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Sahaj Marg(tm), Meditation, Depression, Hallucination, Suicide,

Taken from an article by Elodie, "Méditation, dépression, hallucination et suicide", on her blog: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg

Comments by 4d-Don:
If one reads Babuji's journals, one will see that Babuji, who studied mesmerism (hypnotism) went through a long period of depression and even contemplated suicide because of a workplace incident, according to an article on the Institute of Shri Ram Chandra Consciousness (ISRC) site. One of Babuji's sons also committed suicide.

August 12, 2011

Meditation, depression, hallucinations and suicide

Following the publication of Cricri's tribute to Eugenyi, an ex-abhyasi from Minsk who committed suicide, the reactions were quick.
The same day, an anonymous person left the following comment on the Cricri's blog ... Analyse de la SRCM
It was not due to meditation the abyasi got into hallucination or so. It is the mental depression or dis-order can only lead to such horrible experiences. In SRCM the meditation is very simple and not complicated. So many people are getting Hallucination and committing suicides with out practicing meditation. Hallucination or insanity develops in a person due to his own psychological problems and not due to spirituality.”
Eugenyi is not the only abhyasi to have gone through a depression. Ajay Kumar Bhatter, the former heir apparent to Chari, himself admitted that there were a lot of preceptors who were depressive. Moreover, a preceptor psychiatrist deals with depression as an opportunity to go towards Sahaj Marg.
Eugenyi is not the only abhyasi to experience hallucinations. Remember the testimony of Sameer Sachdeva.
And unfortunately, Eugenyi is not the first abhyasi to have committed suicide.
Is there always a cause and effect? Obviously not, but is there ever a cause and effect? This seems hard to believe, although we may never have certainty. A suicide is always a multi-factorial act.
In any case, caution should be excercised and it is certainly worth questioning. Especially when the preceptors are actively searching for depressive people, to get them into Sahaj Marg.
The abandonment or blacklisting of an abhyasi by his peers can turn out to be dramatic and be seen to be non-assistance by a persons in danger. The duty of support should be the very minimum for the community members of SRCM and their preceptors.
Sahaj Marg meditation according to Chari does not bring only positive effects, one must know and be conscious of this. Often this causes, maintains or exacerbates depressive effects. Sometimes unfortunately it also brings much more serious problems like hallucinations or madness.

Don't follow amateur (part-time?) gurus who are really "materialist" businessmen!!   Maybe Chari's successor (Kamlesh D. Patel)  will have a "pill" to fix the depression, rather than suggesting that abhyasis get some oxygen!!  It could wake them up!! 

There was a recent report stating that depression was tied to a shortage of oxygen in the brain.  Check out how many abhyasis are actually asleep during their meditation.  

Then, Read Chari's statements in the article below and then see these sites (Also, Google: "Depression, lack of oxygen in brain")

See also (Read Chari's statement in this article):

Lack of Oxygen, the Cause of the Spiritual Experience at SRCM (California-1997) or Sahaj Marg(tm)


amar said...

It is fact that by sahaj marg meditation method, one may go to serious depresson and hollousination Iam the most suffered victim I felt down into very serious mental breakdown on 1st Jan 05 while doing meditation For six months After consulting very senior doctors consulted HOD of mental department of amedical college my condiition improved to some extent I am still under medication

4d-Don said...

Triple Gem posted this comment on the article called:

Abhyasi of Sahaj Marg(tm) is angry, outraged.

Triple Gem said:

Think it's sad...there are so many people that become depressed, doing their "practice"...and the organization doesn't want people who take meds to do their practice. They get you hooked to their practice.

A lot of people stay instead of getting some real help. A lot of people go crazy. Definitely something is not right.

Sometime Amar, I hope you are well. It takes courage to move on!


May you be happy and peaceful. May you feel safe. Live your life, life is much better after Sahaj-Marg.

May you be free!

- Triple Gem

Thu Dec 29, 08:52:00 PM