Saturday, February 26, 2011

Babuji's Messenger, Rose comes Clean ... sort of!

I recently received this e-mail from someone who calls herself Poonam Thaper, (user id?). I also enclose my reply.

From:Poonam Thaper (
Sent:January 29, 2011 4:24:27 AM
To: don 4d-Don (; shashwat pandey (

Hello Don and Shashwat

I hope you are both ok.

I would like to post a note on your blog from Rose. Since writing my story on the blog, i have discovered i was wrong about Sahaj Marg. Just because i had a bad experience doesnt mean it is a bad system. I am sorry for writing the story on the blog, i did it out of anger, hurt and dissapointment and it was wrong of me to do that.I feel Sahaj Marg is not a bad organisation-the medidation they practice is actually excellent when practiced in the correct way-i never actually practiced it properly which is why it went wrong for me.

Im sure you will speculate that someone from SM has made me do this but they havent-i am doing this on my own because i believe i was wrong.

I hope that this email will be published on the blog and then this will be the end of Rose.

Thank you
Saved:January 29, 2011 11:20:14 AM
To: Poonam Thaper (

Hi Poonam

As "Rose" does not exist but is a pseudonym you gave yourself so as to not be harrassed by your ex-fiancée (you claimed), this message (and any other messages from you) will be published as from Poonam Thaper, your (alleged) real name.

I would also trust that you will end your other alias, "Erin", (originally a woman, now an Aussie man) and cease publishing your "channeled spiritualist" blog: MESSAGES FROM RAM CHANDRA "BABUJI": A LOVING HONEST AND CARING BLOG, which you claimed originally was to be an experiment you wanted to try and was originally called: Conversations with Ram Chandra ... all of which you stated in other e-mails to me (all except the name of the new blog).

I warned you about playing "spiritualist games".

As you now seem to support Chari and his son as successor to Chari, and his Sahaj Marg(tm), on your new spiritualist blog, as if the endorsations comes from the long-deceased Babuji or Lalaji, your blog can only be seen as an attempt to endear yourself to Chari, his son, and to his organization.

I presume you now also endorse their racism (chosing a wife for Babuji's son according to "skin complexion", cut, and height"), their homophobia (Chari's speeches), and their dishonesty around their lineage to Lalaji, and their claim to be a Raja Yoga, but beginning at step #7 (meditation) of Patanjali's eightfold path. The purpose for that condoning and endorsation, using the mouth of the deceased Babuji and/or Lalaji, is disrespectful of the dead, to say the least, but is yours alone and has never been mine. I will not protect you anymore and will expose your Spiritualist blog (a scam), as I expose other Spiritualist groups.

I will not protect you, as "Rose", "Erin" or any other alias, or as your real name, nor will I be party to any of your spiritualist "fantasies" and/or games anymore ... I never was. You claim your channeled blog to be 'honest", then this is the HONEST story. Now you be "honest" and stop pretending and fantasizing ! To claim to be "honest" confirms the opposite, said Chari!

What will you try next? Will you next arrange marriages from a photograph, as you claimed as Rose, they did to you? You once did not think very highly of that "scam"!!




Anonymous said...

Dear "Don"

Just because I have changed my mind about Sahaj Marg you decide to publish my name and personal email. I don't think this is a nice thing to do but i guess its my own fault for trusting a total stranger like you. Yes I changed my mind about Sahaj Marg but no I am not a supporter of Chariji. I have nothing to do with SM or Chariji or anyone involved in it anymore-that's all in the past.

What happened to me was not just because of Catherine-our relationship can't have been that strong in the first place if that's all it took for my ex to end it!

Please remove my email and name from you blog as I don't think it's fair to publish personal information like that.

Anonymous said...

Woweee Don what did this person do to tick you off?! Hope i never get on the wrong side of you.

BTW i have been reading your blog for a couple of years now and was when Ajay resigned i was gonna write into you but then thought against it.

I know all about "Catherine" and Ajay and what the plan is for the future. I too have a similar story as many others on this blog.

I now live in Lisbon and i was married to a women who is a preceptor (i wont say where to protect her and my kids) but basically she is in cahoots with some of the more powerful people in Sahaj Marg. She wanted our kids to attend the Lalaji school in Chennai and i didnt. I never practiced Sahaj Marg and eventually she gave me an untimatum-become and abhyasi and move to India or its over. So it was over.

My kids are now at that school and i miss them like anything but there is nothing i can do.

Im sure there are many stories out there like mine and personally i feel like nothing any of us do will break Sahaj Marg-they have so much money and are so powerful that we cannot fight them.

I am slowly recovering and i know one day my kids will come back to me.


4d-Don said...

Dear Poonam...

You must forget that I helped you start your Blog (as a favour), which was called "Conversations with Babuji", and which has now changed to "Messages from Babuji" ... after I inadvertently exposed that first one. You simply copied it. Do you think that people are stupid? I still have all your e-mails.

