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Sahaj Marg and the Sufi Naqshbandiyya (Babuji explains)

Taken from Elodie's French Blog: Pour que Vive le Sahaj Marg

Babuji explains

I found a letter from Babuji dating from 1963 on the website of NaqshMuMRa International Fellowship, the Sufi lineage after Lalaji, now led by his grand-son Dinesh.

Babuji expresses his opinion, saying the "Sahaj Marga" has replaced the various Sufi brotherhoods that appear as outdated.

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From the NaqshMuMRa International Fellowship site:

There has been a common anxiety of the intellectuals about the roots of “Sahaj Marg” (a spiritual-system propagated by Shri Ram Chandra Mission, Shahjahanpur), whether or not is an offshoot of Sufism, mainly because on the grounds of its declared “Aadiguru” (founder-spiritual-Master), Mahatma Ramchandra (Laalaaji) Maharaj of Fatehgarh (UP) was a saint-preceptor of Naqshbandiya-sufi-nisbat (esoteric-lineage).

Note from Author of this blog:

Sahaj Marg and the Shri Ram Chandra Mission were founded and registered in India in 1945 by Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur (aka: Babuji) , 13 years after the death of Mahatma Ramchandra (Lalaaji) of Fathehgarh (UP). Babuji was never a preceptor of Lalaaji's and only met him a few times during his life. After his (Lalaaji's) death (13 years after his death....), Babuji claims that Lalaaji and Vivekahanda intructed him on the inside (dream? vision?) to form the Sahaj Marga. (See a selection of Babuji's journal entries in Autobiography of Ram Chandra) The name was later shortened to Sahaj Marg.
(For the full story, see: History of Shri Ram Chandra Mission (Sahaj Marg) Lalaji's lineage and societies (NaqshMuMRa International Fellowship and the Ram Ashrams (Dr. Chaturbhuj Sahay Ji) are still in existence today.

Recently we have received a scanned-copy of a personal letter signed by the Founder President of ‘Shri Ram Chandra Mission’, Shahjahanpur (UP). The sender of this document is Shri S.R.D. Kudesia (Sampat Baabu) of Fatehgarh (UP). Shri Bhagwan Bharose Vaidya, the addressee of this letter was Sampat Baabu’s father and an adherent of Rev. Laalaaj Maharaj, right from his Govt. service-period in Fatehgarh-courts.

The concerned parties may use of the contents of the document, subjected here above. 

I highlighted the controversial and questionable section of Babuji's letter, read this section carefully and consider the implications for the other "religions" mentionned (Sufi, Muslims) and the other spiritual societies of Lalaaji (Sufi), and Dr Chaturbhuj (Ramashram). Is the new Sahaj Marg of Chari's and SRCM(California) now "transmitting on others the desired effect"??

These "Mohamadan systems" that have "breathe their last" and are now "cut off", according to this letter of Babuji, does that mean that now, "ONLY" Sahaj Marg has the ONE "GOD"s favour? Is Sahaj Marg just another religion of the "chosen"? Does that not sound like simply another RELIGION, claiming to be the only path to REALITY or the DIVINE and "bad-mouthing" all the other religions so as to gather their "sheep"?
Just the business of RELIGION! Does the UN DPI program know of this? Is Sahaj Marg then really a PEACEFUL and RESPECTFUL (of all other religions) path to teach in a "war zone" in these troubled times? The abhyasis claim to be PEACEFUL! Are they "REALLY"? What are they being transmitted? That they are "the ONLY" ones on the TRUE PATH?

Did Lalaaji forget to "transmit" to all the Naqshbandiyya SUFIS, and the adherents of the Ramashram of Dr. Chaturbhuj, to leave their group and join SRCM?

Did the Pope and all the leaders of all other religions forget to tell their followers that they have been "cut off" from God, and should now join SRCM as that is now the ONLY PATH to the DIVINE? Are they conspiring to hold that information from GOD from their "followers"? Does that not show disrespect for other RELIGIONS? Does that not sound "megalomaniacal"? Is that not "the" religious "disease"? Do we have "psy's" that want to tackle that ONE? ;-))

Babuji's Letter:

Feb. 14, 1963

My dear Bhagwan Bharosey

I have gone through your letter address-ed to
Dr. L.P.Srivastava. I am very thankful to you for having
graced our annual function by your kind presence. Your company,
short though it was, was very joyful to me and I long to have it

I am also grateful to you for your appreciation of my
thought which usually none even gives time to hear about. I am
where I ought to be and I sincerely wish that all of us may be up
to know and practise what is actually real.

Times have undergone radical changes but to my greatest
regret I find our brothers sleeping yet. The Mohamadan systems
have all breathed their last and this, 'The Sahaj Marga' the only
ONE has now emerged out in their place. Its teachings and
methods widely differ from those of the old systems in many
respects. One having a developed vision and being sensitive to 

some extent at least, can easily mark well the difference between 
the two. The method of training and the nature of Faez are all 
purely Hinduised and they are free from all superfluous things 
introduced into the ways of transmission under those systems. 
The spiritual connections of all Mohamadan Sansthas - 
Naqshbandi, Chishti and all - have been cut off. The fact has 
been discovered by most of the prominent Mohamadan saints 
of standing, even, and I know of one who acknowledged this 
fact before my brother disciple Shri Rameshwar Prasad Misra.

I do not mean to induce you or any body else to accept it
on my words but I simply point it out to every one to study and
judge for himself. The changing nature of the world is a clear
indication of it. Every one should now qualify himself for the
new system which has come down direct from above. Then alone
shall he be capable of transmitting on others the desired effect
My revered Master has prepared me for this sort of work. During
his life time he valued my letters to him so highly that he pre-
served them safely. All of them depict something or the other
of the Nature's course which is being displayed today.

I have authorised Dr. Lalta Prasad Srivastava to impart
spiritual training to Abhyasis through transmission. I am con-
fident that he will do his job well and shall be thoroughly
capable of standing all tests.

With best wishes,

Yours sincerely,
Ram Chandra

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