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Sahaj Marg Destroyed My Family!

This testimonial was posted on Vincent's blog: Le Sahaj Marg a Detruit Ma Famille (Sahaj Marg Destroyed My Family), in Europe. Vincent posted it on Elodie's Blog in France: Pour Que Vive le Sahaj Marg in an article called "Relations Familiales" (Family Relations)

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Vincent's story is another tragic story in the wake of Sahaj Marg and the Shri Ram Chandra Mission, and Thierry's testimonial seems to be quite similar. Add to these accounts the attemps at "match-making inside the Mission" by the Master of SRCM(California), the prefects and the preceptors (priests) and other abhyasis, who want to please the Master, and the constant convenient "trips" to attend and support "recruiting drives" and seminars in other nearby towns so as to show "numbers", and you will understand the pressure and the stress on the family of new "members" of this "cult of a Personality", that oftens breaks it up.

As Chari said about "preceptors" (priests) at a Seminar for Preceptors in Jan, 2001 (see "On Other Religions") , they "destroy" love. This is another example of "destroyed" love in the family of an abhyasi. The numbers and the statistics now become real "FACES" of real PEOPLE and real "LIVES". It begs the question: "What is being "transmitted" by these businessmen "Amateurs" who play at Spirituality and Religion with people's lives?"


I send you a comment from a post by Thierry? on my old blog that I do not even consult now and my short? response.


Thierry has left a new comment on your post "When a family meets the Shri Ram Chandra Mission": (4d-don added all the punctuation marks so as to make it "read-able"

hello to all

I allow myself to bring a comment to this very instructive exchange

I practice the spiritual path proposed in Sahaj marg for the past 20 years and I am very satisfied with my practice and the srcm(.) I think that the the problems of comprehension that we encounter is due to several fundamental differences(.)

I(,) at the beginning of my practice encountered enormous difficulties
of freedom of worship(.) For example in Sahaj marg(,) even if it is not a prerequisite(,) it is strongly recommended not to drink alcohol and become vegetarian(.) when I was at my parents (home) I always had at my plate(,) a steak and a glass of wine served with my father telling me(,) I quote(:) "you're not a man(,) you do not drink" (.)

I had to fight for many years to make them admit that my choice of lifestyle was different and until the death of my father, he always dismissed me(.) if I resisted to not cut myself from my family it is out of duty and love for them(.)

my sisters and brothers have also criticized me several times and when I took the floor (spoke) they said that it was not coming from me(.) I also resisted cutting them off through tolerance(.)

It is well known that minorities frighten (people) because by not reacting in certain situations and behaviors like most people(,) the way we do (things) may seem odd(,) for example no longer taking pleasure in drinking alcohol "may surprise"(.)

it is certain that early in my practice I have certainly been too expressive in externalizing how I felt(.) I'm more internalized now and seldom share the happiness and balance that meditation lavishes(.)

I was married for 10 years to someone who has never practiced meditation(.) (The) fear of her family before my differences forced me to divorce with a son who is a supporter of the srcm but does not want to meditate(.) It is his choice(,) having been mistreated myself because of my spiritual path(,) I leave him chose without interfering with his freedom of worship(.)

I was next cohabiting with a woman who practiced meditation with me for 2 years and then spent the remaining 5 years of our communal life criticizing me me and my spiritual master(.) I did not force her to follow me but I just asked for my freedom of worship(.) I also had to separate myself from her as the pressure from her became unbearable(.) I had(,) so as to please her(,) taken up eating meat again(,) in my attempt to not appear too "bizarre"(.)

Meditation regulates the mind and life seems so beautiful that of course it may seem strange to be happy(.)

I'm so so happy(,) so content in my skin(.) I live moments that are so intense and it is thanks to meditation(.) Our practice of meditation is designed to make us change our evolution and allows us to discover a new perception of the world (inside and outside) I allow myself this counsel ... leave us meditate(.) Do not criticize us in our practice(.) Accept us as we accept you(.)

Let us love one another with our differences(.) do not try and impose on us your choice and if some practitioners want to force you to become members(,) have them read this message(.) let us all leave one another our freedom to worship or not to worship(.) if people do not want to meditate(,) it is their life's choices and this must be respected(.)

Meditation is so subtle that the accession of the person must be voluntary or else it does not work(.)

thank you for taking the time to read me


Vincent said ...