You can remove any posts on that blog which mentions other people, either cryptically or directly, as if it was Babuji who was speaking to or about them ... You created and are part of a scam ... undo it.

You can specially remove any reference to Chari's son being his successor, as if it comes from Babuji. And you can leave Lalaji, the Sufi Master out of this SCAM!

You can specially remove any reference to Babuji endorsing Chari's Homophobia and hence causing our (and your) brothers and sisters to suffer needlessly... They have suffered long enough, and deserve PEACE in this world and not have to suffer attacks from charlatans pretending to be someone else who speaks from "the other side" ... Someone who also practiced "racism" while alive, and who's self appointed successor also bad-mouths the gays and lesbians (and trans-genders) and other religions and cultures.

In other words, speak to your "ALIAS" (your other self), Erin, for whom you started this blog and remove either all of it or anything hurts, or is advice for other people ... as if you know anything about how others should live, either as Rose, Poonam or Erin...

This can be seen as your KARMA coming back to you ... This is the time of the "Quickening". The Age of Transformation.

I may post Shashwat's e-mail to (and from) you also.

Talk to Erin or to Babuji ... We are simply HUMANS and we react like Humans ... but we also have compassion ... simply undo your "hatred" on your blog, and specially stop pushing your hatred on Babuji, specially the hatred of your brothers and sisters, the "homosexuals".


PS...Babuji and Lalaji would endorse what we do, as we are FREE and expressing our FREEDOM ... I have that from ONE directly. I will not pretend to "channel" the words of those who have passed on from this dimension, so as to give myself credibility.

4d-Don said...

Hi Tim...

You have all my sympathy for your suffering. We have all suffered at the hands of this "gang" of businessmen, but not as much as our homosexual brothers and sisters.

Our suffering is in our family dynamics, and specially our kids, which this gang targets...

Thanks for you testimony...

I hope you are now OK..


4d-Don said...


Any information you can share with my readers will be appreciated. It is in knowing the "modus operandi" of such scams that others can protect themselves... Specially any information on Catherine and Ajay Bhatter. Do you know why he left.

And remember, this information remains here for the future generations ...

Thanks again.


Anonymous said...

Hey Don

I have been toying with the idea of publishing my story for a while through you but i dont think i can risk it anymore.

I would want my email and full name to be kept anonymous forever to protect my family as although i am no longer with my wife i still have a great deal of respect for her and she is the mother of my kids and i dont like the thought that you may one day publish my email address and name as you have done in your latest article so sorry my lips must remain sealed.

Its true-Catherine and Ajays stories are linked but not in they way you assume. When you know the truth its actually pretty amazing what money will lead people to do and how money can buy peoples lives. Thats all i am able to say on the matter.

Anyways Don i will continue to read your blog-i know there are many other people out there who know the truth and they may be brave enough to come forward and reveal the true story.


Anonymous said...

Hi Don

As you know anyone who has access to a computer can create a blog. I have taken a look at the blog you are talking about and I WISH i had the time and the brain to create a blog with that many detailed posts.

I work full time in a hospital looking after ill patients monday to friday and I leave the house at 7am and dont get back till 7pm most nights and most weekends i work either a saturday or sunday too.

Im actualy quite flattered that you think im capable of publishing those messages!

Instead of launching a vendetta against me why not contact the person who is ACTUALLY writing the blog and then maybe you can find out who he/she is?

I dont know why you are so angry at me-did i do something to hurt you is that why you are attacking me? Whatever i did i apologise and hope you forgive me.

I ask you once again with all due love and respect please remove my name and email address from your blog.

Thanks :)

4d-Don said...


Yes anyone can, but not everyone starts a "experiment" with a lady called Erin who is allegedly "at arm's lenght" but who later has a daughter who has a boy-friend who is in Sahaj Marg ...oops!, who then becomes a Australian male.

And not everyones goes and sees a psychic in the UK as an experiment. A professional psychic who wants to remain anonymous.

The whole psychic thing is your creation before the blogs started appearing and you accused me of exposign your id. You built the first blog with my inpput. Which I quickly removed ... Who is ERIN now?

But on this blog, Babuji's Messenger endangers our gay friends and exposes those who expose Sahaj Marg(tm). If you can't remove it yourself, then get "Babuji's Messenger" to remove his so-called endorsation of Chari's anti-homosexual stance, using Baubji's lips and creating the words. Attaching it to Babuji like this, is not "OK" ...

There's no hiding place down here.

Fix your experiment so it does not hurt other people.

And if "Babuji's messenger" is going to expose those who are against Chari, or other such dictators, people like Shashwat Pandey, Clark P, Martin, Babuji's family in India, Sister Kasturi,and many more on this blog, then it is your responsibility to fix that also. That is not "LOVE" or "UNITED"

These are the people's hereos who reaveal all for the sake of others.
And they still remain sort of anonymous, and still respect their family.

