "degradation" of the illusion of the PATH or the GOAL...)

(Some) Parents (in Sahaj Marg) are unable to do what they have to do because, first, they are too busy in leading their own lives. Mothers, poor things, are helpless (Chari disempowers his "serfs", and takes all their TIME, so as to later pretend to "save" them) ; fathers (from his gang of materialist, power-seeking, nationalist friends) too busy making their own money, making their own names, making their own reputation, trying to make for their children what they call a solid future, which means enough money to leave behind so that the children will have what we call an assured financial future—well, that is not all that matters. (... and that is not what we gave them... no money, no power, just morals and ethics, maybe you should learn from them) Children are expected to earn, have their own income, lead their own lives without depending on parental inheritance. But in India it is something of a curse that parents spend all their lives earning money which they never use for themselves, to leave for children to waste, to run amok with, probably to destroy themselves, too.(...what a negative view of your culture and your children... That is not our REALTIY in the "un-religious" west. We took the power from the Churches a long time ago. Some people are like you say but we do have some "great leaders" and some wise and spiritual children to take over in these "changing times"... WE are not afraid of CHANGE... WE worked for it all our lives and it is now happening... Live with it... don't try and stop it... some children are rebelling against your and your generation's "materialism" and specially your sexist, racist, nationalistic, materialistic teachings. We stand arm in arm with them in opposition to such "RELIGIOUS degradation as is Sahaj Marg, even to the use questionable ethics (re-registering SRCM in California) , morals (homosexuality), violence (see Newspaper clippings), and war (yet to come, but will be fueled by RELIGION)

So, seeing this happening in our own satsangh—increasingly marriages are getting troublesome. (because of flawed cultural Philosophy (arranged marriages), guided by flawed Theology (a male GOD) People get married here by the grace of my Guru, my Master, (NO... Babuji would never do that... we hope that other religions don't adhere to such manipulative practices and if they do, that the "followers" will either change it or LEAVE the sect) and they run into trouble. Some of them, fortunately only a few, the marriage is finished on the day of the marriage itself. So far we have had three cases. But it is a tragedy for me because, as Babuji said (quotes Babuji for credibility) , even one drop of poison in a big vessel of milk means a big vessel full of poison. Here we don’t judge spiritual progress by success, we judge it by failure. And in that sense our marriages have failed too often for my comfort. Though my boys (now he calls his gang: "MY BOYS", like the Mafia "Dons"...ooops... freudian slip... ) tell me, “Only three, saab [sir].” Should not have been even one.

So you see, when our people don’t appreciate the sanctity of a spiritual marriage, don’t understand why they are marrying in a spiritual assembly under a spiritual atmosphere, with a spiritual purpose, somewhere the teaching has been lost. (maybe it is not "spiritual at all... Your blessing does not seem "keep them together", as is claimed ..maybe it even is the practice of arranging marriages and the Sahaj Marg "teachings" as taught by you, that "divides" them. These divisions are everywhere in Sahaj Marg and SRCM ...HOW can you call it "spiritual" as it divides everywhere?) They have not imbibed it, they have not appreciated it, and, as in all things in India, all this is for the others, not for us! Satyam vada [speak the truth]—“Yes, that’s for the others. I am in business. I can’t possibly exist if I have only to tell the truth.” Dharmam chara [be righteous]—“Not possible for me. It’s for the others, because if I was to lead a dharmic [righteous] life, I wouldn’t exist in this world. I would have to beg.”

So, you see, satyam vada, dharmam chara—all this is gone. Even in spiritual life today in Sahaj Marg, over the past twenty-five years, there has been a steady fall, a decline in values, in goals. (as lead by the followed the herd of SHEEP) Our published goal is the goal of realization, of perfection as a human being. But all of us (... not all of us, but all of YOU... so you should get out of the "SPIRITUALITY" business, as you are not adept at it, having just "self-titled" and made claims, and now you try to gain credibility by using an anonymous FRENCH medium lady) have other goals: make money, have a good reputation, enjoy life, so many things, you see, very many diverse goals.

