Saturday, June 13, 2009

SRCM (California-1997) and Sahaj Marg Schedules for Singles!

Taken and translated from a comment by Sam on Elodie's blog: Pour Que Vive le Sahaj Marg.

4d-Don's Comments: In the Catholic (and most Christian) churches, there are many Sunday Service so as to accomodate the parishionners' schedules. I am sure it is the same for other religions! But if the SRCM "business" agenda dominates the "spirituality" of this group, then the onus is on the "disciple" to find a more convenient and REALISTIC path for their FAMILY! One that is not so "divisive" and destructive to the family.

The ONE is EVERYTHING, EVERYWHERE, EVERYWHEN (what I call: the E-Trinity). All paths lead to REALITY!! Or as Jiddu Krishnamurti said: "Reality is a Pathless path". The ONE (what some call: God) does not live only in India, Mecca, Jerusalem, or ROME (the Vatican) !

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Schedules for "singles" (not for people with families (children))

By all the means available, those abhyasis who already have the ability to come will continue to do so whatever the hour. What about the others? Who thought of the mothers with children too young to be left alone, and who will need to ask their spouses (or partners or family members) ) to get up at 6 am on a Sunday morning so they can go to meditate? What will be the answer of their spouse? Well, for a so-called Path of the (modern) Family, once again, if the family members are not 100% into Sahaj Marg they will face problems (and maybe crises) or stop the meditation. Who (in SRCM) has also given any thought to the people who are in ill health and/or are already exhausted by a week of work and who need to sleep late on Sunday, (I am using irony) at least until 7 or 8 o'clock in the morning for example, not through laziness or lack of motivation, but simply to recuperate? But no, those don't count either, as they have to exhaust themselves more and more and come, if they truly love the Maaaaaaster. And those who live far away? At what time should they leave their homes, oops! and if beside living far away, what if some people also have children? It is their fault, they only had to provide, they are surely bad abhyais, and not motivated ...

They are swimming in open delirium.

Once again one marches to the Sahaj MARG drum or dies, where only the strong, the singles (what a so-called Family Path! Yeah right!) and those who have no family or health constraints will be able to come. The others will be treated as bad abhyasis because according to the ready-made reply of the "good thinking" abhyasis: when one wants to, one can, if one is really motivated to get there, if one is really committed in relation to the Master, there are solutions. A nice bunch of "disconnected from life", yes, totally out of step with the reality of many abhyasis. So the quality or quantity? No! The only result instead will be that people who have a life and conditions of easy access will continue to come, and those who face any constraints whatsoever will have to give up. But it may be good for them as other Paths exist, more human paths, which will benefit from become more known and sought out.

A funny but pathetic detail, to meditate in New York city, one must first go to the lower Manhattan to take a ferry to cross an arm of the sea, then a bus for half an hour, and finally arrive at the preceptor in charge. However, yippee! the first ferry is at 8:00 AM, Sunday morning. This will enable the abhyasis who are really motivated to learn to duplicate themselves, if they want to participate in satsangh at 7.30 AM. The others, perhaps less advanced (evolved), will have to simply give up. Unless of course, one is well off or rich and can afford a taxi every Sunday, (at evening and/or weekend rates). Once again it is Sahaj Marg according to money. And don't tell me that one should organize a "car-pool", as most do not possess cars, and/or live too far from each other in order to organize a "collective taxis".

To recap, a nice scandal in the twist that Sahaj Marg has taken. I see nothing here that allows the re-motivation of the abhyasis, and to "re-kindle the flame", but rather a delusion, totally disconnected from the reality of life!


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