Get your Babuji's messenger to be more like: ONE

Not creating new "divisions" of flaws for us to expose yet again.


4d-Don said...

Hi Tim..

I understand. Don't give me the burden of your "secret". But share it with the world anonymously. Never losing it.

It is not for everyone to take on every struggle. People like Martin, Alexis and Elodie, Micheal, Christian, Shashwat and so many more, are real heroes and are deserving of our praise and gratitute. And they are still private and anonymous to most of us.

We, the people, will sing songs about them and write poetry.

"A working class hero is something to be!"

Also, when someone such as Poonam, severs a relationship, and tells me to not e-mail them anymore, LIFE starts again. Anything I get from that person after that is not protected by any previous anonymity arrangements, specially when the well-being of 7% of the population (homosexuals)is at stake. When one attaches a voice from beyond the grave to the branding of a minority, it becomes society's duty to stand up and expose and oppose it. That's journalism and blogging, the fifth estate.

Have more that one e-mail account, and don't put out information on yourself that you don't want public. But your name? If you don't want it public (phone book), then don't use it. And certainly don't endanger other people. Publish everything anonymously as in most "revolutions".

I debated publishing with friends and even consulted with them before I did publish. There is much more material that has not, but eventually, it may magically, "public domain" anyway. This is the age of information ... everything may become public. Archives of a gigantic size are now possible with the "SEARCH ENGINES".

In a DIRECT DEMOCRACY (voing on the issues), everything can be known but many things (bits of information) can't be used against us by the state or the users of our information. But knowing your name and e-mail address? When someone else is endangered because of things said or printed? If you endanger or atack someone else? Not just "irritate" by "revealing".

But the issue of bullying because of religious indoctrination around the homosexual issue demands that such scam as spiritualism, as Sahaj Marg(tm)is, and which now others are getting into, will not be a place in which to hide and from which to promote flaws in theology, morality and ethics.

Liberation and en-lightment, if they mean anthing, should be "uniting" and not so divisive and destrutive for 7% of our homosexual population.

I accept you wanting to not reveal at this time, and I appreciate that you read this blog because of what we and others reveal.

A song:

"And we ramble round in UNITY like the rays of the Rising Sun"



Anonymous said...

Hi, it's Karen here

Tim I'm also aware of the story you speak of-I would advise you against saying anything in such a public forum

4d-Don said...

Hi all...

And the abhyasis live in fear of divulging "the secret story" ... danger!! ;-))

And another meditator (above) did the system wrong and it ended in disaster for her... If the Christians pray wrong, nothing bad happens. Where are the safeguards in Sahaj Marg(tm)? Read the fine print in your "guarantee beyond the grave".

What can generate so much FEAR? GOD?, ONE-ness... or maybe it's the DUALITY, SATAN? Lucifer? (the "light beings")

New members should keep in mind that Sahaj Marg has skeletons in its closets... and some of them are actually living in the closets. And they seem to live in the closets for a long, long time before they are FREE to come out.


4d-Don said...


These is a few of the e-mails I received before the "Spiritualist Blogs" appeared ... I will make an article of them later. You will notice that the "experiment" goes from Poo to Erin... and then to Babuji's Messenger, but using the same photograph, same blog design and same content (a copy)...

> From: poonam t
> Date: Sat, 6 Nov 2010 21:25:06 +0000
> To:
> Hi Don
> Is it easy to create a blog? I want to publish an article on an experiment I carried out but have no idea how to put it out there!
> Sent from my iPhone

I replied with all the instructions on how to start a blog. (available on request)...


From: poonam t
Date: Sun, 7 Nov 2010 11:19:16 +0000

Hi Don

My friend is the one who carried out this experiment and she wants to set up this blog. We tried to set it up yesterday and it seemed to have worked but when you type it into google it doesn't appear? Any tips?

Basically Erin (my friend) decided to try and contact Babuji through a professional psychic medium with amazing results.

She found someone through word of mouth who has a brilliant reputation as a psychic. She took a picture of babuji told her his date of birth and thats it. The psychic told us so much stuff it was unbelievable. Really detailed information.

We had never met this women before and unless she had been a member if sahaj Marg she would not have known any of the stuff she told us face to face.


Can you find it through google because we can't!



Sent from my iPhone

STOP PERSECUTING the gays and lesbians and trans-genders, in the name of a dead person!!

Stop bad-mothing opponents to Chari, who helped you when you needed it. Leave Clark P., Shashwat or others in PEACE ...


Anonymous said...

Hallo Don

I am a gay man living in Germany and i love that you uphold our rights and speak out against ignorant people.

Are you yourself gay if this is not too personal a question to ask?

Anonymous said...

