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Discreet Sahaj Marg? Really?

Translation of an article by Alexis: "Discret, le Sahaj Marg? Vraiement?", on Élodie's blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

November 29, 2015

Discreet Sahaj Marg? Really ?An Article by Alexis on his blog: « Le Sahaj Marg agit à sa manière, discrètement » ?! 

On November 3, 1999, Babuji / Peyret (the Sahaj Marg Medium)  said in a whisper: "Why should we hide?" 

Today, they claim, "Sahaj Marg is on its way, discreetly" (October 20, 2015) 
Discreetly, really?

The Heartfulness Meditation program implemented by Patel is the opposite of discretion. On October 31st,  the Heartfulness Institute (HI) published in the Bulletin for abhyasis (No. 2015.118) a summary of  the Heartfulness approach (see excerpts below): 

No, really, Heartfulness is the opposite of discretion: "we are able to touch all sections of humanity." Heartfulness, is the setting in motion of Sahaj Marg, a vast proselytist offensive of greater magnitude.

"Heartfulness: has a wide Social Media presence" on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn or Instagram (see the Board (index?)  of social networks, Not to mention the webinars, meetings or seminars between abhyasis on the web ...

And it is not finished... 

“We hope to have TV and Podcast media available very soon.” and “Radio City Wellness will be broadcasting two programs on their web radio channel called ‘Radio City Wellness’ from the 16th of November until the 25th of December 2015. The Heartfulness Relaxation technique at 7:00 a.m. (IST) every morning, and 'Shanti Sutra', in which a Heartfulness trainer will talk about a practical approach to the Sahaj Marg system (…)” in Bulletin No: 2015.121 – Thursday, November 12, 2015.

Sahaj Connect is an app for smartphones, but it is also U-Connect, Connect-C, G-Connect, V-Connect ... 
Anyone from the age of 15 years ( you (You or U for youth) or me, companies (Corporate) or the State (Government: army, police and civil service) Villages.  etc...

Will we tomorrow be on World-Connect? 

Do you want to organize an XY or Z Sahaj session?  Connect. No problem, all the necessary material has been prepared by the Heartfulness Institute and is available in the self-service You will find all the course materials you dream of, from an invitation letter template or a lesson plan of the day with the slide adapted to your target audience. 

A Western approach to yoga and urban, human resources training and personal development and well being in business ... 

Talking "how everybody" emphasize what attracts people, avoid foreign words or too specialized ... Pamper newcomers, the drink of love ... "Creating an Inclusive Environment" 

All volunteers are welcome to participate, but it is better to appeal to specialists. 

"Public Speakers Needed Experienced (...), and seeking professional Accomplished public speakers, professors and industry experts" 

"Sahaj Marg is on its way, discreetly."  To live happy, live hidden? Nothing is less true today. SRCM is no longer low profile, that period is over. 

Chari proscribed (discouraged?)  abhyasis discussions on the web and social networks. With the arrival of Guru 2.0 Patel is a new era that opens to Sahaj marg. In the shadow of Heartfulness, rigor .... 

But Heartfulness Meditation, is in full light. This is also its sole justification. As Babuji / Peyret say:  times change ... 


Exerpts of Bulletin N° 2015.118 (Saturday October 31, 2015) :

“(...) We all now understand the need to approach Sahaj Marg as a movement. It is needed for ourselves as well as for the Masters’ vision of a transformed humanity.

So, in this landscape where meditation has become a mainstream activity, devoid of its religious connotations, how do we differentiate ourselves? 

(...) We have to approach them scientifically and, most importantly, experientially. This is very important especially in the urban and western worlds.

(..) With 15-year-olds now allowed to meditate and villages opening up via V-Connect, we are able to touch all sections of humanity.

(...) Always follow the same steps of conducting meditation without transmission first, as this provides a scientific comparison with the later meditation with transmission, and thus an experiential introduction to Sahaj Marg practice and transmission.

(...) Heartfulness has a large Social Media presence, so you may draw the attention of participants and also add the following links to any printed handouts. [Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram]

(...) We have several tools and opportunities for connecting with people to share Heartfulness on two levels: local and global.

Locally: Online Meetup sites 

(...). The Welcome Desk is an important means to create a suitable atmosphere for newcomers in our ashrams and centers. We have found that connecting to organizations that have their own internal means of informing and inviting their members, such as yoga studios, churches or temples, is most conducive. We also offer yoga and other classes in our ashrams, especially in the West, to improve the usage of the ashram and interaction with the community. For corporate initiatives (C-Connect) we have a full range of programs from multi-session courses to introductory 50-minute workshops. We have had success from a grass roots perspective with abhyasis reaching out to their management or HR and Wellness teams.

Globally: The Heartfulness Institute (HI) is planning to have four occasions each year to interact with people cohesively on a global scale:

January 1 – New Year’s Day
April 30 – Will be celebrated as ‘One World, One Humanity’ Day
June 21 – UN International Yoga Day
September 21 – UN World Peace Day

(...) For seekers becoming more established in the practice, introduce them to the mobile apps such as Sahaj Connect and the Heartfulness Mobile App, to help them develop a regular practice. We hope to have TV and Podcast media available very soon.

Creating an Inclusive Environment: As newcomers and visitors attend group meditation and gatherings, we will become increasingly sensitive to the ways in which we interact and present ourselves during all gatherings 

(...). We may need to use inclusive language, minimizing foreign terms that are unnecessary while local translations are appropriate. 

(...) For each one of us, an overall attitude of care and commitment toward newcomers can do as much as any other outreach effort. Making a personal connection with someone new, so they feel welcome and noticed, may give people all the encouragement and sense of belonging they need in the beginning. At the same time, while helping and guiding newcomers, we need to develop great patience with them, allowing them to grow at the pace that’s right for them. Creating a welcoming atmosphere includes harmony in the center. 

(...) We are looking for volunteers with a wide range of skills or aptitudes. 

(...) Teaching, Training, Social Media, Writers, 

(...) Graphic Design, Software, Information Technology 

(...) Experienced Public Speakers Needed : HI is seeking professional and accomplished public speakers, professors and industry experts to participate in speaking engagements for C-Connect, U-Connect, the Omega Science and Spirituality Clubs, and others.(...).

Heartfulness Team”

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