Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sahaj Marg(tm)'s Rantings of Mediums

Taken and translated from a comment by Martin (and reply by Elodie), on Elodie's Blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

February 12, 2011

One Must Be Wary Of The Rantings of Mediums

Good Evening Elodie

I remain a regular visitor to your blog even if I haven't shared my comments for some time.

My patience and determination have not won over the indoctrination of SRCM and the last seminar of my friend in India in December has probably signed the end of our story ...

I speak with you today so as to share a thought.

I find that the exchanges on the blog are deviating lately.

Debates around mediumistic rantings, the reliability of the sources, assumptions made about who is behind them, etc ..., keep visitors away from the intentions and the good merits of this blog.

If you begin ranting with the extra-terrestrials also, I fear that rather than finding answers to their questions, the readers will be more confused than ever.

Avoid falling into this trap that may be laid for you for this sole purpose.

Do not get lost, go back to basics, to the heart of the matter: the irreparable damage and the victims of which the SRCM daily lengthens the list.



Elodie Said

Hello Martin,

I do share with you some discomfort with this current mediumistic "tidal wave", and I wonder where she is leading us.

Heat treating this news can be hazardous. Is this a deliberate toxification, or a temporary fad?

do well to alert us in retrospect about the risks that this entails.

I also take this occasion to ask you if you would accept to write a testimonial of your experience, that would allow us to change the subject back to something more pragmatic.

In advance thank you, whatever your answer.



Saturday, February 12, 2011

Martin Said:


I understand your request and promise to try, but the exercise is painful, difficult and laborious.

To summarize in a few lines a beautiful love story of 10 years annihilated, inevitably, by the misdeeds of the perverse SRCM, is a daunting task ...

And yet!

would have imagined that the Internet and the blogs would one day free the Tunisians and/or the Egyptian from their dictators?

The victims
of SRCM can find in yours (blog) the key to their revival, or even their release.

Thank you
and congratulations on your determination!

I must
help you.

See you soon



Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Alexis Said

So now it's the "anonymous French medium"? One more crackpot!


Tuesday, Feb. 8, 2011

AFLM said ...
(Anonymous French Lady Medium)

Believe me, I just wanted to end a fraud, I never wanted to take advantage of my relationship with Babuji to succeed Chariji, I have too much respect for him.

I wish to remain anonymous and if it had been up to me, nobody would hear about these messages except the intended recipient.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Claude said:

A medium is an imposter by definition.

Friday, Feb. 11, 2011

Alexis Said:

@ Elodie

Good comment! We've already had god invite itself into our discussions and we will soon see Lalaji, Sulochana, etc. tumble.

The mediums are becoming the cream pie (pie in the face) of SRCM ...

Friday, Feb. 11, 2011



Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous French lady medium

You made a comment:

"I never wanted to take advantage of my relationship with BABUJI to succeed Chariji"

Does this mean you are the infamous Catherine, the medium that there were rumours about last year on this blog that said you were claiming to be the next leader?


Anonymous said...

It is not only through medium, they are also black mailing by describing the supernatural power. There is telangana movement in India and chariji does not like this for some reason and uses this whisphers to black mail and uses nature work as example he goes to extent of killing the leaders.

Anonymous said...

Hi all

This is Don's assistant again.

You will notice that the latest blogs about the Mediums, are translations from Elodie's blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

Your comments on this blog may not get replies from "God knows who". They may not speak or write English and may not read this blog.

I am uni-lingual and can't translate to French.

For replies, you may have to post your comments on Elodie's blog.

Here is the link:



Anonymous said...


I just received an e-mail in my personal account which refered me to these interesting blogs, which might be of interest to the readers.

For those interested in Babuji's journals and what he thought and wrote while living, please refer to this article:
Spiritual Techniques used on Babuji:
And this one: Autobiography of Ram Chandra:

Anonymous said...


Is Don ok? Why does he have an assistant now?

Best wishes

Anonymous said...


You will have to wait and ask him. He's more than OK. I just wanted to get involved.