Friday, December 24, 2010

Proselytism at Sahaj Marg(tm)?

Taken and translated from a comment by Alexis on Elodie's Blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

Comments by 4d-don are in "red italics"

Although Sahaj Marg (tm) followers (called abhyasis) claim to not "convert" others to Sahaj Marg(tm), the growth strategies, taken from the "Advertiser's Manual" (businessmen) keep coming from the "management team".

Preceptors and "torch-bearers" are expected to:

1. Attend the satsanghs of groups in other cities, so as to falsefy the low attendance and create the illusion of a popular movement. (lying, commercial trick)
2. Continually approach friends, family and even those who have left the group (harassement?) .
3. Use Hollywood Sci-fi movies such as "Inception" and other fantasies recommended by Chari, to introduce Sahaj Marg(tm) and its abhyasis to the community (dishonest? Promotion of Hollywood fantasy?) .

Wednesday, Dec. 22, 2010

Be Fruitful and multiply

The stabilization plan of the SRCM - and its decline in many countries - has not completely overcome Chari's inclinations towards proselytizing. He still dreams about it, as shown in these two excerpts of the speech quoted by Elodie. Who can explain to him that the world does not work mathematically? It is true that he has a scientific mind ...

“(…) Are we — as you know, the Bible says, “Go forth and multiply” — are we going forth and multiplying? For the last thirty years I have been telling people, if each abhyasi would bring one new abhyasi a year — no more. You start with one abhyasi, in five years you should have sixty-four abhyasis.

We talk of genetics, genes, chromosomes — all explaining our knowledge of science and what not. What about this genetics of Sahaj Marg. Should we not produce abhyasis? What are you working for? Babuji said prefects are the arteries of the Mission. Have we understood what is an artery? What is its purpose? To carry oxygenated clean blood out into the system. Are we carrying clean blood, anywhere? (…)

Give one sitting a day, a proper sitting. As I said, one abhyasi you create every year, and let each of your abhyasis bring one more abhyasi every year. You start with yourself, you end up with sixty-four in five years. Count it for yourself. Not a difficult situation. So two things — he gives us the ability to work; he trusts us by giving us the work. He need not have trusted us."



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