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SRCM(California) and more Real Estate Projects

From Alexis, France: Confidential Information Letter No 72, of Jan. 8, 2009.
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SRCM (California)
A small enterprise that knows no (financial) crisis:

At SRCM(California), the collection of funds for building projects is unwavering

Against all odds, the contributions (fees collected from abhyasis) of the SRCM France increased by 100%, despite the remarks by Chari, despite the financial crisis and economic recession.

Against all odds? No, not really!

Last May, when the Board of the SRCM France met at Vrads (...Castle, Denmark), Chari was not only in favour of doubling the French contribution. He also suggested creating, in all secrecy, an International President's Fund, based in Switzerland to collect small and large donations, the idea being that the Master could draw upon this pool for whatever reason he sees fit. No written communication would be made, but only oral announcements at the (Meditation) centers to request monthly donations in the mirror-image of the former SMSF fund for the "centers of light".

Parallel and equally discreetly, Committees for Real Estate Projects were established to assist Santosh Khanjee, Krishna(Chari's son), and PR (Chari) in their search for real estate bargains. These would be private projects (deals) and the legal and tax aspects can be complex. These "living sites" (homes, bank foreclosures), in addition to being homes for private individuals, could possibly house a cottage for the Master and a meditation room. The plan is then to make them available, free or for rent, to the Mission. Lawyers, architects and real estate professionals are brain-storming the mechanisms that are the best suited. Individuals and societies will be sought out.

You had not heard about it? Naturally, there is not only questions of spirituality at the SRCM! One just has to be part of the "inner circle" (top brass) to realize it.

Once again, the nagging question comes up: the SRCM (California), is it a spiritual organization or a vast enterprise for raising funds for investment and financing of real estate projects?

In brief:

* November 28 - As Bombay licks its wounds, our friend Chari is sorry to see his cottage at Manapakkam invaded by water (70 cm), while there were up to 2 meters in the refectory of the Babuji Memorial Ashram

* Chari is planning a trip to the West in early 2009 (mid January to March). Nothing is definite, but there are rumours about the USA, France, Switzerland and Denmark.

* Chari announced that his birthday celebrations would be held at Vadodara in Gujarat, from 23 to 25 July 2009. Will this announced celebration be put in question, following the financial crisis?

* 150 euros is the amount of the contribution of SRCM France, which was doubled for 2009

* After 4.5 years of loyal service, Bernadette Van Steven ceded her position as vice president for France to Patrick Fleury on 1 January 2009.


Patrick Fleury, a resident of France, was previously appointed by Chari to sit on the Board of Directors of SRCM (Canada), as he removed some "residents of Canada", and replaced them with some foreigners and those "loyal" to Chari, thus controlling from "India, Europe and the US" the "charitable donations" accumulated in Canada and the US. Charitable dollars that abhyasis were allegedly told would to be spent on "charity" in Canada, the country where they were contributed and collected.

See: Canada Revenue Agency, Charities Listings:

Enter: Shri Ram Chandra Mission
City: North York, Ont.

See: List of Directors and Financial Statements
For Residence of Directors, see: SRCM and the UN, appendix to Template Letter

Notice change of directors and their place of residence, and the change in assets as internationally, the Lalaji Memorial Omega (Private) School is built and Spurs Ranch Retreat, near Austin, Texas, USA, and CREST centre are purchased, and commercial and luxury (castles in Europe) properties are bought and sold and/or used as "headquarters", Meditation Centers, retreats, etc ...

And the many large "Birthday Celebrations of the Masters" and the TOURS go on at SRCM(California). Which part of those "Charities" did the "Canadian donations and contributions" go to? As members of the organization, you have a legal right to know! Remember! Transparency!! And maybe, you could share the information with the PEOPLE!! Anonymously!!

For those who can still count and have a "social conscience", please count the "carbon footprint", the "societal cost" of those "navel gazing orgasms" that are the Master's Birthday Parties for the sake of adulation of the Idol? One can understand these "orgies" of narcisism and ego, when done in the name of Religion, as a "ritual" of POMP and CEREMONY. We can understand, but we don't accept them as "charity" and don't want to "fund" them with our "tax exempt" dollars, that are meant to support legitimate "CHARITIES". The legislation is not intended to support all and any PROSELYTIZERS of RELIGIOUS tenets, myths, dogmas, and its Material Orgies to its IDOLS. The KING of Sahaj Marg can sit on his throne and hold court and be adored by his subjects, at his own expense supported by the "entertainment" dollars of his fans and his "stable".

But in the name of a so-called SPIRITUAL Group, that claims to not have "rituals" or "pomp" or "EGO"? In the name of SPIRITUALITY that claims to be a modification of a a system called: "Raja Yoga"? It's stretching credibility to call this "Charity" and hence think that it should be considered "tax-exempt" in a another country, Canada!! Where is the "ethics" in the SPIRITUAL or "New Religion" movement? Let alone the "MORALITY"!!

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Hi Anonymous...

I wish you a happy "orbit" around the sun once again...for the "nth time" (not 2009 times... ;-))

Thanks for your comments...

I hope you do not teach "blind obedience" to a PERSON, as a "saviour" or a "liberator", but that you are teaching a "system" of "self-empower-ment". The world does not need another pyramid to create and empower another IDOL and develop a cult of that PERSON, as a SAVIOUR... That is religion and is not "education" or "spirituality" as it does not put the onus or the responsibility on the "individual" but creates a dependency on an IDOL and his REPRESENTATIVES (Priests or PRECEPTORS, in the case of Sahaj Marg)