Hello Thierry,

Your views are interesting even if I do not agree completely. Placing everything on account of the fear engendered by the differences seems reductive, especially if they are to be vegetarian or refuse to drink alcohol.

An interesting exercise would be that you try to put yourself in the place of your parents(,) and all the women who have left.

This blog is no longer active today. I'll post your comments on the blog of Elodie(.) It supports very active discussions, and I invite you to join in. http://pourquevivelesahajmarg.blogspot.com


Elodie said ...

Hello Thierry,

Also try to put yourself in the reverse situation. Your parents, your wife and your brothers and sisters are part of the Shri Ram Chandra Mission. Now, try to make one small criticism. I can assure you that this position is at least as difficult to keep as your situation. I know someone in this case, the answer is the total rejection, total and permanent.

Friday Dec. 05 07:00:00 AM

Shashwat Said...

with some difficulty in reading and understanding french, here is what i could make out from thierry's testimonial:-

She had a difficult time in her parents home, could not get along well with her father and siblings, her marriage of 10 years ended up in divorce, difference is due to srcm and its practice which she believes has had a positive effect on her life,(positive to her means, divorce, loss of trust and relationship with parents, siblings, friends etc) her son is sympathetic towards this cult of sahaj marg, but does not participate in its activities. (why ???)

If my understanding of french is correct (pls correct me where ever i am wrong) her 20 yrs skirmish with sahaj marg has left her with no family, no friends (outside cult) and she finally ended up on Vincent's blog which deals with broken families of sahaj marg.

Can someone who can effectively translate from english to french, inform her, and ask her to look at her own life, as to what freedom to worship has transformed her into, she is not liked by her ex-husband, (hence divorced) not liked by parents/siblings, (hence living with a friend), not liked by her (new) friend either.. what is so impractical about sahaj marg that she is not liked by anyone in her circle ??? and she admits that it is all because of sahaj marg only !!! if she can think, then she should look at herself and try to find out the root cause of her problems, which is sahaj marg, she is yet another example for us, which cements our conclusion that sahaj marg destroys family life, being a natural and simple path is out of question....


Alexis said ...

@ Thierry,

vincent & elodie have said almost everything. the reverse is not easier to live with; judgments as to what prevails in reverse by minorities are permanent.

I would just like to add that you should also try to put yourself in your son's place, that way, you might finally understand why he does not meditate while remaining a "sympathizer" as you say. Indeed, given what I know of you "abhyasis", you and your family relationships, he has little choice if he wants to maintain a contact with you.

Outside of the Sahaj Marg, nothing seems to interests you, and you do not have any conversations, but if one gets you going on the subject of Sahaj Marg, you are inexhaustible. Then your son, if he wants to keep a relationship with his father, is forced to pretend to look a little interested ... otherwise what would be left of his father?

Imagine now that this is the case with lots of families of abhyasis who have already contacted me so as to learn more about SM (Sahaj Marg). To stay in touch with you, to not burn the bridges, they are forced to shut up about what they really think about, your SRCM. They listen to you talk about it, and they speak kindly (gently) of it, trying to interest themselves a little bit because they know that it would be worse to suspend their relationship with the abhyasis in their family ...

Do you not believe that to get to this point, something serious is happening on your part, you abhyasis? Family is crap, and nothing more is left than your ego or your so-called spiritual elevation that interests you? ...

Friday Dec. 05, 07:49:00 PM

4d-don Said:


I shake my head. (What a mess! What a mess!)

You have the right to "meditate", but with the Sahaj Marg, you are not only an "abhyasi", as you assist and do the dirty work of proselytizing for those who target our wives, and especially, the children, to fill the "benches" of their PRIVATE SCHOOLS (for the children of the wealthy in India), which is their "commerce". (the Children)

Babuji warned: Sahaj Marg is FOR THOSE OVER 18 YEARS of age ... Now with Chari, Sahaj Marg is for those of "3 YEARS" and even "from birth" ... WHY?

This is not only meditation. In the Sahaj Marg and SRCM(California), you are their "foot-soldiers", and not only an innocent "abhyasis" but you are also a "judas goats" for a "GANG" of selfish foreign businessmen, addicted to power, who target our children, and discriminate against "WOMEN" (according to Chari, a woman cannot be a "MASTER" of Sahaj Marg), but they manipulate them with "useless titles (volunteers)".

Chari also attacks other religions, our "Homosexual" brothers and sisters, and even the "Bloggers" whom he accuses of being "the enemies of spirituality."

