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Ex-Abhyasi of Sahaj Marg, Cricri's Testimonial

Taken and translated from a comment from Cricri, an ex-abhyasis of 18 years (with Chari): Le Témoignage de Cricri", on Elodie's blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

Christian is a Research Psychologist and Psycho-linguist.

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September 30, 2011

Cricri's Testimonial

Pushing the thinking further: Are the dissidents wrong on the essentials?


Cricri's blog:

I have asked this question repeatedly during this discussion - to one and all, on the blogs and in private and to myself over and over again, trying to contemplate the situation so as to know for sure.

Why is the answer not more clear? Why is it that I return to these questions, which imply that, maybe I was wrong about Chari and that I have misled the abhyasis by drawing them in my revolutionary wake?

Because undeniably, there is some spirit with Chari. Because despite his behavior, despite what he causes, despite the rotten fruit of this tree, the divine makes Its way regardless of the ability of men.

I know that all of the abhyasis SRCMtm continue to question themselves on a recurrent and similar phenomenon: How can "spiritually advanced" people - as found in the inner circle of Chari or in important posts in the "mission" - have such a gross personality, an arrogance so visible, and such a heinous behavior?

The answer they find is always "the ego", one of the central concerns of Chari's abhyasis (disciples), about which nobody ever talks among the dissident groups. The ego (the devil) is, along with the samskaras (sins), reincarnation (hell), liberation (access to Heaven), master (Christ the Saviour), the Self (Spirit), and the center (God) , one of the structural elements of the hindu-ized Judeo-Christian dogma which founded the software of SRCMtm (Judeo-Christianity has been proven to be able to control the masses and to manipulate history. It was destroyed by the Freemasons and its associates, to remove the fangs and the claws of the Church.) However, it (ego?) is necessary. The psychobiological universal structure, or the machine language, is transcribed into an exotic cultural matrix, to appear as a new software functionality so as to be accepted easier: it is still the same system of power, manipulating the levers of the same fear and desire - the stick and the carrot).

Anyone who has an ego-rush falls (into hell), and all the people who gravitate around Chari have been chosen by him for these positions of proximity, so that he can better work on them - implying the poor souls, let us have pity on their miserable condition for we, the small people of SRCMtm are worth much more than these great(s), (since we do not need to undergo this favoured treatment of deep cleaning (de-carboning?).

I have long believed this mythology which sounds pretty logical. I, however noticed over time, after 10 or 15 years, that those close to the master were hoplessly thick (dense), and that they were really getting rather worse. It was still rather confusing, since the master it seemed, performed on them a specific job so as to get them out of their human misery.

It seemed instead that they were rather more arrogant, and some, which I will not mention by name, were sometimes openly hateful towards some abhyasis - enough to be widely unpopular in the movement (humiliation + jealousy = brotherly love? ).

Therefore, there came a time when another hypothesis has made its way into my mind: the mythology of common sense was a mythology. Which meant that either (i) Chari was doing no specific spiritual work on these people in the inner circle so as to make them "evolve" (inability or abuse), and (ii) that he used the most vile characteristics to develop and manage the pyramid of power on top of which he continued to climb ( pushiness, ambition).

But this meant above all else, something even worse: Chari could not be a spiritual master if he had such practices, such tactics and such aims - and although he claims to be the spiritual successor of Babuji, and although he had the support of some Western abhyasis, whom he knew how to manipulate in the 80's and 90's, so as to return to power in India with a legitimate dissidence.

Numbers of "old abhyasis" have deserted the entourage of Chari over time. Most were illustrious unknowns, but some were of stature, and some, not the least, were spoken about in their retreat from the movement with varying degrees of commotion. Invariably, the rumors among the mass of followers, was that these former devotees had all fallen thanks to the media. They had a crisis of ego, and they turned their backs on the Holy Spirit, on God and on His messenger Chari-Saviour.

