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SRCM MYTH begets other MYTHS

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This "thesis" could explain the "mentality" of those who find "something" in Sahaj Marg or other CULTS of PERSONALITIES. GREAT! KEEP them at the ASHRAM and off our streets, away from our kids, and out of our "neighbourhoods"....Hello MYTH!! Oh NO!! They believe this!! Where are my "ROSE COLORED" glasses?

SADHANA in the line of SAHAJ MARG

Long long ago when there was no religion during those days people were a part & parcel of nature. Marriage & their kids were the nature’s work. Their nature were always coinciding with nature & they used to get everything naturally so there was no tension because their attention was with nature. They used to sit for years together closing their eyes without performing any rituals things because there was no form of God, no do and donts , no advice, no objection, no fear, no one was eager to achieve anything, no sorrow , no hankering for pleasure.

Everyone was in good health.
Today we consider them as Saint, Muni, or Rishis. I feel , there was no Bible, no Quran, no Gita, Bhagwad, Ramayana, ved & Vedanta even there was no specific prayer but they used to protect them selves from natural calamities. During that period, i.e, before 72 birth of Raja Dasarath, a saint of ancient time Maharshi Patanjalis Astanga yoga i.e, Yam, niyam, pranayam, pratyahar, dharana, dhyan, Samadhi became famous through smriti & sruti i.e by memory and listing. Today it is famous among the people of the world as meditation or as yoga. Today No. of saint of world & India, performing 5 steps to keep the body & mind Alright, in the sense, keeping body& mind cool. In sahaj marg,we follow the last two steps of Dhyan & Samadhi closing Eyes and forgetting the body, Mind and the Whole World and reaching the last stage of Samadhi means becoming zero i.e Sunya avastha or laya avastha.

As the days passed on, gradually people started forgetting the very old process which was best in every respect but we started Aradhana or worshping different deities in various forms of God means started flattering of Eternity, giving of own choice rather our own creation i.e. reflection of own body,mind and thinking.

Actually there are four steps of Sadhana i.e, where Religion ends there Spirituality starts, Where spirituality ends there reality starts,where reality ends there Eternity starts. We can explain these four steps in this way 1.Upavasa means religion. Samippyata means spirituality, Sarupyata means reality, Sayujjyata means Eternity. 3rd stage, i.e, Reality, many saints of the world started giving their vision in the form of different Religion. It is also true that a man can draw power after sitting at a place for years together & He becomes a Dharma Pracharak or giving ideas of do and don’ts and we will notice that many religions came to world along with many sects.

Various Idol worship became famous specially in India and by and by, we forgot totally what is Sadhana.Aradhana or flattering of god became main thing in the minds of people of India. Result of it, is that,every human being started becoming more & more weak, restless, and losing their own, self confidence in every sphere of life.

In sahaj Marga i.e, in Sahaj Sadhana, there are no bindings , no directives, no statue, no idol, no action, no labour of body and mind, simply sit and forget yourself i.e, Dhyana and Samadhi. There are three bodies i.e, Physical Body means sthula sharer,Second, Subtle body i.e, mind & third body is casual body i.e, karana sharer means Atma or soul.

In Sahaj Marg We like very old saints i.e, like ancient people, we do sit at one place and forgetting our body,mind and the whole world. We draw the power by the help of Pranahuti of Babuji Maharaj and our soul gets merged with Eternal soul naturally means the soul which is running us from inside, gets merged with Eternal soul which is running the world from outside.
No doubt, one day after Our death,

Every soul will merge with Eternal soul but there is no guarantee as we are creating many barrier through our Kama , Krodha Lova,Moha,Mada and Matsrya means Grossness or Avarana on our soul which may take rebirth again on earth as creature. In Sahaj Sadhana,we always remain in a merging condition with the Eternal soul, so no question of rebirth.Rebirth comes as people remain busy only with worldly thought.

There are three minds, First mind which is always busy with worldy affairs, second mind is busy with good or bad i.e conscience and third mind means sub-conscience mind, or we say dorment mind, avachetana mana,or susuptimana
. In Sahaj marg, a man sits and gets connected through his dorment mind with his soul, with Eternal soul and that is why, we call it Sahaj marg or Easy way to realize Eternity with a simple way of closing Eyes only. Now here is a Sp. help is given by Babuji Maharaj to a seeker or an Abhyasi i.e, a power is infused in the seeker through Pranahuti shaki and it becomes more easy for the seeker to feel or understand the Eternity. If power is infused in Stone or in an Idol i.e, pran-pratistha and the Idol becomes a God And the people starts worshiping the stone or idol as god, then in the same way if the Same power, is infused in a man who is having a sense to understand and can speak about the power and definitely it will bring the same change in man also.In other words,a man is changed into a Devine Man so there will be no need of any other worship.