And you, do you object? Can you oppose them and still remain a "serf"? Have they removed your courage and made you: SUBJECT! (Submissive)? Have they removed your compassion and your love for your family, friends, compatriots, etc..?

You are not only a "meditator" but a number, a "commercial" for SAHAJ MARG (MART) of Chari, with his gang of businessmen from India ...

Go hide your face! The Sahaj Marg of Chari is like the other "religions" that say: "We are just the peaceful "pray-ers", why does the world persecute us?"

YOU support the violent "BULLIES" and the immoral "con-men"! And we will "expose" them so as to minimize some of the pain of the future "pawns" which they will target with you as the "bait" ...

BE SPIRITUAL for the love of God, for the sake of yourself and your family ... Now you're just an idolater, and you kneel before the MATERIAL and you bow your head to MEN of MATTER in the Material temples of the rich ... for a "sensation", a "fix", much like an addict.

Don ....

Cri-cri said ...

I understand Thierry's comment when he said that everyone must respect the differences of the others. However, what actually Thierry wants to say is: be indifferent to the differences of others so as to not interfere (also known as not to hinder the abhyasis of SRCMtm), which is a selfish and negative approach that has nothing to do with the celebration of all the differences in others, which is positive and altruistic.

I note that there is no depth in his analysis. For him, freedom of worship is tantamount to choosing a path of enjoyment he calls balance and fulfillment, whatever the consequences for the environment to which it is linked.

Obviously, Thierry failed to make understood to his own, the nature of his balance and well-being, which is curious: Everyone does research. Does everyone not seek (desire) the well-being, balance and the development of one's own? What parents, what company or what companion, what child would not want those with whom they live to be fulfilled and well in their skin? Are we not happier when we live with happy people?

Also, meeting someone in this sublime condition, would it not surely give others the desire to implement this miracle recipe in their own lives? Surely!

We all know what kind of development the practice of Sahaj Marg SRCMtm bring, and that is probably why Thierry has had to suffer the pressures he describes. These pressures were not directed against the differences as he understood, but against a particular difference, which made life unbearable for the common partners of his adventure.

I will say no more, but having "sided" and known the abhyasis of SRCMtm long enough, I fully understand why the entourage of Thierry has reacted badly to his "difference".


@ Élodie

"Total Rejection, absolute and definitive"

What a One (the ONLY) way to universal love? : The master REJECTS, the worshipers REJECT. Strange Universal love on the part of the One who loves us all so much (as well as the merits of our pockets (money))!

So abhyasis of SRCMtm, the SRCMtm is it not fundamentally, essentially and primarily a CULT?

Ooooops ... the Taboo word.


Cri-cri said:

@ Shashwat

Thierry is a male French name. The condition of the guy is spiritually high though, but what is his approach I do not know ? His social failure is due to the fact that he has believed the SRCMtm propaganda claiming that it was offering a system of spiritual training for someone with a normal family and social life, which is a TRUE lie. Because he sincerely practised the SRCMtm version of sahaj marg, his focus and heart was not at all available for his people, but devoted to his spiritual goal. The reason why he got all these problems was that people felt they were being betrayed by Thierry. He should have understood that. There is no other reason.

So, Thierry, practise well the path that you have chosen, but practise it as a solitary monk, and do not mess up the life of others. It would be so nice that the propaganda of the SRCMtm be adjusted, so that they make it clear at the very beginning, when people joined the cult, that sahaj marg is not at all for normal people with a normal familly life and a normal social life. Haven't they understood that the western world is not Asia ?

The only possibility of having a "normal familly life" is to be a brainwashed SRCMtm familly, in which the grand-parents, the wife, the husband and the kids are all activist fanatics in the sect. The only "normal social life" that these people could have is between themselves, i.e. with other activist fanatics of the sect. This is very clear.

This is another description of a sect: They live for themselves, not at all for the humankind, and they want to spread like a disease.


Martin Said:


May you find in these exchanges that you say "instructive" the lightning flash of truth that will pull you out of your mystical delirium.

If the SRCM outlawed alcohol for its followers it offers an alternative with far more devastating effects. You will notice that as profound alcoholics end up being rejected by their relatives, fanatics of the SRCM often have the same breaks.

The process is the same. One begins to drink a little, then often, and increasingly, and as with all hard addictions, one loses control, the daily dose becomes vital to destroy everything around you.

The SCRM meditator feels better after his/her meditation, as after his alcoholic drink.
For ten years I have been around a practicant of SM, a preceptor, and I attended to great suffering to an ineducable stalemate.

