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Chari's New Year's Guilt Rant (continues)

Another New Year "Rant" from Chari duplicitously (as in "duality") called: Character is Pure Love

About TIME!! (Nature's way ... not by Chari and his "industrial revolution era", male and religious" TIME)

"How does the little busy bee improve every shining hour and gather honey all the day from every opening flower? Well, he does not. He spends most of the day in buzzing and aimless acrobatics and gets about a fifth of the honey he would collect if he organized himself!"

Heneage Ogilvie

Now Chari's GUILT RANT:

(Let me guess!! by the Guilt being shoved at you in this message, SRCM(California) needs more money! A Bail-out package ... in exchange for "bliss in the brighter world"! ... I bet he comes to visit soon ... Get out your wallets and buy your airline tickets ... Practice your "Goo Goo, Ga Ga!! Oh Master!! I am but your slave!!" And be ready to buy another "whisper" BOOK by a French lady Medium. A book of messages from "beyond the Grave" of the SPIRITUALISM that is SRCM(California) ... Try and convince your family and friends to come also or to send money to buy their "material" icons and materialist "goodies" also ... )

Everybody says, "Happy New Year." But for me, in a spiritual context it can be happy (Do you desire "happiness"??) only if you (Do you not mean "I"? as in YOU and not US?) have achieved something (We have all achieved something in the material plane of course, haven't you? Living is achieving! Some shoveled snow (talk about a waste of time, eh? ) ... We could have waited for it to melt ... Some (some of us who don't have servants) also washed the dishes but they got dirty again ... Another big waste of TIME of "no achievement" ... Some enjoyed themselves and "laughed", gee! I think that is a "waste" also,...but the SPIRIT simply IS ... all the TIME, no matter what we "ACHIEVE" materially) in the past year. If you have not achieved anything in the past year, (That is an arrogant statement and a spiritual impossibility. Living is Achieving... Spirit simply IS) it is another year wasted (not for the "truly SPIRITUAL"). And the new year today only reminds us that, alas, one more year has gone. (A year is one obit around our star (sun) and then counted by MEN of religion as if it had started on the birth of a GODMAN, and who would guilt others to do their bidding so as to enrich their own coffers and egos with the wages, TIME and wealth of their followers, their "serfs" ) What have I done? What have I achieved? And it must remind us very poignantly that I have less time in front of me and much behind me; (Erroneous understanding of TIME... From a SPIRITUAL perspective, which dwells in higher dimensions than the 4d of our carbon selves, and which I presume you are speaking from, (sarcasm) there is no shortage of TIME ahead or behind, because TIME, as a measurement of Change or MOTION, is an "ILLUSION". It is MOTION (spin and orbit of the planets, the suns and galaxies) that is the reality, and we as a consciousness of SPIRIT, and as entities of Matter (carbon) are always in MOTION and are thus always changing or "achieving", creating more SPACE with MOTION, to be measured as either meters in SPACE or as seconds in TIME, and/or felt as "DURATION" or a continuum) much that I've wasted, and the few that are remaining, ("Time" is "SINGULAR" and one-directional, from past to future, and is a "measuring tape" of MOTION or CHANGE... We don't run out of "inches" or "meters" and we who are intellectual and/or SPIRITUAL don't run out of seconds or months of TIME either, and we are not slaves of TIME, as we, in the SPIRIT, simply ARE. You preach to the "denseness" of the "emotional and to the materialists", using their guilt to profiteer and/or prosper in "numbers". When will Sahaj Marg BE Spiritual, and FREE from the guilt of not achieving, according to an addict to the material and power?) will I continue to waste or will I begin to use in a way that my future is assured? (The future of SPIRIT and hence of all those carbon entities who live "spiritually" as well as the future of those who don't, is assured and no MOTION is wasted in the UNIVERSE of the ONE. The Religious Belief systems of little (tiny) "Homo Sapiens", in a far away corner of the cosmos, is not what influences the relationship between SPACE (meters) and MOTION (meters / seconds) nor the "Universal CREATION of the ONE".

The "FUTURE" or "a future" is a TIME concept and is an "illusuory" uncertainty that we who are of the SPIRIT, call the UNITY of the NOW, along with the PAST, and the PRESENT. Would you also say that those who don't achieve in TIME, according to Chari or other Religious proselytizers, also have no "assured past" or no "assured present"? SPIRIT SIMPLY IS ... NOW! PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE... no guilt possible or no material or TIME "achievements" are necessary so as to be SPIRITUAL ... SIMPLY BE!! LOVE! GIVE! SHARE! We all know the attributes of SPIRIT!! Your material or TIME achievements will not "change" the Spiritual REALITY.

Babuji would not use GUILT the way Chari and many religions do!! Why do most religions do it? To build TEMPLES and support organizations that records the legacy of the Temple BUILDER as if he/she was an IDOL ... and later, a GOD-MAN (see Jesus of Nazareth) !!

We all save money in banks. (Not all of us... Some of us give or spend all we have and more, and constantly live near poverty, and then manage to share with some of the less fortunate also ... those who gather and accumulate from the labour and wealth of others, so as to produce more "MATERIAL" meeting places, for their own egotistical lusts, desires and ambitions, (goals) can't claim to teach the SPIRITUAL, but are really teaching and living a "MATERIAL" existence where their gauges of the achievements of others are preached for the sake of their own "EGO"). We save data in computers. We spend a lot of money looking after this body, you know: exercise, good food, health supplements, medication against illness. My Master used to say if you would spend one part in one thousand, of the time and effort that you lavish on this body, your future in the other world - the brighter world - is assured. (That last part: "The other world - the brighter world" is from Chari, ... There is no "other" or "BRIGHTER WORLD" in Raja Yoga, it is an "INVENTION to match the Christian and other Religion's "Heaven"... it is the "carrot" of the reward on the "other side" of many religions that keeps the gullible feeding the Pyramids of the POWER Addicted!)

