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Beware of Sahaj Marg (by an ex-abhyasi of SRCM)

Taken from Beware of Sahaj Marg blog, by Jai Hind

For the complete article, go to Jai's blog. For a translation to French, see Elodie's Blog in France, Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg, (comments Jan 20, 2009)

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Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg

(I have added paragraphs and done some small edits for readability)

Jai Said:

Hi friends,

I am an Indian from Australia. I was involved with this group for about 1 to 2 years and then finally left it in 2006. I am going to express my experience about this group.

I am an open minded person and joined this group in year 2004 because of my interest in spirituality. Initially I was very happy to know that in this system there is a Guru and one can grow individually in spirituality. Meanwhile Chariji visited a local ashram (in India) on the eve of Babuji's birthday. I took my first sitting during that eve. Before sitting into the hall my cousin (he is also in this cult group) told me to wipe out 'TILAK' ( a symbol which hindus make on one's forehead during worship). I was very surprised with his demand. I didn't like it but did accordingly thiniking that there may be some reasons for that. ......Gradually I started doing practise sincerely and kept doing whatever my local preceptor told me to do. During the course of my meditative practise I came to know that these people and Chariji are strictly against religions (specifically Hinduisum). According to the talks of Chariji and behaviour of his followers one thing was manifest that anything related to Hinduism is not accepted by them and was prohibited.....

They are against everything related to hinduisum...i.e. other meditations (which take more time to bring enlightment and have goals other than enlightment according to Chariji), yoga, breathing exercises (Pranayama), idol worship or any means of worshiping the God. Even they were against the mudras which are used in traditional yoga system to achieve good health and healing....I was technically or indirectly told to leave my religion. I was feeling that I am going to change my religion or have changed it at some extent. According to Chariji other meditations lead us to achievement of supernatural powers and that is not the goal of an individual and whatever types of meditations or spiritual methods exist on the earth, MISLEAD an individual......It is the only and only his meditation (trade marked..) method which leads us to the right goal..( mine is better than you approach) and he also claimed that he is the only capable master on this earth (selected by the mother nature) who is given the responsibility of the people of this earth....

I was quit surprised with this kind of silly statement made straight away to me. From inside I was not agreed with this statement.

I will try my level best to inform some guys who are attached with this group. My younger brother is also attached with it but I can not get him out immidiately as I am here in Australia. I told him about your community and made him go through the threads. So today he is less attached with them (does not go to satsang) but still takes sitting from his preceptor. My cousin sister was also interested in meditation so she organized some sittings with her preceptor and then she also had to move to US for further study. After arriving to US she contacted local preceptor and took some sittings. Now during this stint of time I also warned her and made her watch your community, so initially she got angry with me because she felt a flow of reiki during her first 3 sittings. So she was convinced that this system is not fake. But I told her that it can be reiki at the is not a meditation anymore and to do reiki she must not be dependent on any kind of guru. Now after sometime she ealized that people at srcm are 'pushy'. They always say the 'do this , do that, attend satsang, come to the vanue, visit your preceptor once in a week, pray to God, blah blah..." and she got sick of it. She stoped visiting preceptor and annoyed the 'compulsions' inflicted upon her......she felt that : 'one should waste his precious time after this useless activities thereby leaving other social duties and activities' this was the approach of srcm people...

so finally she stoped it. One more important aspect of srcm meditation is that one does not need to cleanse 'Chakras' i.e. root chakra, throat chakra etc. to achieve enlightment because their 'progress' happens from different path of points depicted in their books. Now anybody who has done any meditaion or breathing exercises will not be convinced by this aspect. Even I was not convinced by this bullshit. Because I was doing breathing exercises even before joining srcm and I AM DAME SURE THAT WITHOUT CLEANING ALL CHAKRAS AND TUNING THEM WITH ONE ANOTHER ONE CAN NOT GO AHEAD TOWARDS ENLIGHTMENT. That is the only path to rise one's energy. And nobody are exceptional with this funda. If he is Chariji or Swami Vivekanand or Swami Ramkrishna Paramhansa or Osho or Master Zen or Buddha or Gurdjieff or me or you or even Sage Patanjali himself.........HE HAS TO CLEAR ALL THE CHAKRAS/ENERGY POINTS TO MAKE PROGRESS. And this dude Chariji got the short cut even in the spiritual path....How bizzare...