Myself, when I joined the movement in the late 80s, I was somewhat confused by the unexpected meeting with a preceptor from a group of dissidents a few days after my introductory sittings in Chari's faction ... I found myself accidentally thrown into the heart of the conflict, opponents Chari wanting to tell me nothing, advising me to follow my path, and accepting that I come meditate with them while continuing with Chari's group, and some others telling me that the dissidents did not recognize the new master, and advised me not to go ...

So I took this as an excuse to ask, a few months later, for a personal interview with Chari, and to meet him for the first time. I wanted to ask him some questions, with the idea of ​​the character test, to get an opinion and to choose one group or another. On the point of psychology, Chari had replied "They failed to recognize the Master where he is." - Speaking of the spiritual principle that the Anglo-Saxons call the "holy ghost", the "holy fantasm" or the Holy Spirit.

I was 20, Chari impressed me with the clarity of his thought, the spiritual energy that emanated from him, and the message of the teachings that he made me discover. The dissidents that I knew formed a splinter group, not organized, consisting of ego-centered individuals with a spirituality which seemed to be more of a memory than a powerful stream. I had no experience relevant to my aspiration. In the group of Chari on the contrary, I found an organization rich in potential, a living master who seemed to have backbone, especially, who had the spirit with him. It is this last point that had determined my choice. More precisely, this first meeting with Chari had been foundational. There was no more doubt, no more questions. I had seen the two alternatives, I knew for sure.

The first years were totally carefree. I was carried by my aspiration and the aspiration of the group, a great power prevailed, togetherness was still in the human dimensions and each found its place. Spirituality was at the heart of this beautiful enterprise. We had, at the seminars, three, sometimes four satsanghs per day. Chari came to France several times a year. The spirit was always present and we were immersed in all this joy, this dynamic. It was wonderful.

Over time, the SRCM has become the SRCMtm, a monstrous machine to crush the hearts and souls, a factory
to indoctrinate with the sole ambition "A Brave New World" (general trend of global society). Around 1995, I began to realize the shift that had taken place in the organization, I think in the early 90s. In 1997, it was very visible, with the introduction of a new structure and more stringent operating rules for the expansion to come, I began to take real distance, tortured between my unsatisfied desire, my total indoctrination, and incomprehension in the face of the destruction of the soul of the mission which was taking place.

Until 2005, I thought that this destruction was the result of abhyasis and management teams. I trusted in Chari, believing it was a temporary stage in the process, all the energy that was involved in the establishment of the structure but soon, a focus on spirituality would take place. Between 1998 and 2005, I continued my practice with the regular use of individual sittings, but I would not attend the exceptional group meditations.

In 2005, I took stock of the situation as it became clear that my practice was declining more and more. I had to try to revive a practice followed by more and more involvement in the social life of the mission, since the pressure of indoctrination in messages by Chari were having their effect on my thinking.

I went to Italy and to Denmark, two international seminars. What I saw stunned me. A collective madness had infected the masses. The attention was focused not AT ALL on spirituality, but on the purchase of land and buildings for the ashrams, and so on fundraising.

In a seminar, the son of Chari animated the auction of objects and works offered by the abhyasis to the mission. As few participants had come to support the first auction, it was decided to organize the following auction at the time of satsangh, because everyone would be present. It was a scandal. Abhyasis, disgusted, turned on the son of Chari in the discussions which took place the following hours and days. This hated son was an immoral representative, able to exchange the sacred for the profane at very vile prices, to please his father.

At the next seminar, responding to the wave of protests with contempt and arrogance - as usual, it was Chari himself who animated the auctions ...

Doubt was no longer possible, many abhyasis fell from on (their) high, wondering if their idol had not become senile. Still seeking for excuses, I was one of those who assumed that the inner circle of Chari, consisting of the worst social climbers of the mission, had rotted his mind by contaminating him gradually with subversive ideas. At the same time, I saw him host a sale with my own eyes. And I saw a person self-assured, methodical, manipulative, working in full knowledge of what he did and for what purpose, playing with the idolatry of the abhyasis to make them empty their pockets.

So I had at one time or another to go through the full process and test Chari - you know the rest.

Yet could there not be something else behind all these symptoms? Behind this grim reality, sordid, and animalistic?