We are inside the ONE and the ONE is ALL ... There is no outside the ONE for the fantasy of the "Brighter World" to exist in. We are inside the ONE, IT is inside US all...and not only in the HEART but also in the Brain, the hand, the toe and the rectum. Babuji said to "Fly with both wings" ... The heart and the brain. Don't ask the toe to "think" and don't ask the brain to "pump blood"... But the Brain will give the ORDERS... it is the NERVE CENTRE, the decision maker for those who would not be manipulated by the emotions and the con-men and charlatans who play and prey on them.

(...) To know the truth you must look at your heart, look into yourself, observe yourself. Forget the world, because they only tell you lies. (Chari is part of the "outside world" that according to him, lies to you... but some of the outside world also tells you the relative truth. Those who vilify all your family and friends and other religions and therapies so as to isolate you is also "milking" you of your TIME and MONEY and they can't pretend to "Unite the World".) Why do they tell you lies? Because they want you to help them, to give to them, to praise them. You know it. The moment you are praised, you know there is something, there is a soft touch as they say. So stop looking at the outside world. (Chari here must be speaking of himself as we all know that the abhyasis do not "praise" anyone but Chari, and they don't "give" to anyone but Chari, and they don't "help" anyone but Chari and his MISSION... Why does he LIE?... do you see his command: "stop looking at the outside world", meaning stop looking at HIM? ...

Would you lure friends and neighbours and their children to religious charlatan strangers, and teach them to "trust their hearts" or would you tell them to use their "BRAIN" to check them out? ... We know that "con" men like those who trust the "emotional heart" as it is easy to fool but the brain can protect with logic and intellect. Mostly it will protect from religious and other cons who rely on "trust" to gather their numbers.

SRCM (California), was re-registered in California in 1997. The matter is still in court. Why should this be a concern?

(...) The moment you transfer your happiness out of yourself into something outside, you are dooming yourself to disappointment, and possibly destruction. My wealth must be here [points to the heart] - not even here [points to the head] - here in the heart, because this goes with me through life after life through all eternity. Everything else outside - pretty or ugly, good or bad, useful or useless, worth keeping or worth throwing away - everything goes.

Is this FEAR mongering or is Chari talking about the "disappointment and destruction" of SRCM(California) and it is a message from "The SPIRIT" for all to GET OUT!!

The Master is eroding the abhyasis FREEDOM, the freedom to enjoy the God-given life of family, friend, pets, nature, etc., the Natural life by replacing what he considers part of "not achieving" or "wasting" time, with a slavery of self-observation, a sense of chrono-criminality or chrono-sin, manipulated by chrono-guilt. The GUILT of wasting TIME. The abhyasis is so obsessed with the goal and reaching the reward of the "brighter world", that TIME seems to run out on them. And to be "liberated' from the insanity, the depression of "no time" they try and please the Master so as to be "saved" or "liberated" from their self-imposed self-centered narcisism, and navel gazing. In the mean TIME, Life passes by, the families grow up, the friends leave or depart, thus accumulating the sense of guilt.

About Victorian era control of people's TIME by "Industrialists and Puritanical fundamentalist Christians"...

"The watch-chained Victorians (Puritans and industrialists) shrilly maintained that all hours were to be spent either building economic power or spiritual power, envisaging a system of "spiritual accountancy" whereby hours spent working or praying would accumulate future rewards, whereas playing, lingering, jolly-making, gambling, giggling, were coins of hours badly spent- every trifling, whistling one of which would cost you dearly in the afterlife".

Jay Griffin.

A Sideways Look At TIME

Achieve less, LIVE more! Pray less, BE more!

Chari is a fundamentalist, religious, Industrialist. "Achieving" is what he was trained to do, and is what he DOES. As with other "Johnny Come Lately's", Spirituality or simply letting it BE, or simply BEING is foreign to him. For him Sahaj Marg is a retirement project, a "side-line" for his "legacy", another chapter in his "autobiography".

As most "industrialists", he is trained to take over, control as a dictator, and manipulate for the sake of "achieving" more numbers. And looking at the state of the planet, the full cost to society (pollution, divisions, wars, etc...) for the legacy of unfettered industrial and now "cartel" capitalism and their mega-profit, is to be subsidized by society at large, and even subsidized by the societies of future generations. Likewise with the legacy of playing with people's lives with "new religions" created by spiritual neophytes. The societal cost of the divisions perpetrated by these neophytes for the sake of adulation and ego, is born by the families of the "disciples", the larger community.

As many other religions, Sahaj Marg, under the control of industrialist, fundamentalist Chari, has now drifted into the religious gutter of manipulating with GUILT and REWARDS. Fear and TEMPTATION. The carrot and the stick.

Sahaj Marg is now a religion of "SPIRITUALIST CAPITALISM", just like other mega-religious corporations such as the Holy Roman Catholic Church or the VATICAN: achieving salvation or liberation by banking "hours of prayer" so as to reap accumulated future "interest" in the other "brighter world". Babuji, the founder of this spiritual mess would shutter!!

He/she who willingly gives away the total control of his/her heart to the mind of another more-organized person or group, soon loses not only control over his/her own TIME, but also control over his/her own hearts including the ability to love anyone beside the organizer, without permission!! Such religio/political control is a spiritual dictatorship of the WILLING that destroys the individual's control and his/her ability to LOVE. Sounds Apocalyptic, does it not? Who would want such control over other people? Is there not a name for that disease?

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