Sunday, March 06, 2016

Sahaj Marg: The Good and the Bad Abhyasis

Translation of an article by Élodie: "Sahaj Marg: les bons et les mauvais abhyasis", on her blog is Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

March 6, 2016

Sahaj Marg: The good and the bad Abhyasis

The good and the bad abhyasis, the good and bad preceptors. The real human beings and the others.

True to Chari's way of doing things, Patel is no exception to the rule: there are now good and bad abhyasis, good and bad tutors: "I clean abhyasis and I'm superior to them."

The bad ones are not even worthy of being considered human beings, "manners and attitude are so poor they do not even have close to the human being". 

I don't dare imagine how he perceives those outside his movement; worse than animals?

But what worries him has nothing to do with humanity and spirituality. What worries him is the outside view, the judgment of others, "How are they going to represent our Sahaj Marg spiritual movement and inspire others to join us?"

This was some of the information brought forward in his search for peer public speakers (proselytizing?).

Does the image of Sahaj Marg and Heartfulness that Kamlesh Patel tries to sell to the outside world, have a foundation in reality or is it all a pipe dream?


Read this short exerpt: 

“Serve with Anonymity”, a speech by Kamlesh Patel on January 29th, 2016 at Chittoor (Andhra Pradesh, India)


(…) Another problem we face is that some abhyasis can be so uncivil in their approach. Even though they may know a little bit of Sahaj Marg, their mannerisms and their attitude are so poor that they don’t even come close to being human. How will they represent our Sahaj Marg Spiritual Movement and inspire others to join us?

We will not be able to fulfil our own spiritual goal, let alone help others, unless and until we remain calm, peaceful and dedicated from within. Our behaviour matters. To serve as a preceptor does not give us some sort of privilege to enter the Brighter World. In fact, I have observed again and again that when a person is made a preceptor, generally his or her progress is arrested for a long, long time until he or she wakes up and says, “No, this is not the way I should live my life.” Why? Because they feel they have achieved something, and the ego inflates instead of becoming less and less.

Becoming a preceptor does not mean that you have achieved something. Nothing has been achieved yet. It is an extra responsibility given. It is like volunteer work; whether you clean the toilet or whether you clean the abhyasi's heart, it is the same thing. Those who are cleaning toilets think themselves to be too low and they continue to receive Grace from above, while the preceptors think, “I am cleaning the abhyasis and I am superior to them.” How to redeem such cases? It is very difficult. (…)


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