What if Chari, despite his repeated criminal acts, was a tool of the divine, unconscious, driven from above? And if the spirit of God flowed through him? And if Chari was a master anyway?

I have heard the arguments from one and the many. I saw with my own eyes the one and the many. I lived and I felt. I analyzed and I dis-endoctrinated. I learned the difference between power and spirituality, or at least got some insight so as to know that there is a difference.

And yet, I confess, I never managed to find this certainty, after years of quest that Chari is not a channel.

So I open this section of my blog to officially launch a discussion in which I invite everyone, both from one camp or the other, to make constructed and constructive arguments. This is an important debate, as it aims to (i) confirm or (ii) reject the hypothesis of the dissidents.

If (ii) is correct, it is important that those who were misled by the blogs may have the elements so they can find their way - or rather, to take an informed decision for their own spiritual destiny.



4d-Don said...

Hi Cricri...

I think you have answered the question before ...

Yes Chari, is a channel ... WE ALL ARE! So is Cricri ...

The question then begs: Is Chari a SPECIAL channel?? Is Babuji a SPECIAL PERSONALITY? Is Jesus the ONLY Saviour, "only begotten son of GOD"?? Is YAHWEH the ONLY representation of God?

NO ... ALL are SPECIAL. Some more needed by some few more than others. But we are all SPECIAL.

Much like the sun shines on ALL, so ONE flows in ALL ITS CREATION...

Thanks for your input.


Anonymous said...

Don Have you heard of the news of new nominee? Looks like you are catching old age not qucik enough to pace with the latest happenings? Chris

4d-Don said...

Hi Chris...

Are your eyes failing you as well as your BRAIN?

Are your divine messages from your cult's invention of "the Brighter World" too bright so you are now being "blinded" by your own "imagination"??

The article you talk about is right in front of you!!

(Look down the page ... look at the index in the right margin for all the articles (in hypertext) on this blog)

We write these articles for All, including for dummies like you who obviously don't get the message from your "OFFICIALS" or your "trainers" ... Why are you on my site? For some TRUTH?

Is your OFFICIAL Sahaj Marg site not working well ? Don't you trust them to not "MANIPULATE" you? They wouldn't delay such an important decision since July 26th, 2011 would they? WHY??

Sahaj Marg is so UN-democratic ... You also need your "Arab Spring" so as to free yourself from your religious DICTATORS !! Future generations may have to spill blood to FREE themselves from your spiritualist RELIGION.

Hey GULLIBLE YOU! If you obey and kill your mother, your brother, your neighbour, to obey your MASTERS, as told by "THEM", as a good SPIRITUALIST SOLDIER, please open your eyes and make sure who you are killing ...

Don ...

4d-Don said...

Hi anonymous...

Reply to un-published promotion...

I will not publish your PROMOTION of a "bollywood" commercial film (a fiction), which you mention as a place to find the opportunistic reason for "killing your mother" so as to show obedience to the GURU ... (as mentionned by Chari in one of his books)

If you can find one reason to kill your family and neighbour, you can find a thousand ...

The legend of the WINDIGO, in some REAL native spirituality and cultures was to teach that if one begins eating one's neighbour (mother, father, brother, husband,?) in times of "TEST", then one becomes addicted to that "extra power" of killing and eating one's neighbour and his "vital energy", and hence, one becomes a larger than life "MONSTER" who must live from that moment on, by eating the rest of its "neighbours", getting larger (EGO?) all the time. IT is a legend based in GENEROSITY, not in "narcissism" or cannibalism.

The added fantasy of "the mother comes back to life" in the end is really "SILLY" and is not REAL or TRUE at all ...

The Guru may say: We only ask our disciples to "kill the mother" to teach obedience in all things. (why not simply ask the disciple to "kill the guru", and leave the innocent mother ALIVE??))

The scientist or the teacher may say: But we only "kill the mother" so we could learn about "life and death". (The scientist already learns from the death of others... and he/she can't learn if he/she is dead, but the knowledge of his/her own death may inform other scientists about the experience of death)

The "Charitable" person may say: But we only "kill the mother", so we can cut her up and give the meat to the poor!! (Why not feed the POOR one's own body or time (money) and energy?)