In 21st century,
Every one is aware of, what is good and what is bad, today there is no need to advise anyone, everyone is intelligent enough,they know,t heir betterment in materialistic world. In Sahaj Marg, a man or a woman can go side by side in material life and in spiritual life. It is also true that a bird is having two wings and an Aeroplane is also having two wings which is flying in the sky because its both wings are balanced, in the same way if in a natural process we may keep, our both the wings balanced i.e, spiritual world and material world. We may remain in the higher world of spirituality in a natural process of Sahaj Marg. we may say it as total Bliss. What Babuji maharaj said,

Kindly allow me to serve you and your experience will tell that I am your best servent.
So what Babuji is doing that He is transmitting Pranahuti or power i.e, pranpratistha and the seeker is getting changed in a natural way means changes coming in both the world i.e,in material gain and in Eternal gain. It is seen that some comes in Sahaj marg only to get their material gain after some time when their job is done,they go back to their old custom.But Babuji is a servant so he never gives any curse or srapa. He is a very kind Guru like mother.Few people understand, the real thing of world, they see & think only of their gain of wordly affairs.

In Sahaj marg, if a man sits at a lonely place,then a Awaj,JhankarSpandan, vedana or pain,tears,a sound or cry will come from the bottom of the heart for the real thing.A craving sound of heart wants to merge with Eternity i.e, ru ko ruhaniyat chahiye. Jo dhunta hai, oyha atma hai, jise dhunddda jata hai, woha paramatma hai. Jya sidhi atma chindio nathi, tya sudhi, sarva puja pat vritha che. Ye sav vate, tab samajme ate hai, jab purani adatye chutne ke liye manasik tyari hoo, drunker ko , jugari ki adatye chuta ni hai, karan oha chorna nehi chahate. Nawa or reaserch ke liye manasik samtulan ki jarurat hai.

God means power. Let us take an example of present day.
We see police having power. D.s.p having more power, in the same way govt. machinery having more than D.s.p. Now it is true, if we get power from nature, we too will be able to control certain things of the worldly affair. Now what is our target?

Our target is get rid of birth re-cycle or rather to get Liberisation not salvation. In other words to get ourselves changed by the natural power so that we do not have any tension of wordly affairs after getting pranahuti sakti, We become like God or power.
Now it becomes also true that we need not to pray for the achievement of wordly things. Every thing will come naturally to us as we are getting merged with Eternity i.e, with power or god so all our problem, tension,want and various labour of asking material gain from God is solved in a natural process and that is by closing eyes, forgetting our selves and the world i.e, by Dhyana and the result is merging with nature or Eternity that is, param brahma which condition,we may call as Samadhi. Now people may say,it is not possible by a common man, here we say that no One, have to do anything because our Great guru is there. He is taking the responsibility in every respect, only he needs co-operation. Please sit and enjoy, only this much he needs.

Practise makes a man perfect. We are a part and parcel of nature. There is a devine power in us i.e,our soul which we call as Atma andAtma will merge with param-atma or with eternal soul by practice only. Our soul will merge with nature (paramatma) as we are not praying with our body and mind.
Our soul is in between our body and mind i.e heart. We only are creating a barrier for ourselves due to our tradition of different customs. Please Arise, Awake leaving all these tradition. Our body is covered with many grossness of worldly affairs and many birth of 33 crores.

We being a sensible man, we should understand that Human birh may be the last birth, provided we are ready to do Sadhana either ‘punrapi jananam,purapi maranam, punarapi janani jathare shyanam.”Rishi sankaraAcharya written in Mohamudagar. God has given us senses so we must come from present tradition which has covered or creating grossness on our Atma. We ourself are not allowing us to come up in this life only.We are only creating our barrier for our development in the both world. Why to blame others and God?
If we arouse our sub-conscience power, we can leave in both world of spiritual and material world in a comfortable condition. Babujis pranahuti is there to help us. The tranamission of devine power will help us in every respect. It will change us from a social man to a Devine man. As the Devine power starts working through Centrifugal force means its starts working right from the inner core of heart where Atma is covered with many grossness of present & past birth.Actually the Devine power (pranahuti) works like Sunami. The waves of power gradually comes up on the.i.e, heart region and then on other part of the body i.e brain and etc.slowly the whole body gets Divinized. Only by regular Sadhana i.e,Morning sitting 20 to30 minutes,evening cleaning for 15 to 20 minutes and night Prayer only for 2 minutes.