But all these observations do not originate in the one who is totally new in the field of spirituality. And that is the case with new comers at SRCM. They can not apply logical reasoning or can not compare with their old spiritual experience because they do not have it. So they easily get impressed and think that they have got the best system and Master. I was attached with spirituality (breathing exercises)eventhough I believed what they said and fell in this trap so think about those who are very pioneer in spirituality. Even today I am feeling some emotional blocks and can not react properly sometime when it comes to worship or religious matter. And I know what is the reason behind. The preceptors trasmitt the energy (reiki more specifically) during first 3 and consecutive sittings. During these sitting they try to programme new comer mind (subconscious mind) in such a fashion that they start divert their interest towards srcm and against religion or other methods they are following. Now this will seem silly to you guys but it is a deep psychological phenomenon which very few people know about or come acress. It is easy to programme one's own mind but it is very difficult to programme the mind of other person. Now to send suggestions to the new abhyasi they start sending energy and gradually the person who is accepting this energy starts feeling soothing state of mind with very low frequency of thoughts. Now this is the state of mind in which the thoughts (filled with the energy) sent by the preceptors enter the realm of subconscious mind of that Abhayasi. Unknowingly the new abhyasi turns towards SRCM and against religion.....

This kind of sittings become frequent for a new abhyasi and the impressions about SRCM becomes deep. More of it before starting meditation or sitting you are instructed to put a thought that it is not preceptor but Chariji who is transmitting this energy. And the moment an abhyasi thinks that way he starts programming his mind that 'Master is transmitting" and he unknowingly becomes dependent on Master/Chariji. And again and again this thought become powerfull as it is told to do so even before meditation and sitting and even cleaning.....Many of you guys may be knowing that the thought we focus deeply on or we think frequently becomes reality after sometime and these people are using this technique to make a deep impression on one's can I 'believe' a person whom I have seen in the photo or have heard the talks of him? If somebody from SRCM tells you that Chariji is the 'Siddh Purush" and they expect us to be believeing even with out varifying it. They tell us to put the faith in Chariji just on the basis of their own belief on can this be possible.....we people even do not trust our friends without passing considerable amount of time after them. Once we realize that a particular friend is worth trust then and only then we put the trust in him. So we people think before trusting a friend and here at SRCM we are told to believe some one as your Guru!!!!!!!!! How is it possible....If we do so then we are 'obedient' abhyasi and if we so not then we are not good abhyasi..

I have seen consequences of getting emotionally dependent on Chariji. During a birthday celebration of Babuji I saw an abhyasi ( aged around 70) telling his misdeeds to Chariji. There were abhyasis from other places gatehred around him and was listening him. I also joined that group and listened that senior citizen. According to his talk he was very rude, proudy and indisciplined to Chariji since he joined the path. He lived many years with Chariji and was almost right hand of Chariji. But during his relationship with Chariji he did something wrong (may have gone against Chariji at some point) and Chariji removed him from his inner circle and told people not to have any emotions for him. Now while I was listening to his story one of the abhyasi told me that 'Chariji has told all abhyasis not to involve with this guy'. At that moment it strike my mind that it is not that senior citizen's fault due to which Chariji removed him from his inner circle but it must be Chariji's action to which that old abhyasi had to go against. And to get him under control Chariji must have removed him from his inner circle and told other abhyasis not to have any emotions to him. As he was emotionally dependent on Chariji he could not live normally as he was feeling isolated and deserted. But whom could he complaint against chariji? Whom could he convinence in his favour? May be hsi wife also was not supproting him as she was also zombie. So to repent for whatever he has done to Chariji, he states himself a criminal and he also states that he is shameful for his deeds but the time has gone now.........