The Spiritual person may say: But we only "kill the mother" to show our lack of attachment to all things MATERIAL...(then why not "give your own life?)

Some film-maker may say: But we only "Kill the mother" in our fictitious story, so as to entertain the masses and make a living...

Some "spiritual soldier" may say: but we only "kill the mother" to protect the GURU ...

But the "mother" was innocent in the analogy used by the GURU.

And then for WAR... For Religion, For NATION (nationalism), for TRIBE (tribalism),


The WINDIGO teaches that it is better to starve (in times of famine) than to kill and eat one's neighbour ... and become a WINDIGO!

The Windigo teaches "humility" and generosity, and the art of GIVING...

What comes from Sahaj Marg is "SPIRITUALISM" and RELIGIOUS CULTISM!!

THOU SHALL NOT KILL (another HUMAN) ... That's simple!! And it is also moral which spiritualist religions and cults of Persons try to "alter"...


Anonymous said...

I didn't promote anything. But how can you talk about something which you obviously even don't know?

Anonymous said...

Hi again anonymous...

I don't have to be very "knowledge-able" to know that one does not kill the mother (or anyone) to show obedience to a cultish "self-titled" nationalist guru, or any religious power addicted megalomaniac who claims to represent ONE, the DIVINE ...

I met Chari, and I was a disciple of Babuji a long time ago ... I know of all the accusations by Babuji's family, Sister Kasturi, and many of the serious ethical and moral preceptors and prefects appointed by Babuji. I know that Babuji removed Chari as Secretary of the Mission and that Chari went to California and re-registered his SRCM (California-1997)

This is all on-line with documentation... many of which are "legal documents".

I know of Umesh's (Babuji's son and successor (succession letter on-line)) untimely death (by poisoning) and of the mob take-over of Ashrams as Chari declared war on the "old guard" of SRCM (Sister Kasturi's words).

I know from the Constitution and Bye-Laws ("bye" as in "hello"!!) of Chari's SRCM(tm), that they call their standards: "Standards of SPIRITUALISM" (not spirituality)... that is the word they use... So I report it as such...

I know that spirituality does not mean messages from "spirits"... That is called: SPIRITUALISM.

I know that "egregores" for which you pray to have a "favourable one", is a Mental "group think" and is not spirituality but CULT or SPIRITUALISM... NOT SPIRITUALITY. It is not part of "Raja Yoga", which you begin at step #7 of an "eight-fold" path.

I know that all the philosophers left Sahaj Marg(tm) and that all which is left are "techies" and businessmen, and a few "psy's" (alternate and licensed)... That is where Chari recruited and commercialized the Mission, for "Numbers", as a true CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and against Babuji's and Dr. Varadachari's (prof of Philosophy) warnings ... (for Dr. Varadachari's (Babuji's choice for successor before Chari came along) son's experience, see his Institute of Ramchandra Consciousness (ISRC))

What do you know??

Beside the lies and the inventions "THEY" (Chari and his GANG, his spiritual mafiosi) told you ?? A guru who allegedly takes "cash" accross international borders in Europe, so as to not pay "taxes" or duty, like a common "juvenile delinquent"!!

And not a great "citizen"!!

"anonymous" lol lol

Anonymous said...


I missed ur article down. ur not old but fast. thanks


4d-Don said...

Hi Chris...

There's hope for everyone.

... but eventually, we will all slow down and finally stop in this "dimension" ... But consciousness will continue, just not as this elemental gathering of carbon (et al), this entity called Don!!



4d-Don said...

Hi Kapeutini...

To each his own... I personally don't follow materialists to get to SPIRIT... ONE-ness is everywhere, and I go directly to it... I don't serve humans or help them build more temples ... I go directly to ONE-ness without the need for a hierarchy and a "special" place (Ashram, Church, Temple) with a self-titled "special person" (ego, materialism, pyramidal structure) ...

I encourage Freedom in others and do not encourage the division of our ONE-ness by belonging to yet another "faction" or a "sect".

But to each his own!!