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Happy New Year??

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Happy New Year??

Hi all...

As we become a Global community and we take our Freedom from the historic control of Religion, one of many things that could unite us is our method of measuring MOTION in and of SPACE, as we measure the MOTION of the planets, the suns (stars), the galaxies, the Universe either with meters, kilometeres, etc. (SPACE) or with seconds, minutes, hours, months, years, etc. (TIME)

What has historically been the domain of RELIGION up until now will hopefully soon be taken over by SCIENCE and our new multi-dimensional calendars will reflect astronomical events rather than RELIGIOUSLY or Tribally significant events such as the birth of a MYTHIC or even of a HISTORIC (religious or spiritual) person. We don't want in these rational moments, to create a "new" global calendar that starts counting our cycles of Motion through an expanding Space, at the birth of the FOUNDER of the UNITED NATIONS, for example. And we can certainly question the names of our "monthly units" of time: January for "Janus", a Roman God previously representing "chaos", and July and August for Roman emperors of the Pre-Christian past, etc. The names for the months of September, October, Novenber, December, are simply latin numbers and can remain. Notice also that March (spring) was the first month of the Roman year, not January 1st, and that May and June may have had "sexist" undertones in male dominated Rome.

(For more on our modern western calendar, see Julian Calendar 0f Julius Ceasar (45 BCE - Before the common Era), or 709 Anno Urbis conditae- From the Founding of the City (Rome), and the Gregorian Calendar name for Pope Gregory on Feb. 24, 1582 ACE -After the common era)

Although all these tribal and religious debates seem silly and childish from this perspective, we will soon become a Global Civilization, what Michio Kaku, a physicist calls "civilization I (ONE)", to indicate that up until now, we were not even a "civilization" but a conglomerate of tribes, religions, nations, or races. Those cultural and religious divisions will hopefully soon go the way of the now-extinct "dodo bird" along with "uniformed" national wars and "World Wars", as the planetary and solar system Gods of Religions and of national and racial and cultural Divisions, lose their power over the population and that we, as one "people", as a phoenix, begin to rise from the ashes of previous ages, and to look to the Galaxy and Groups of Galaxies and to the Universe, for our sources of energy and inspiration.

In other words, Science should soon replace Religion as the field of contact with the exterior "ALL" of CREATION and leave the spiritual quest of accessing or communing with the inner ONE-ness to the realm of SPIRIT, defined as an experienced and rarified, but un-seen, un-measured, un-proven, un-touched, form of REAL energy... or in other words: SPIRITUALITY...

May we all revel in these last few "NEW YEARS" of the "Christian era", that have lasted for 200? years, and that should also depict the last years of our civilization's RELIGIOUS era, as we journey towards a more rational, and less emotional future, free from the blind OBEDIENCE and the Divisions and TYRANNY of RELIGION.

Let us ascertain that the NEW AGE is more Rational than the past RELIGIOUS Age! Away with the charlatan-istic magic of religious miracles, (transmission, forgiveness of sins, samskaras, etc...) and free from the religious mysteries (ONE GOD, in THREE... a TRINITY), towards the REAL-ITY of the Magic, the Miracle, and the True Mystery of our EXISTENCE, and the ONE-ness of the ALL (physical Creation)!

Einstein said: "The most incomprehensible thing in the universe is actually that humans can comprehend it!"

Let us strive in this continuous, but not "New", cycle of our beloved home planet EARTH (Gaia, to the Greeks) around our average star (that in English we call the "SUN", but was "SOL" to the Egyptians of old), in an average galaxy that we call: Milky Way, in a "Local GROUP" of gravity-bound Galaxies, that we don't add more "emotions" to an already "hyper-charged" emotional and religious and hence tribal debate.

Let us strive to reduce "name-calling", and un-substantiated accusations and judgements unless they are stated as coming from other sources (even anonymously). Then we are simply "REPORTING"... then we are the NEW MEDIA or the INFONAUTS... We, the bloggers, don't have to prove ourselves RIGHT! We can simply report the stories of the average people, and discuss these in rational terms and vocabulary without being dogmatic, or religious!

As Jean-Luc Picard of the Star Ship Enterprise on Star Trek would say:


or in the Religious (latin) terms of the PAST:

"AMEN" (So Be It)

Cyril Borg...

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Anonymous said...


About January 1st as the begining of the New Year ... (From the ROMAN Empire and thus the "pagan" or "pantheistic" (many "gods") RELIGION.

From: "A Sideways Look at TIME", by Jay Friffiths (page 117-118)

Janus, god of doorways, was the Roman god of New Year: January was named after him. Janus also survives in an unconscious heritage; his two-faced image, looking both forward and backwards, is wholly appropriate and reflected in two New Year customs; singing “Auld Lanf Syne” looks back at the past, while New Year resolutions look forward to the future, at this ambiguous moment. Ovid related that Janus was called Chaos when the elements of fire, water, earth were a shapeless heap. Whent they seperated, Chaos became Janus and his two faces represent the confusion of his origin.

The New Year resolution was a pagan way of “forgiving one’s self for past “sins” and resolving (or atoning or becoming "at-one" with) to do better this year. It is a cyclical “forgiveness” much like the Mayans of Guatemala and their ceremonial and ritualistic yearly tying of knots into a rope for every “wrong” committed during that past year and throwing the rope into the fire.

We have gone from self-reliance with past myths to modern myths of reliance on organized “RELIGIONS” and Cults for SALVATION.

Janus looking backwards and forward is a representation of the "Ourobourous" of the Greeks, but is present in many cultures as "the Snake eating its own tail" or "regurgitating itself", which is also represented in the Mayan concept of TIME also, and depicted lately in many modern "crop circles" in England ... be they hoax or not!! ;-))

"July" was named for "Julius Ceasar", the great Roman conqueror and also a "god" in his own right. Are we still perpetuating a Roman MYTHIC Religious past from Centuries ago? It seems so... These days of TRANSFORMATION are thus "necessary" so as to get atuned to REALITY... Away from all past and present RELIGIONS and MYTHS...

Cyril Borg....