Now after listening his story I thought that it can be me in the future or can be any of the abhyasi. And I really did not want to emotionally relay upon someone like Chariji. Chariji even does not meet anybody during his birthday celebration and people queue and wait for him as if he is a super star. I was also one of them who waited for his arrival but he even does not look at us. And I relly did not like this kind of behaviour. I felt very ignored and insulted. I am not very important person and neither I am a super star but I have a self respect and I really do not like to be ignored like this. Who the hell Chariji is? Who the hell he is to critisize Hindu and other religions. He is always comparing his tradition with hinduism and tries to prove that hinduism is not efficient to achieve enlightment. He is full of criticism and full of hate against hindu religion. One thing I have noticed that he is not speaking much against Islam. It is becasue he does not want to die...( I am not against any religion but just stating my observation)...he knows it very well that if he will speak too much against Islam, the rigid muslims will not spare him and will make his life in trouble. But he knows that Hindus are not much aggressive so he critisizes Hinduism and hindus.....

Jai Hind


Anonymous said...

Jai HInd,

I am very much impressed with your thoughts and experience about SRCM.
Since I have been practicing a long time in this mission i must accept your opinion which is hundred percent correct. But what I suggest you that if you approach Sister Kasturi at Lucknow you will definitely realize your purpose in her divine company.This my experience. Kindly try and succeed.
May Babuji Maharaj Bless you and your family members.


since I have an old practitioner

Anonymous said...

Hi Rajan, thank you very much for your interest in our activity. Can you please tell me about your experience about Sister Kasturi? Because I can not understand that how can she help me and clear my fundas about my aim? During my days of SRCM I used to believe that one can meditate upon heart but now I do not believe that one can meditate on heart. transmission is only a kind of reiki and can only heal sorrows and other illnesses. It certainly can not bring any upliftment of awareness and consciousness. What do you think about it? Jai Hind

Anonymous said...

Jai Hind,

I have gone through your letter and noted the contents there in.

To tell you frankly i have fooled by many a fake masters of our mission since decades. Only in Sister Kasturiji I could see Babuji Maharaj the Divine Master.
Till date neither I spoke to her nor she knows me but she always speaks about Babuji Maharaj and never speaks about herself, that is why she is a saint.

I sincerely advice you to speak to Sister Kasturiji personally over phone and get clear of your doubts about the mission and its purpose.

You can get the Tel.Phone number and address of Sister Kasturiji in the website : Kasturi Bhenji.

With love and affection, i remain.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jai Hind,

No reply from u for my letter. Pl.reply to me about your action taken.


Jai Hind said...

Hi mate, I am stuck up with some urgent planning s. Hence could not take any action. Anyway today I am totally against Guru-Shishya tradition and do not believe that one needs (or will need after progressing)a guru to attain enlightment. What one needs is a proper kind of meditation and guides to clear doubts about meditation at the most. If Babuji was living today even then also I would not follow him.Because any external person can not be one's master and should not try to be. One's divine master is living within himself. He is the real master. One more thing is meditating on heart never seemed meditation to me. I do not think that one can have spiritual upliftment through this way.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jai Hind,

I am happy to receive ur reply and noted the contents therein. Now sister saint Kasturi is in our city. Tomorrow she will go to other districts. Whatever doubts/questions you have about spirituality please feel free to ask me i shall ask Kasturi Bhehenji and revert to you the answers. Pl.send me your questions immediately.

With love n affection.

Anonymous said...

hi, jai hind,

no reply from ur end. With out testing a true-guru( Babuji Maharaj) properly one should not jump into hasty conclusions.That will lead to regret after a along time.Kindly take my advice and follow.You will definitely get benefited.Try once again you will surely succeed.

May God Bless you and your family members.

Anonymous said...

hi mate..........just click on the link below and start commenting on it. Because it is my original blog.