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Sahaj Marg(tm) & SRCM (California-1997), The Nationalist Spiritualist Corporation!

Exerpts from a speech by Chari and comments by 4d-Don in "red italics"...

Allow Your Light To Show
14 March 2011, Hyderabad, India


Should we not regret that we are hearing this so often and yet we are not responding in any sensible way, in any perceptible way? We come in, we meditate and we go out as we came in, unfortunately not even conscious, not even aware of what we have received during this hour or two here. It is very sad. (Yes! Very sad! Time that could be spent with family and friends in communion with ONE and ALL ... In Spirit, or Spirituality, and not so concerned with conquering the world, numbers, development, the material and the Spiritualism or Spiritism which Sahaj Mart(tm) has become.) When there is no change, we are what we are. Every time we come in and go out, it is the same. (The disciples imitate their Master and are concerned with developing the self , SPIRITUALISM and the material, developing numbers of disciples and numbers of Ashrams, becoming a tool for invasion of material (products) and religious markets. That's the problem with the pyramidal structure of spiritualist cloning as is practiced by Sahaj Marg(tm) !!) In the Bible there is the example of a bucket which goes again and again into the well and comes out empty, which means the bucket has a hole in it; nothing comes out [from the well]. It is not only for the day or for one single satsangh; over the years we have seen this. (Nothing can come out except what Chari (not ONE, not the CREATOR) puts in, and that is nationalism, materialism, spiritualism, developing numbers and real estate. One readily sees, with very little research, examples of the racism and homophobia displayed by the Masters of this "cult of a Person".)

More and more people come, more and more join us. You see this immense hall here – the largest hall in the Mission so far in this world. It is a little more than twice the size of the hall in Manapakkam. By this, it would appear that we have evidence of growth; we have evidence of Sahaj Marg in action. This is not Sahaj Marg in action. This is money in action – your money. (TRUE! and it's goals are "imperialism", conquering "markets" ) You have given donations which make all these things possible. What the Mission spends is what the Mission receives from loving abhyasis who contribute their hard-earned money. (call them "investments" which will expect a return... in the targeted markets. (i.e.- "blue jean baron", director of SMSF expects to control 10% of the US blue jean market!) Even they, are they happy with what they see? Are the donors, small or big, are they happy that their money is producing some result? If you are putting money into the Mission and treating it as an investment, what is the return – merely an ashram? (NO!! It's just business... Spiritual Capitalism!! ) Or the people in it? You know, we can have paper bags containing fruit, seeds, fertilizer, anything. What is it that this ashram is now giving to you all? Is it a fair return on your investment? You, as abhyasis, you come here, spending money to come from wherever you have come, investing your health, your time. Have you ever thought of what you are taking back? What is the investment you have made in terms of money and time and effort, and what is the return that you have got? Have you ever thought over this? (Sahaj Mart(tm), The Nationalist Spiritualist Corporation Now more talk of the Material or "GOLD")

I know people of Andhra Pradesh. I call this the bangaaru [golden] state. It is a very rich state. But it is like the bangaaru vaakili [golden entrance] in the temple of Lord Venkateswara – opening, closing; opening, closing; opening, closing. We are proud of the bangaaru vaakili. We use more gold to adorn the temple itself, on the gopuram [temple tower]. But what is the use of all that? If you see the newspaper the last two days, the enormous earthquake off the northeast coast of Japan, the damage, fortunately by God’s grace, not very big, but yet devastation was there. We think of the world, the earth as Bhoomadevi, the Mother, and it is as if she is unhappy. “What is this I am carrying? Bigger and bigger loads – population, more and more structures – the weight. And what for?”

(And now, more talk about "money"!! Why are the abhyasis concerned about Money? Maybe because they have a CEO for a Master, and a leadership who are developers and industrialists.)

