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Sahaj Marg(tm) And Whispers. A Manipulative Rhetoric!

Taken from an article: "Whspers, Une Rhétorique Manipulatoire", by Alexis on Elodie's blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

(Additions and inserts for clarity and translation by 4d-Don are in "red italics")

May 27, 2011

Whispers, a Manipulative Rhetoric

Babuji said ...

In recent years, Whispers has imposed itself gradually as the main vehicle for the philosophy of Sahaj Marg, its life's project and its future. With "A Whisper a Day", it seems to appear every day while the speeches of Chari become rarer. Babuji dethrones Chari, the latter himself describing "Whispers" as the New Bible of Sahaj Marg. (see Securing the Future of the Mission, Tiruppur, April 30, 2005)

The daily reading of these messages from a Babuji beyond the grave, relayed by an anonymous medium, gives an overview of today's world, and the future world he hopes and prays for, which is truly impressive. Just as it also appears as a watermark to indoctrinate the reader, it is just as impressive if not more.

Babuji depicts (almost) with envy, the darkness of our world, almost without restraint and with exaggeration, as if he relishes it.
He exacerbates the fears so as to better impose his way to happiness. A happiness barely unveiled, and with mysterious trappings. An unverifiable truth repeated tirelessly to better permeate the minds. A solution based on worship (adoration) and requiring total obedience. Offered to all, but of which only an elite will be able to seize ...

It is a manipulative rhetoric perfectly developed, which incorporates all the mechanisms observed and described by the proponents of the "psychology of crowds", from Le Bon to Moscovici through to Freud, there is more than a century already.

Gustave Le Bon said: "[the leaders (controllers)] have primarily recourse to three very distinct processes: affirmation, repetition, contagion. (...) The statement pure and simple, devoid of all reasoning and all proof, is one of the surest ways of penetrating an idea into the mind of crowds. The statement pure and simple, the more it is devoid of any semblance of evidence and proof, the more it is "autoritative". Religious books and the codes of all ages have always proceeded by mere assertion. (...) The claim, however, has only real influence on the condition of being constantly repeated, and as much as possible, and using the same terms. (...) "

Serge Moscovici added: "(...) to compose a total vision of the world, which pales the fragmented and divided vision of each individual science, technology and of which, each has knowledge in general. There exists, in the depths of human nature, a elementary need to harmonize, in the womb of a perfect togetherness, everything which, in our experience, appears to us inconsistent and inexplicable. "

Or again: "(...) The religions recognize the aspiration for happiness, the need for protection which men experience since childhood. After having painted with the darkest colors the forces which threaten them, they offer a solution. (...) So these are then religions of hope. They guarantee to men that they will emerge victorious (and definitely), from their torments, provided they identify with the ideal that transcends them, and that they respect the prescriptions which are laid down. "

To better become aware of this clever manipulation of everyday life, nothing beats reading at "water level", the messages from Whispers; I urge you to do so.

Here's an example with some extracts all chosen very subjectively during the single month of July, 2004.

Babuji said ...

"This civilization is destructive, it seems nothing can stop it in this world; God's laws, and they alone will be able to remedy (the situation). [3 / 07]


The future of the earth is written as part of a larger plan for the entire universe. (...) This civilization is going too far in its prerogatives and endangers an entire balance, regardless of the consequences. To this day, the movement has become irreversible, it is for everyone to be aware and act in the light of the situation. May humanity react in time to limit the destructive phenomenon! [15/07]


The strength of a path like ours grows in proportion to its egregore, itself increasing in power. (...) This movement is not ephemeral, all can be reassured: this "multinational" does not risk a decline. [22/07]


Its expansion is programmed this way, it begins a long cycle which is not nearly over. It is inscribed in the advent of a new era in which humanity should finally find its way: that of the spirit as a priority, managing to erase the darkness of the world. Such a change is prepared well in advance. It is planned in the context of major changes that go far beyond this planet, we can not yet reveal the strategy. (...) Humanity, finding itself at a tipping point in its history, an opportunity is given to seekers to rise in the path of realization. [23/07]


We must prepare our aspirants to the major changes that will occur on earth. (...) We need to shake them up even if the unknown repels them, including these messages from another world, this principle not being necessarily accepted by all. [27/07]


Inevitably, time does its work and traces the furrow of the future, where the role of the Mission will affirm itself in the world, where great figures will represent the Master in many countries. [29/07]


Thus, the great sage can address his/her disciple and let him/her glimpse where the treasure is hidden. "Many are called but few are chosen", say the Scriptures. The road is arid, and only the strong and determined souls will succeed. Sahaj Marg is a path, a means offered to humans who are interested and able to seize the opportunity offered to them, to move forward on this narrow path full of pitfalls. Many will succeed. Has it not been given to the world to respond to a deep call, characteristic of times which are being preparing, for a radical transformation?
We will be more than ever at the heart of this vast movement of hope and liberation for a humanity in the throes of evil. [30/07]

(...) "


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