So, it is sad for me to be asked to talk because if I am to speak to you all, I must speak frankly, which means bluntly, but unfortunately not effectively, because it doesn’t take me anywhere or you anywhere. (that is an admission of TRUTH but for what purpose? To manipulate again? ... you can't teach if you don't name youself a MASTER does not make you one. What if engineers (Chari is an engineer) were "certified" that way??) You all listen; you don’t apply. A hundred times in these halls I have requested that in Sahaj Marg there are only human beings: there are no Reddys, no Naidus, no Iyengars, no Iyers, and please drop all these suffixes to your name which are meaningless and, much more importantly, they still serve to divide you by caste, by surname, and so on. How many have done it? How many are willing to respond again to my reminder of my appeal to you today and say we are no more Naidus and Reddys? How many of you will be willing? I don’t find any answer, you see. (OK... Please stop Dividing our people and communities, calling your "brothers and sisters" the "enemies of Spirituality" (bloggers), or "un-natural" (gays and lesbians), or "liars", "corrupt" (Other Relgions and specially Christians during their confession) and start becoming a "UNITER" and a force for SPIRIT-uality, not a force for Spiritualism, Materialism and "un-natural" exponential material DEVELOPMENT that can be compared to a deviant "sexual" practice or a "cancer" that will further "DEGRADE" the human condition on this planet)

So, these are too deep in you, even deeper than samskaras. (Deeper than "Samskaras"? You just make things up as you go along!!... Should abhyasis now go to CHRIST? Now there is something that the GURU can't do?... Why have you led people astray all these 25 years of "DEGRADATION" in Sahaj Marg? ... It is not too late to UNDO the DAMAGE... Please Unite the broken families you have divided... and TRY like some of our children from "broken Sahaj Marg homes", to live a MORAL and ETHICAL life, not lead with pollution-creating MATTER, or morality-corrupting POWER, but by SPIRIT) Samskaras the Master can clean, (BS (Bull Shit) but these (your...that you then "transmit" to the naive, the gullible and the receptive...) silly, meaningless, self-destructive, socially destructive cultural norms that we have created for ourselves, we don’t want to give up. Therefore, we continue to fight. Naidu votes, Muslim votes, Christian votes. Where is the vote for the right man? In India it doesn’t exist. First of all, there don’t seem to be any right men and, much more importantly, the vast mass of humanity that is India doesn’t want right men. We want our man. ‘Our man’ means what? “Naidu, sir! Manavadulu. [Our man.]”

So, you continue to be misruled by your people, and you pride yourself, you know, and saying, “Oh, we have a Naidu to rule here, we have a Babu to rule here,” et cetera, et cetera. Nobody in India can today say we have the right man at the head of affairs, or the right men. At least when India began its journey as an independent, free nation, we had idealists leading the country, people with high ideals. Today we have no idealism. We have only narrow sectarianism, parochialism: Telengana for Telenganas, Maharashtra for Maharashtrians, Bengal for Bengalis. You see, what has happened—a beautiful car project has been thrown out of Bengal for no reason, just because one politician said, “I shall throw it out.” She has proved that she is right. She is powerful enough. But what happens to Bengal? What happens to the Bengalis? What happens to industrialization in India? (NOW we understand: you want "industrialization" of India by sucking money from the currupt WEST to bring to the corrupt EAST ... And what about Pollution? As most "capitalists", it is left for the "next generation" to fix.. It is no wonder the "youth" are rebelling against that "blindness" of your ilk. You have no solution at all, you just repeat the past!! I am with them!!

