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Heartfulness Or The Hypocrisy of Spiritual Benevolence?

Translation of an article by Élodie: "Heartfulness ou l'hypocrisie de la bienveillance spirituelle", on her blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

November 15, 2015

Heartfulness Or The Hypocrisy of Spiritual Benevolence?

At the time when, prey to violence and barbarism, France tends its wounds yet again, a stunning emotion invades us. This is the time for compassion and solidarity for the City of Light which has been struck in the heart.

But beyond these immediate emotions and misunderstandings that overwhelm us, we must recognize our share of responsibility for the reprehensible destiny of these jihadists children.

Our World is not a pleasant dream, it's the least we can say. We do not offer an enchanting perspective to our youth and to our children. Of that we are totally responsible, totally and solely responsible.

It is obvious that we must give meaning to life. Benevolence and Spirituality are certainly a part of the values ​​that we have to place again in the foreground. "The 21st century will be spiritual or it will not be (exist?)."  How many times have we heard that affirmation?

There are some oriental, (Hindu, Buddhist) values, which we would do well to learn from. But all these groups who claim to be "Eastern spirituality" are not the same. Vigilance must remain the order of the day.

The Heartfulness Meditation program of Kamlesh Patel, SRCM and Sahaj Marg brilliantly exploits an opposition to darkness and the emptiness (vacuum-ness?) of our world with a supposed spiritual benevolence which they openly display.

They would have us dangle a Utopia of the "Best of Worlds" through meditation on the heart. But the ideology of benevolence spread by Heartfulness is only a hypocritical facade for some mysterious goals very  much more dark and obscure.

Let us constantly keep in mind some signals that show that Sahaj Marg is not as white as the image it wants to give us: 

Obey and serve - Pieces of Anthology on Obedience - Salient Features: #4

 "(...) Obedience must be total. (...) If a man is obedient, his goal is already in sight. (...) The total obedience is what is required for those who choose or who wishes to be perfect. (...) It is not for me to think, just obey. (...) There is only freedom is that of obedience to the Master. (...) We should be like a dog, who is just happy to be at the master's feet and look at his face! Babuji, himself, used the example of the dog. So do not think I insult you. Babuji always praised the devotion of a dog for his master. It was one of his constant jokes: if you invert the word "dog" (dog) you get the word "God" (God). See, he wanted a dog-like devotion in us, unquestioning obedience. (...) Obedience is the first law of spirituality. I place it above love (...). It is not easy to love, but it is easy to obey. (...)"
Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari 

Moral Degradation, according to Chari - Speech entitled "Morality is Essential" of October 12, 2010 (Seminar for Character Development for functionaries, Chennai India):

“(…) Today I read in the newspaper, I had it read, that India has slipped in the world list of nations to tackle hunger, even though there are less hungry people in India now. The way we are doing it does not compare with the way in which other countries are doing it. People like Bill Gates, he is willing to give billions for AIDS. Even the Pope, when Babuji Maharaj and I were in the Vatican some years ago, said a special prayer for AIDS sufferers. Why specially AIDS people? This shows our moral degradation. They don’t want tuberculosis patients, paralytic patients, heart patients; the idea being that these people are rich enough to afford their own cure. That is moral degradation — when a Pope says a special prayer!

So you see, it is from below to the top or the other way down, when churches condone same-sex marriages, perform same-sex marriages. Soon a day will come when perhaps, in Athens or Barcelona or somewhere, you will find a man marrying a cow (…).” 

If churches (religions?) close their eyes and condone gay marriages, a man may soon marry a cow. That is the limit of Chari's benevolence of Chari: Bill Gates, the Pope, the religions, AIDS, sex and homosexuality are all in the same bag of his intransigence. 

With Whispers, it is the Apocalypse that is promised to us:

"Within a quarter century, the earth will experience great turmoil. This will be the beginning of a very difficult cycle for earthlings to live through. Fire will literally fall on some parts of the world, while torrents of rain will stream on others. Cataclysms will follow one another for many long years, holding in suspense the frightened of mankind. (...) In future centuries, the current configuration of the continents will be upset. (...) The atom will turn against mankind, who has not been able to domesticate it, and its overwhelming power will be devastating. (...) The mutation of this planet must go through all of these disasters, to truly perform. "(2/28/01)" Sooner or later, mistakes must be paid for; this civilization is going too far into excess. A sudden brake will be placed on this destructive system; it is in the order of things. "(09/10/04)

Mankind is speeding to its doom, divine punishment comes, it will be the Apocalypse. But a new race is looming on the horizon, an elite will save the world.

Chari was homophobic. Babuji was a racist (and sexist?) . The medium, Peyret is apocalyptic. And Patel, (what is he)?  Benevolence has never stifled (choked?)  them; not even tolerance. The history of this movement is not a bed of roses, it is made of betrayal, violence and jealousy.

For what, or for whom do they roll? But that's another good question. But not for us, for sure.




Student of Mystery said...

To the people who run this blog:

You claim to be seekers of so-called "freedom" from Sahaj Marg. You are the rebels, right? The ones who had the courage to "break away" from Sahaj Marg? Well to me you come off as pathetic because your blog site is a testament to the fact that you are irrevocably bound to Sahaj Marg. Not just bound to it, you are obsessed with it.

The ones who believe in it and adhere to it as their chosen spiritual path in life are bound it by devotion. You, on the other hand, are bound to it by your hatred. But bondage it is! Lucky are the ones who are bound to it by love because in the end it's still love - something positive. You on the other hand need freedom from bondage, of not from Sahaj Marg, but freedom from the bondage of your hatred. The obsessive hatred you harbor in your hearts. Sadly you lack the courage to achieve this real freedom. And that's the reason you spend so much of your time spewing hatred about Sahaj Marg.

If you had real courage, the real guts to leave it, a real backbone, you would have left Sahaj Marg and never turned back to give it time of day. Not run a blog and obsess over it every second and come off as creepy losers to the rest of us. You clearly have nothing better to do let alone win over your own hearts that need some serious cleansing from hate and negativity. So yeah, you'll be forever bound to it whether you like it or not because your negativity is your connection. How sad, how unfruitful, how pathetic, how blind.

4d-Don said...

Hi Student of Mystery ...

I am sure happy (positive) to not have chosen the "religious" path of Sahaj Marg or any other path of spiritualism with its Mediums, phoney messsages from the DEAD, Statues of idols, etc...) and then deceitfully call it spirituality ...

To report on lies (and liars) does not make one a liar ... The "fifth estate" (journalism) gives the victims of deceit the truth about those who would enslave them and rob them of their time and money with lies and pseudo "mystery". We expose their methods in their own words. We will continue to do so.

Those who are threatened by "journalists" or the "messengers", are those who are not truthful ... those who are trying to hide their deceit behind a veil of "lies" ... and they attach their lies to "spirits" of the dead... the "ghosts"...

Sahaj Marg was stolen by Chari and this follower of Chari simply continues his lies...

We will report as long as we can... in joy and happiness ...

The TRUTH sets us all free... Spiritualism is a SCAM... it will be exposed ...

If you have something to say, you can add to the conversation for the benefit of our readers ...

We all can see your heart and its contents ...

Don ...