The overdose after an intense practice including daily morning meditation, the cleaning and evening prayers and two group meditations each week, and a few sittings, plus periodic seminars around the world, trap the devoted practicants in a exponential process which necessarily cut him/her off from any normal relationship with his/her surroundings.

But there are detoxification treatment for alcoholics that work, but unfortunately nothing like the poisoned abyasis!

At the root of the rupture, you are mistaken, Thierry. It is not respect for differences and still less that of the freedom to think or believe, it is the loss of confidence in a loved one who can neither understand nor accept these egotistical and idolatrous choices that surreptitiously make you deaf and blind to the suffering of those you lost.

"Errare humanum is diabolicum persevere," To err is human, to persevere is diabolical ...

Thierry, do you not find that the cost is a bit High?

How can SRCM advocate Love while leading the followers on the road that lead inexorably to leave those who love or have loved?

Drink a glass (wine) with your son ... reassure him, give him your love, he must have needed it much more than your guru who did not give a shit!


4d-don Said:


We can say through your testimony that the Sahaj Marg is not for those who want a "normal" family life, and that the claim that Sahaj Marg removes the "stress" in the life of the practicant is simply a lie to catch new "Bees" with synthetic honey or sugar.

You could, to be "honorable", go give your testimony on the sites that the Sahaj Marg has in American universities where the "product" of Sahaj Marg is sold as "a technique that reduces stress in life, and that it is for those who want a "normal" family life ... To not feel the stress around you and being a "living dead" is not "reducing stress" it is DENIAL... Others you love and who love you can FEEL IT...

Your testimony here, and your experience of Sahaj Marg, was "negative, not positive. And you dare not even face the corruption that we expose! The Sahaj Marg in your life was: DIVISION and did nothing to UNITE anyone, not the world, not your world, ... It is a lie?

Why the lie? Because of Sahaj Marg Babuj was "stolen" by "materialists," who don't give a "sh.t" about the lives of others, emotional, physical or spiritual ... These are people (businessmen) who profit from the misfortune of others ... They want to be adored by their "serfs".

Keep standing up to them! Become SPIRITUAL! Strong and Free! They can not do you more harm than if you "serve" and "obey" them, as one can see. It is also our experience of Sahaj Marg, and we now oppose and EXPOSE them for the sake of the OTHERS who come after us ... Unite the families, do not DIVIDE them as Sahaj Marg has done for yours. Make it your Christmas Gift to the World and to your FAMILY...

Give your testimony EVERYWHERE! This is the TRUTH and the REALITY that are you searching for? It is here in front of you, open your mouth and give your testimony of your divided REALITY, so that it might change and become UNITED. It is not too late. It is never too late! BE!! There is no need for PROXIES between you and the ONE anymore... the ONE is is all of US and we are inside IT... There is no "OUTSIDE" of the ONE ... That is the CON and the "come-on" of the Religious and the "spiritual" Masters.

PS.. You say:" I also resisted cutting them off through tolerance(.)"

Tolerance is not LOVE and not even "acceptance". To Love, one will become at "one with" such as in the word: "atonement" or "at-one-ment". That is the important part of the Catholic "confession" and it's four imperatives: accept (admit), confess, do penance, atone. ATONEMENT is LOVE! Be "at one with" or LOVE your neighbour, not just love the "pyramidal", "sectarian" gang-like love of, and obedience to the: MASTER, MISSION, METHOD.

Then, maybe you can try and LOVE THE ENEMY and should you succeed, you would then be a REAL "Christian" or you will be "Christ-like".

For Chari!

Then you will also love the BLOGGERS who may be a CURSE, but only to the Religious POWER Addicted who want "serfs" to "obey" them and "living-deads" to adore them. But the BLOGGERS are still not the "enemies of spirituality", or of anyone or of anything else, Chari! We, the BLOGGERS, unlike the RELIGIOUS businessmen with their "inner circle", are not a GANG! That Game is OVER!

Don ...

Tuesday December. 09, 01:24:00 AM

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Anonymous said...

After all the hardships of growing their children, when they are about to settle, it is the time for the old fellow, who does the all the dirty tricks and takes away their loved childrens for nothing. Why should any body obey any outsider at all. How can they force any thing on any body. Who the hell is the so called Master? All the parents should tell their childrens about the pitfalls in the system, and try to convince them. They should explain also the psycho nature of the guru.