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Racism at Sahaj Marg (tm)! The Two faces of Religion!

Taken from one of the many speeches of Chari, the current President of SRCM (Californiao-1997) and Master of Sahaj Marg(tm), where he mentions "racism" ...

Keeping the previous article on this blog in mind, where their (Babuji and Chari, the self-appointed Masters of Sahaj Marg) "racism" is overt and is exposed, read an exerpt of this speech by Chari in 2004: (or see previous article: Babuji, Sahaj Marg, And Skin Complexion! Colour Discrimination?

Comments and insertions by 4d-Don in "red italics"

Sahaj Marg Retreat Centers
A talk given by Shri Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari
on 24th September, 2004 at Bangalore


This, as Babuji has said, as it has been said through the history of Indian culture, Indian tradition, Indian Vedic knowledge: India is the land of spirituality. It is not a matter of pride or a boast. America is the land of money; Germany is the land of science. So just as the body has its own specified functions: the eyes see, the nose smells, the mouth tastes, the ears hear, you touch, using the pancha indriyas - the five senses. So the world as a whole has its own sensory, shall we say, apparatus for input and output. And I believe this will be the heart, somewhere there will be the head (Deutschland) and somewhere there is the vaishya, the market people (that is the U.S.).

So we have to look at the world in a different sense, not as something that is specially yours or specially mine but as a unified whole, with the properties very much so of a human being, endowed with the separate apparatus in each place of what was created or designed for it, respecting it, using it properly, for the common welfare of all. That is what democracy is supposed to mean. Of course, the democracy as it is practised today is very selfish, very racist in its application, and very narrow and exclusive for the benefit of the few, to the detriment of the many. That is not how it should be practised. And there are enough proofs that civilizations that practised democracy in that way have perished, have gone into oblivion, becoming but a sentence in the history books of this world. (name one!! ) That is by the way, you see, for our political leaders all over the world to understand and to implement. The good things must be shared; bad things are individual. A man's crime is his own. (wrong) A man's intellect, a man's knowledge is for the good of all. His spirituality has to be for the good of all. And as you proceed higher and higher, it has to be freer and freer: no restrictions, no payment, no limits, no racist prejudices, no colour bar.

(lol lol lol ... hypocrisy... Sahaj Marg(tm) and their "Brighter World" must not be very "high" ...

At Sahaj Marg, the reality is that they (those at the top of the pyramid... which none can "touch" or change) actively practice racism, nepotism, favouritism, sexism, etc... when chosing a wife, a successor, etc...etc... no practising gays allowed and no "darkie" (savla, sawla) girls for our boys, please, we are SPIRITUALISTS!! (see previous article: Babuji, Sahaj Marg, and Skin Complexion! Colour Discrimination??)

And those girls must be of the "right cut", and the right "height"... that's the standard of "spiritualism" at Sahaj Marg (tm) ... as channeled by Babuji they claim?? And Babuji has now merged with the racist and sexist divine, they must claim!!

Ah! Ah! Ah!... What a mess! What a Mess! You guys meditate to become like THAT??

GET UP off your knees and off your "butts"!! Stand up so we can see you and your two faces!! Look at those you discriminate against in the EYE!! Let them know to their faces, how your Master thinks they are NOT SUITABLE or not ENOUGH (colour, height, cut, etc...) !!
Then stand up at the UNDPI and demand that SRCM's membership be revoked!!
Shame! Shame! Shame! You will teach that to the next generation and divide them!!


4d-Don Said:

And what about all the other countries, cultures, or RACES of the world? One can only surmise what goes on inside a "racist's" head but I guess, coming from Canada, we must have no spirituality, no money, no science etc ... etc ... ?? That is not only "racist", it is megalomaniac!! and "silly"!! It's to be laughed at!!

Please, no one tell the Chinese, the Japanese, the Arabs, the Mexicans, the South Americans, the Africans, the Australians, New-Zealanders, the Canadians, the Icelanders, the Laplanders, the French, the Italians, the Spanish, etc...etc... (or all the other cultures, nationalities, or races of the world) any of this ... it's Chari's secret!! Want to join this Indian racist and sexist group ... and be "less than"?

You subservient abhyasis can teach your children the superiority of the "nations" that Chari wants to "placate" and "suck" and manipulate ... then you can expect them to "fit in" with the imperialist "invaders", your pseudo-SAVIOURS and pseudo-LIBERATORS ??

Find your own SPIRITUALITY !! (It is inside your culture also) ONE (what some call "god") does not only live or reside in India, Jerusalem or Mecca! ... Science does not only dwell in Germany !! Money (or wealth) does not only reside in America!! We are a Global Society!! We now travel and live everywhere!! And some of us read and understand... and now, with the INTERNET, we can also be heard and EXPOSE the racism which wants to hide inside RELIGION!! (In Religion, hides all the "sins", as usual!!)

What these countries have in common is that they are places where the concept of "the Master Race" and other "superiority complexes" have been used by some (politicians, religious fanatics, military despots) to explain and fuel their "imperialism"!! They are not more RIGHT, more HOLY, more SMART, or more "RICH" (anymore), they are just more "ruthless" towards their neighbours, which they are forever invading !! (...the word "Baal" which means "Master" in India, was and is a generic term for "demon" (Baal-zebub is "Sir" or "Mister" Zebub ) in some of the countries surrounding India ... in other words: When the Master is controlling in India, the surrounding countries are "invaded", so as to build more TEMPLES (Ashrams) to their materialist and gender-driven gods). They are, (some such as Chari think) the gift to mankind, and they think (according to Chari) that they will save or liberate the world ... they are "gods" (they think!)

But in Africa, they are trying to suck money out of that impoverished population to build Ashrams!!

The REALITY is "NOT this, NOT that"!

So far all "they" (Chari and his imperialist ilk) have done is to DIVIDE the world!! ... they have built for themselves and for those who would obey and serve them, and are profiteering from "globalism". They have delayed and/or hidden our realization of true UNITY, and our progress towards a global Civilization ONE !!

The world will never rally and become ONE under a "racist" banner!!

Thank ONE!!


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