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Comments to latest speech of Chari, (Oct. 14, 2010) Sahaj Marg (tm)

Comments (in "red italics") to exerpts from Chari's recent speech:
Restore the Heart to its Original Nature

Restore the Heart to Its Original Nature
Latin America and Oceania Seminar, October 14, 2010, Chennai, India


"So our production, in terms of what we have to say, is not scholarly. It does not merit attention of scholars or of semantics. It is for us, for people. In a sense it is like the vox populi the voice of the people, being reflected back to the people through the heart. "

The word, "production" insinuates that Sahaj Marg is a product which is produced (or made). In this case it is a "trade-marked" product which belongs to individual businessmen, and is sold (as "free" of course) in a Market, which they want to invade with this trade-marked product, to be followed by other more "commercial" and not-so-free products ... (books, incense, travel, meditation mats, photos, Dvd's, lodging, accomodation, food, clothing, retreats, etc ... for which the purchaser will often "donate" the value asked or suggested, so as to avoid the sales taxes.

Michael, ex-preceptor from USA, once said that Sahaj Marg was simply re-processing or regurgitating the energy of the crowd back to them, sort of like an entertainer does and what Chari confirms above ... There is no "god" or "divine" energy being added to the mix by the materialist businessmen or their "preceptors" (priests) ... This statement of Chari seems to confim that ... You are only getting back your own "voice" (sound?) ... NOT GOD!! Maybe the disciples are also sub-consciously being made to surrender to "beings of light", the collective egregores, or other fantasies, specters, or phantasms which are allegedly being channeled by their anonymous psychic lady MEDIUM (s). The Mind of the "serf" does the rest.

According to Chari, re-reading the messages channeled through an anonymous French lady Medium, allegedly from Babuji, Lalaji, Chari's mother, Chari's wife, or even the "beings of light" (and god only knows who else), the so-called "whispers" seven or eight times could erase one's samskaras ... (the equivalent of the Roman Catholic "confession, forgiveness of sins and absolution" and/or "indulgences"!! )

Yeah!! Right!! Want to buy a bridge? So much for God being JUST, and/or the LAW of KARMA!!

What Sahaj Marg has become is more accurately called: "spiritual capitalism" ... it was not the truth when the Christian Pope Leo X (1475-1521) used it in the 15th century, and it is not the truth for Sahaj Marg (tm) and Chari today ! ... it's a SCAM !!


"Our abhyasis will shine only in the world where the heart shines and, as Jesus said, that kingdom is not here."

To opportunistically (exploit) quote Christ and what Chari calls "corrupt" Christianity, does not make one right or even "Christ-like". To presume that some's heart will "shine" in some fantasy world, and some's heart will not because of their actions in this world, does not reflect the reality. It is a fantasy. A religious made-up and invented fantasy!! How convenient that their hearts (PUMP) will only shine "in some other fantasy world", and not here in the material world, where the "shining" could be studied and verified to be non-existent !! SPIRIT or MIND fields, if they exist, are not made of Matter or Energy!! They do not shine and they are not "crystal (solid), liquid, gaseous, plasma, sea of quark, etc ... or other sub-atomic properties of the material world ...

The speed of light (hopefully) is not the speed of MIND (thoughts), nor the speed of SPIRIT (rarefied energy) ... What looks like light from this realm will appear to be as gross as matter (lower frequency) from a higher frequency perspective (Mind, Spirit? ... if these "fields" exists at all and if they exists in isolation ... as fields)

Matter and enrgy (electromagnetism or "light") are said to be "equivalent" (but they are not at the same vibration or frequency) ... The material packet or "quantum of EM" is called a "photon". From the perspective of EM energy (light), matter seems to be static ... but we know different NOW. At the atomic and sub-atomic levels, matter is equivalent to its energy and is in MOTION. From the perspective of MIND (science), the heart of the saint and the heart of the tyrant or the despot, being both made of matter (carbon), reflect the same EM energy (LIGHT) and are made of approximately the same amount of matter, and one does not shine more than the other. And "As below the same above" (The Kybalion).

(For more opportunism, see also: Is ISRC Claiming the Hermetic Kybalion? - From Institute of Shri Ramchandra Consciousness- Narayana's ISRC)

Chari's (and his gullible abhyasis) desire to "shine only in the other world" should carry a caveat ... "careful what you wish", Light being energy, is not very much "higher" in frequency than matter ... It is not higher in frequency than the posited fields of MIND or the alleged reality which some call: SPIRIT ... if there are such realms in REALITY!! ... and by-the-way, light does not have "consciousness" !


"So you see the aim of Sahaj Marg is not to produce excellence in human beings. It is to produce or, shall we say, transform, what was a splendid, glorious, resplendent, human heart, which has become sullied, which has become covered with grossness, which has become hardened through selfishness, into its original nature and send it back."

The Carrot and the Stick: Now you and your "heart" (PUMP) are suggested to be "sullied and "covered with grossness", and "hardened through selfishness" ... where before?? you were "glorious" and covered with "lightness"?? (when you were a baby?? or before you were born and were either MIND?? or SPIRIT?? or "nothing"? ) ...

We may conjecture the reason why so many preceptors and abhyasis have "heart" and "blood" problems. Many I know have even died from "sullied" hearts (heart attacks, strokes, blood pressure problems, suicide, etc..) . Could it be because of such negative suggestions which can become "post hypnotic suggestions" when preached by a self-professed Master, magician (or mystic), Chari, which the abhyasis are instructed to believe and to obey without thinking??

Does this not sound like "sin"? Is Sahaj Marg (tm) simply becoming a "same old, same old" RELGION!!
... and then, as if by "magic", (or through the forgivness of your "sullied" sins, and/or erasing of your samskaras) they claim they will fix your "sullied " or "broken heart" (PUMP) and " send it back"... Does it not start to smell ?? Does it not start to sound like a made-up fantasy? A "CON"?? Does he not really mean your "broken brain"?? (see new research from Dr. Stephanie Ortigue, University of Syracuse)


"If it is in your samskara to be a healthy individual, Sahaj Marg will make you a healthy individual. It will restore you to such original nature as Nature intended for you when it sent you down here. Restore our originality — that is to make us happy inside and outside, to make us wise in our hearts, not in our heads."

Do you folks who are co-dependent with Sahaj Marg(tm) understand what you read??

You are told nothing!! "If", the conditional tense, means that if Sahaj Marg, does not work, and you don't become "healthy", then it's your fault or the fault of your "samskaras" ... or the law of Karma ... How can they lose?? They are not responsible for anything! ...

You are insured beyond the grave but who do you sue if you can't collect your "shining" heart (PUMP) after supporting RACISM and SEXISM all your "adult??" years?

In their fantastic "BRIGHTER World", do you think there is a "complaint department" manned by some spirit entity like Saint Peter, the dead apostle of Jesus, the Christ, or maybe even Gabriel, the trumpet-playing archangel? Or even Michael, the sword-carrying
(of blue light) archangel ...

You divide the world for the racists, and the sexists, and you separate from your family, and friends and you betray your culture for a "fairy tale"!!

A Spiritualist fairy tale.


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