A Preceptor is appointed to help the seeker or an abhyasi to understand. He imposed pranahuti power in the body of jignasu or real seeker by prayer. Seeker will sit for 3 times in front of preceptor i.e morning, evening and next morning .
After cleaning of body and mind,transmission power will bring the seeker from naval point to heart point as we start from heart only. Rather we may say, who loves him,he Loves them. The recepcivity naturally grows in the seeker, more and more & transformation starts within, through transmission power. The first change comes in the inner core of heart. It is the self confidence starts naturally. If a man remain with nature then he gets material and spiritual gain in a natural way. That is why Babuji said “koi gunjayas nahi, jo hona hai woha ho jayege, karan hum asli srot se jur jate hay(getting connected with Eternity) It is also seen that after Sadhana man becomes like god. No negetive attitude, no negative thinking because he remains Always with nature. If you do not go to school, college or for research centre, no one can learn new or can develop his inner qualities.

We try to see god or power by our charma chakshu which is next to impossible.
It is a matter to realize or Anubhuti or upalavdhi.we have to open our inner eyes i.e.antar chakshu. “antar ke pot khol re baba, tohe piya milenge” Mandir mandir teri murata dekhi, phir bhi teri surat na dekhi darshana deo Ghana sham meri akhiya pyasi re .khuda ko dhunte dhunte khud hi kho gaye. Phir kya, transadent condition,divyta, sunyata,jivan mruat,jinda lass.videha atma,dunike rit vit, sav chale gaye,sansar se gane ke phale, antya se jur gaye,muje tum sse kuch bhi na chahiye, ab keval laya avastha,Malum nehi phir hos hay,”Khyavo vedriyam sud ek san,aj enayat sovavate piran. ‘sdhu evam sant ki kripa se meri jagrat evam sapna avastha ek ho gaya.Isss sthiti ko, vilaayate uliya malatalav har pal har ghari har jivo me iswar sarvtra iswar hi iswar.sadhu chalta bhala,nikal gaye bal to bhi kya paaraya,ukhar gaye chal to bhi kya paraya aur mil gaye mal Tobhi kya paraya,sadhu chalta bhala. Gita dutta,s song, pl. open ur coverings on heart, u will meat ur real lover.”

Another song,
I have seen all the temple of world but no realization of god but only statue, oh god,my soul wants meet you. I have lost myself for you in search of the condition is trasedent condition, divinized, zero, living dead, neither in this world nor with param brahma, ost in Him onlybefore leaving this world, all needs gone because when u are there,then I am not there,I donot know who I am still I am in material world. Saint has changed me, my living condition & dearming condition has become same.Instead of colouring dress, saint has coloured yellow my heart only.saints do not care either for hair, skin or even for money.

Amal Krishna Bandhopadhy

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Anonymous said...

respected sir,
I reside in jalandhar. My father Col. K.P.Jauhar has been a follower of your mission since a really long time. He is a retired army officer.He is a preceptor too. I am not a very firm believer of your organisation although i respect the preachings of Swami vivekananda a lot while my father is not just a firm believer but a fanatic of your organisation. I wanted to ask you simple questions.This is not in context of going against my father. I obviously love him and respect him a lot. But his attitude makes me doubt towars the preachings of the master whosoever is right now (again no disrespect intended cause i know very little of your organisation). questions are as follows-

1) does your organisation teach the preceptors to abuse their wives and their children? if yes why? and if no then what is the criteria of selection for the preceptors?

2) does your institution teach the people how to abuse their elders? ( here my maternal grandparents are concerned.)

3) does your institution teach how to point out the failures in other people's life? (concerns me cause once i could not do well in a subject and flunked an exam but i tried again without my fathers support cause of the constant nagging he did till my second attempt and then topped the exam)

4) does your institution teach how to demean people who are less fortunate and poorer or of low caste than you are.(concerning the people who work at our place)

5) does your institution instill how to demean/ disrespect people who worship god and their methods of praying.( concerning my mother who has to listen to my father who keeps saying that whatever her methods are for praying to God are worthless but still she keeps quite cause she wants peace at home)

If answers to any of my above questions is true then i would like to protest against your institution, and if no then i would like you to speak to my father directly about these concerns cause no matter how much meditation you people do there is no effect on him atleast and i do not think he is fit enough to preach meditation methods to others..

Thanking you,
your's faithfully