So I would request each one of you to think why you come here. What for? And the money that you give, is it well spent not merely here but here [in the heart]? When you feed a child, you expect the child to grow. (When you feed a child only "matter" and spiritualism (spirits) it will grow physically and in spiritism, not in the reality of SPIRIT.) When you educate the child, you expect the child to become more and more knowledgeable, more and more master of the facts that it learns, more and more achieving, not only the intellect but wisdom. Education without wisdom is only a degree hanging on the wall, a bit of paper. Wisdom without education is much better than education without wisdom. Isn’t it? Do we have at least the intelligence to know why we have come, and what we are taking back when we go away?(Development strategies, investments and returns on investment, gold, markets, growth, more numbers, MATERIALISM and SPIRIT-ualism, just like the Master and the Leadership of SRCM(California-1997)) Or are we like the pandits [priests] who go to temples and take the pongal, or whatever is given as prasad, fill their belly and are happy?

(Where is the developer's wisdom in paving one more part of Paradise (farmland??) and puttin in a parking lot and a TEMPLE to find SPIRIT which is Everything, Everywhere, and Everywhen (the E-Trinity). It seems that there is no spirituality at all in Sahaj Marg(tm)... just materialism, nationalism, spiritualism, capitalism, etc... That is the gist of this speech, is it not? )

You know there is a tradition that temple pujaris [priests] will be reborn as dogs (Get you leash ready, and bury some bones now, as you are the "priests" Chari speaks about, not "himself" of course) because they do so many wrong things within the temple: they cheat, they lie, they steal. Are we doing the same thing here? Trying to cheat God, which is not bad at all, (Oh!! Chari is telling on himself ... Can you imagine Chari trying to carry his "monstrous" Ashrams and religious TEMPLES into Sahaj Mart(tm)'s Brighter World, and not letting God see it? Claiming that they are made of SPIRIT... trying to "cheat" God? ) but yourselves, which is worse. If I am cheating myself, I am the worst enemy of myself. Nobody can do anything to me worse than what I am doing to myself. I am harming myself. If I kill myself physically, that is what is called suicide (atmahatya). (YES Chari!) We are putting so much in the newspapers about farmers committing suicide – so much news. I wonder whether in the brighter world there is a newspaper reflecting our activity on earth. Because, if you come here and don’t evolve – your spirituality does not grow, your character does not change, your behaviour remains as it was or sometimes even worse – it is spiritual suicide. (Huh?? Spiritual Suicide?? Now SPIRIT which is ONE can now commit "suicide"... More flawed theology for "fear and temptation" tactics of the False Spiritual Guru!! )

Is there a spiritual newspaper up there where all this is shown? Increasing spiritual suicides and asking Babuji or Lalaji Maharaj there seated, “What is going on in earth? What is your Mission doing?” Do we understand the responsibility that we owe to our prefects, to our families, to our gurus, when they spend so much time on us? Pranahuti is the life force itself being given to you from the heart of the guru to the heart of the disciple – pranasya prana. When the mother gives her life for the baby, we appreciate it so much – maatru prem, maatru devo bhava [mother’s love, consider your mother as God]. If a mere mother is capable or deserves to be worshipped, how much more these people who have brought us up, who are serving us, who are loving us, who are compassionate, who are merciful, and who are willing to go on working without limit, hoping that somewhere, sometime, there will be an uprising – not political, not violence, but spiritual. They have no hopes or expectations, but they have an investment in us, the return for which is given to us back – you grow, you continue to grow with what you have got.

And now, more talk about the Corporation of Sahaj Mart(tm) . The model for Sahaj Mart(tm) is the Corporation and the tactics are militarism)

This is like a company which gives you shares. The shares are yours, the returns are yours. It keeps nothing for itself. (Not TRUE... a blatant lie... The corporation does not give all to the shareholders ... Flawed analogy. We all know of the many percs for the CEO with his "options"... and his (and his entourage) "all expenses paid" jaunts around the world.) That is because there is infinity there but very much limitation here. “Purnam adah purnam idam purnaat purnam udachyate,” that is what the old Veda says. It was always full. Take away fullness from fullness, yet fullness remains. That is a definition of the Infinity. And only love can be infinite. (And where is the "eternal" and ETERNITY in Sahaj Marg's flawed theology?? Lost in their Materialism and Spiritualism??) It gives, goes on giving, giving, giving. Hatred you cannot give forever. You destroy the enemy, you destroy yourself – hatred is over. Love goes on giving infinitely, patiently forever, timelessly. Do we appreciate it? (Like an engineer and a CEO, a capitalist, Chari's concepts are all about Matter and TIME, an alleged illusion, and/or t+1 or "infinity" not about ETERNITY!!