So, you see, it is sad that in all the world today there is corruption, there is degradation, there is fall in values. It is sadder that in India it is happening, where it is supposed to be a land with the culture of our ancient rishis and traditions, and saddest that it is happening right here in Sahaj Marg. (I agree)

So, what you are going to do about it, I don’t know. Because for me, I daily pray that I may not live much longer to see this degradation going more and more, and affecting my heart. I am happy as I am now and my ardent wish is that now I should go after I finish this speech. But you are still there. What is going to happen to Sahaj Marg, to Shri Ram Chandra Mission, to all of you in your thousands? What is going to happen? Nothing can happen except what you make happen. (those who still can, will become FREE and will re-join their loving and forgiving families...those who are still "co-dependent" will seek out other "paths" led by other charlatans with a "pretty story" or another "magical fantasy". May they find a more LOVING, COMPASSIONATE, and less divisive path than Sahaj Marg) Only what you want will happen. Do you want something noble, something wonderful, something glorious to happen? Or, do you want to continue in this degraded misery of politics and money, priding yourself like the bandarlog in Rudyard Kipling’s book, “We are happy”? The choice is—it has always been and will always be—yours. (LOOK IN THE MIRROR)

We have a great parampara of Sahaj Marg. You know, the gurus. We only know about Lalaji and Babuji. (They are not with you or are not from your lineage (there is no "lineage" in Sahaj Marg) and the SRCM (California). But from Babuji’s messages that you receive from a French lady medium, you must have falsely seen that there is a hierarchy. (there in in fact no "hierarchy", saying it does not make it so... Lalaji and his group "Ramashram", are seperate from Sahaj Marg. And now, You are serperate from the SRCM (Shahjahanpur). You are still in an "illusion" and are teaching falsehoods.) Where it begins is only with God, with that enormous parampara through time, through space, through eternity, helping us, wanting to liberate us, to raise us. If we do not succeed, it only shows that the human will is more powerful than the Divine will. (We...some of us are already with the ONE, not GOD. We are inside IT, and IT is inside us. Let our families GO and be free to be "with the ONE", away from the Sahaj Marga's "DEGRADATION" that has divided them from their families for so long)

So, I can only say, dear sisters and brothers, (naming "sisters" first will not fool anyone... In Sahaj Marg, "women can't be Masters, according to you... CORRECT THAT MISTAKE also) with a view to correcting all this, trying to correct it, I have put out a message in Sahaj Sandesh a few days back. I don’t know how many of you have read it, how many have had access to it. Please read it, not once or twice. (Repetition is for 'brainwashing", or for "TRAINING" (as in animals). Try LOGIC and KNOWLEDGE for humans ... and not blind FAITH) I would suggest that you give up your paaraayana [recitation of scriptures] of whatever you are doing, Hanuman Chalisa [verses in praise of Hanuman], Ramayan Kambha [story of Rama by Kamban], whatever it is and read Sahaj Marg literature, read this message, and realize that without you trying to help yourself, nobody can help you, not even God. (That message is just propaganda, and emotional manipulation... Stop the DEGRADATION, and do not try to "justify" your MISTAKES that brought about that DEGRADATION. The serfs, like good slaves, are just Imitating you! Do they even know that they are "doing it" and hence becoming "degraded"? You trained (like animals) them THAT WAY!! To undo that TRAINING, teach them LOGIC and THINKING ... and they will become as they were: SPIRITUAL SEEKERS... maybe this time, they will not be FOOLED...and they will sing: "WE WON'T BE FOOLED AGAIN", in a LOUD and rebellious VOICE... that is the beginning of the lesson of WISDOM!!)

I pray you ( will awaken now, (and show the way...not lead) because it is never too late to wake up, but if you continue to sleep this dreadful sleep, this slothful sleep, this, shall we say, unwillingness-to-awaken sleep, you are at the misery of your own destructive self.(I place a spiritual miror in your consciousness...heed the loving "heads up". No need to be "apocalyptic". There is no end to eternity so ALL will change with the cyclic MOTION of LIFE that we measure with the illusion or the "detour", we call TIME)

Thank you. (you are most welcome. May your sheepish and "obedience-trained" serfs find the Spiritual, moral and ethical fortitude to give their comments FREELY and directly to you!! )


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Loved your blog, very spiritual...Thank YOU!!

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nice reply, i bet, abhyasis will be asked not to read this, but only sahaj marg litrature.