Message for Tim-

Please contact me you can get my number or email through your ex wife who I have spoken to tonight, I would like to speak to you regarding what you have posted on this blog

Thank you


4d-Don said...

Hi anonymous German Gay..

You're welcome...

I just finished replying to an e-mail about the same topic.

No, I am not gay, but I have and/or have had gay friends and family members and their friends.

No, I just think that for a "non-profit" society, registered as a charity in our country and in many other countries around the world, to have their Master bad-mouth gays, lesbians, and trans-genders, calling you: "un-natural", and an "abuse of human rights legislation", and even bad-mouthing the pope for saying a special prayer for those suffering from AIDS, and Bill Gates for helping AIDS sufferers with his money (as if AIDS was a gay disease) was much of my beef ...

But now, to have a person who was hurt by this group, start a "spiritualist site", and endorse that Masterly stand on "homosexuals" as "un-natural" really gets to me ... We, (all of us) as funders of those "charities" by our tax-exempt legislature, have a duty and in this case, mine is "blood bound", as I have family and friends who are gay, to speak up and expose and not let it (that narrowness of heart) hide in our "HOMES", even in the name of RELIGION or GOD.

As usual, RELIGIONs and the religiious will be the last to change or trans-form ... They just preach it, NOW we can call them on it...thanks to the NET...

From an inspirational religious song:

There's no hiding place down here.
There's no hiding place down here.
I Run to the rock and hide my face,
The rock cried out, "No Hiding Place"
There ain't no hiding place down here.

Good luck and thanks for the comment...


4d-Don said...

addendum... (after thought)

To have to run and hide and make it home through the back streets because of some religious "lunatic fringe" wants to 'find god", is one thing ... it is the sad reality of many minorities. But it's not fun or "UNITING" as spirituality should be.

But to give that "hatred" a voice in the "other world" as if it comes from some so-call "saint" in some "Brighter World", is perverse and very much UNTRUE ... It's a lie and a SCAM!

Don...( now I'm finished... I'll wipe myself now... ;-))

Thank ONE for FREEDOM (direct democracy) ... Down with THEOCRACY!!


4d-Don said...

Hi all...

This is an e-mail I sent to Ms. P... before the ones posted above...

Hi P ...

Just a friendly word of caution ...

Watch that you are not consumed by the old-boys' and guilds', power tool that is the "SECRET", the Rumour, the Gossip, the Latest ... Our parents used to warn: Curiosity killed the cat!

That is unless you intend to become a 'journalist" and look at it (the story) from a detached position, such as in a JOB for which you get paid ...

Religions and guilds have used the secret, secret teachings, secret rituals, and they use them as "spells", egregores, transmission, "cleansing the spiritual energy" of the person, of the town, the country, and many other "magical" rituals that most "cults" begin using as tools of POWER, to influence others or their surroundings, etc...

You are too young and too busy to spend a lot of time chasing the past, or what is or has been happening at Sahaj Marg, SRCM (California-1997), or at the Vatican, and/or at the many more militant guilds such as the Muslim Brotherhood, Jewish league, Baba Kalsa International, Free Masons, Illuminati, Rosicrucians, etc.. etc... They all use the SECRET extensively as a way of recruiting and holding onto their members. Although with the internet, we are beginning to de-mystify these "secrets" such as the Free Mason secrets, the mantras, etc... They are still being used... Chari asked his serfs in Sahaj Marg (tm) to "pray for a favourable egregore" as if the instructions had come from "Babuji" or "out there"... God only knows from who or from where?? (in some conscious and even sub-conscious level of the MIND I believe... lol lol )

If you begin getting ill, be aware of protecting your MIND from become "fixated" or "stuck" on an "impossible dream" or the "secret word gossip or sound that would fix it all", .... lol lol or, in other words, protect your MIND also from the lures of "searching for the secret" or finding out the "secret", the inside story, ( anonymous French Lady's name)... We may never know for sure... unless they reveal it themselves ...

But since the INTERNET, we, of the "Fifth Estate" can also use the "anonymous", or the SECRET if we want to ... but I think that exposing everything even as "anonymous", is more "spiritual" ... ;-)
Information must flow or it sometimes, stagnates and changes as some details are forgotten, and the innocent story can over time, morph into a dis-ease, then into a stress, and even a physical "ill-ness" ... It's not magic ... just common sense when one understands the power of MIND. And the "secret" is one of its survival tools that we will not eliminate soon ... we can only control and steer it... in other words, use it.

Just a friendly "heads up"... If you feel yourself getting stuck, you can always relieve yourself by Testifying (confessing... lol lol) or REVEALING here or on the BLOG ... It is like a "cleansing"... Once it's out, most "secret holders" (and we all have secrets) just move on ... it's like a good "dump" ... No more "shit" or "garbage" inside... lol lol '-))

Bless you and yours...