SPIRIT is ONE and ETERNAL, not only "infinite". The philosophers and the thinkers who followed Babuji, the philosopher, could not adhere to Chari's theology so they are not in Sahaj Marg (tm) anymore ... Now the MISSION is controlled by "businemen" , the managers of "time" and the material, with it's illusion of existence into INFINITY!! But SPIRIT IS, is ONE and ETERNAL!

This speech speaks to the businessmen and techies ... in their language. Money talks and Sahaj Mart(tm) speaks to the followers (shareholders?) as to a Corporation ... Sahaj Marg(tm), is an now example of Spiritualist Capitalism ...




Anonymous said...

Hello Don!
Thanks for keeping your blog up to date. It seems like it would be a lot of work and so I just want to thank you. If it keeps one innocent person from getting mixed up with this group, then i think it is so entirely worth all the time.
Thank you for your courage!
Once again, I am disturbed by the stuff that comes from Chariji’s mouth - more manipulation and control.
I am particularly disturbed by the paragraph about the responsibility to the prefect. It is just another way to maintain control, within the group. Comparing these individuals to our mother…I am outraged by this…to compare these people to our mother? Please. We are to worship these individuals?

Clearly the message is to relinquish one’s personal power to the prefect. This is setting people up for abuse.

To compare the prefects to our mother? Get real!

What they do is a crime.

Of course, there is no mention of the prefects who abuse their position. It happens all the time. It happened to me. I wrote to Charij, I spent my hard earned money to travel and see him and try to talk to him and he did nothing. He does not care. The leadership in this group is, so very poor.
Maybe if I would have gone through the proper chain of command, and had someone in a "position" sponsor me, and go to Chariji with my case, Chariji would have made me a prefect. I saw that happen. It happens all the time and those people know who they are. I think Michael called it the “trinket” one could receive in this organization.
How many prefects have sold out for that trinket? Maybe that makes the headline news in the brighter world! Ha!
Guess the sittings erase their memories of what they have done, so that they can keep up the facade! Either that or they enjoy pretending to be a "rock star." If you are seeking truth…find another group, cause these folks think it’s ok to lie.
--Triple Gem

4d-Don said...

Hi Triple Gem...

Thanks for sharing you experience with the readers ...

I agree that once a pyramid of power has been set up, be it religious or secular, the vertices where the power from the top (Chari), reach the prefect and the preceptors, is not held to any standards except in their own mind ... And we know how "wily" the mind is at gaining power for itself. Spirituality quickly becomes SPIRITUALISM and New Age Magic with an elite, an an illuminati!!

I am somewhat disappointed that this group of businessmen do not see that, but I guess that demands a little deeper thinking than those who can put up with the flawed logic which comes from their CEO/engineer. The deep thinkers (philosophers, theologians, Spiritual adepts) have long left this clan and what it now attracts are the materialists, imperialists, Spiritualists ...

Sahaj Marg(tm), the Religious, New Age Spiritualist Corporation, is akin to what the Baptist movement is to Christianity (a businemen's network for trade and commerce) ...

I saw the same thing in Roman Catholicism in the 50's, until that secular and religious power of "holy mother" THE CHURCH, was eroded by the INFORMATION revolution ... specially around the use of condoms and sexuality in general, heterosexuality and homosexuality where pleasure is what draws the participants to it, rather than breeding for the sake of the RELIGION, the nation, the species, etc ... ie... To conquer the world, as is stated explicitly in the Bible!

Now we have the other religions (again from Asia), trying to conquer the world with their religion yet again ...

This time, we have to tools to oppose them with INFORMATION...

It will be done (Amen) ... or as Jean-Luc Picard of the mythic Star Ship Enterprise would say:

"Make it so!"

The New SPIRITUAL paradigm and/or organizational structure will be a SPIRAL ... Placing the female circle and the male pyramidal power structures in MOTION in a spiral dance around a eternally MOVING or changing center ... a spriral of ellipses, in a very "Sufi Whirling Dervishes" type of MOTION!

Thanks for your en-couragement ...

There is HOPE!!

These are the Seasons of Changes ... the Age of Transformation

(the last part (13 years) of the Mayan long count calendar, is called "the Age of Transformation")


Don ...