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The "CHOSEN" of Sahaj Marg are Goal and Conquest Driven

The "CHOSEN" of Sahaj Marg are Goal and Conquest Driven
Comments (in different color) to Speech by Chari.

... That you are here is itself a fact not only that you chose Sahaj Marg, but my Master chose you. I have often said that the spiritual connection between the Master and the disciple is like a marriage. I was speaking about it to some western abhyasis recently. I said, “Like a marriage is for life, spirituality is forever. A lifetime is nothing in the life of a spiritual journey from here to there. It may last one lifetime, it may last one minute, it may last eons of time, but this connection will be, and must be, maintained.”

With Sahaj Marg, we have another "chosen" people, as if one more such religion of "CHOSEN" will not cause the same divisions, even to wars, that the other "chosen" Mono-theistic God-seekers (but not UNITY or "ONE-finders") are involved in. The "chosen" of Sahaj Marg will be different, they will claim, and we can see how they are "different" already, using violence with their own "brothers and sisters". Rather than UNITING as Spirituality should, Sahaj Marg, as every other so-called "corrupt religion" by Chari, now "DIVIDES" the families and the societies of the world, including its own society.

Now Sahaj Marg uses the same "marriage to the Guru" metaphor as the Christians do with Jesus of Nazareth, called the Christ or Saviour. And the messages from "beyond the grave" in their book "Whispers from the Brighter World", sold for a donation of a mere $250.00US are SPIRITUAL-ISM, not SPIRITUAL-ITY!

Spirituality, much as "ETERNITY", means forever. That means NOW, as in the PAST and the FUTURE. BE HERE NOW is the spiritual mantra. We are SPIRIT, we don't have to become "a spirit" by becoming a follower of Sahaj Marg or any other religion or "spiritual" group. I am SPIRIT. As a believer in ONE-ness, or UNITY, I can be ONE with ALL, even with the Sahaj Marg abhyasis, and with the Christians or with any adherents of any other religion, because I am not DIVIDED or "separate" or "chosen" from ALL, by belonging to an elitist group of "chosen".
This connection will be maintained no matter what we, the "little creations" of the ONE, do. The sun does not depend on MAN (Chari) or Sahaj Marg or Christianity to shine. The wind does not depend on Sahaj Marg to blow. That is what "NATURAL" means. Ashrams are not "NATURAL". One does not have to BECOME NATURAL, one can realize that one IS "natural". One is not more spiritual by spending one's time chasing ONE (what some call GOD), or ITS self-appointed representatives, at the "un-natural", man-made, airports and fair grounds or Ashrams and Churches of the world to be saved by materialists who spend most of their time in the "material" with all its trappings: POWER and MONEY.

Babuji Maharaj once told me that he could never break this connection between himself and an abhyasi, but an abhyasi can break it just like that. If he says, “My connection, I don’t want,” it is finished. And then you may not find another guru for thousands of years. And then we shall languish on earth or wherever it may be, for millennia, millennia, millennia, who knows, you see.

Notice the "intellectual terrorism" of RELIGION. "YOU COULD BE LOST" or even worse, "languish"! In Christianity, it is called "HELL" or "purgatory" (the absence of if that is possible). Being in ONE is not "languishing". Chari and Babuji are so TIME and GOAL driven. Do they not know that in Spirituality, "The JOURNEY is the THING". We are never "LOST" or "OUTSIDE ONE or outside the UNI-VERSE ("one verse" of one SONG)".

We can be outside the DIVISIONS of RELIGIONS by not adhering and playing their POWER games and instead, spend our time doing some good in the world rather than traveling from place to place, increasing our carbon footprint, destroying the planet's "naturalness", and PREACHING and trying to lure others to our SECT (division), thus dividing the "naive and gullible" from their families, religions, cultures, friends, the targeted countries.

I hope that today my Master will bless all of us, by confirming in the hearts of each one of us that our connection with him is indeed permanent, eternal. Not to be, under any circumstances, even thought of as being cut from our side. Because only we can cut it—remember it.

Notice: a while ago, "spirituality" was forever. Now, Chari "HOPES"... Even if you "sever that relationship bond with Chari or Babuji, " as Sahaj Marg suggests the abhyasis do with their families and friends in their written material, we will all remain "SPIRIT"...I left Christianity and I am still a SPIRIT and hence SPIRITUAL.

“Have the courage to pursue this conquest; one day you will reach the goal. Be happy to be on your way, you are among the chosen ones who have left behind them a lot of baggage.”

A "conquest" is so militaristic and  so is "winning and losing"! But that is the "business" and "imperialist" mentality in Chari's SRCM (California-1997). How can that UNITE anything. On the JOURNEY that is LIFE, we can all take the time to LOVE one another and not just PRAY or navel gaze (MEDITATE) on our own "GOALS" and CONQUESTS? Or are they in Sahaj Marg, really speaking about Chari' s and the SRCM's GOALS AND IMPERIAL-ist CONQUESTS?.

What is the GAME? Real Estate acquisition! The "suckers" will pay for it later. And the 'submissive" women will ensnare their "friends and families" so as to pay off the "mortgage".

The birds are still singing and the wind is still blowing and the sun is still shining. OPEN THE EYES and see the beautiful "ILLUSION" that is Natural LIFE (family, and friends included). It is just as beautiful as what is "INSIDE" ... WE need to experience BOTH to be COMPLETE. To leave the family, friends and pets and travel to FIND the UNITY, ONE (what some call God) is so "ILLOGICAL" and "SILLY". Only believers in FANTASY would spend their time on the "conquest" of that "illusion" rather than spend their lives and time with their family and friends, in the true GOD-given NATURE where they live. Instead, they spend their time at the 'airports" and the hotels built by the wealthy of SAHAJ MARG (tm). Tourism, even "SPIRITUAL TOURISM" makes money (power) for a few and degrades the planet for ALL ... We now have "spiritual capitalism" and "spiritual tourism" in SRCM. Are we in a TIME warp and this is a loop back to the FEUDAL DAYS of Masters and SERFS?

Don't you CARE? Or do you, like the religious hypocrites, just "SIGN PETITIONS"and pray for PEACE and UNITY, with one face and continue serving the GODS OF WAR, DESTRUCTION and DIVISIONS with the other face?


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