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Allegations in Letter to Registrar of Societies, India (2003)

From Shashwat's blog: Freedom to Speak - Power to Speak

Item 17 on Shashwat’s blog is a letter from a “one time” preceptor called C S KalyanaSunderam to the Registrar of Societies (India), alleging ‘immoral” activity at the SRCM and blaming Chari’s son for the alleged “mismanagement" of the SRCM but does not bring much evidence. See it complete at number 17 on Freedom to Speak - Power to Speak (Shashwat's Blog):

or... For a quick scan, and salient point, see below:

Page 1
Stamp of Registrar dated 13/10/03

See it at:

Page 2

Letterhead from:

From CS KalyanaSunderam ...........................Phone (blanked)
(one time - preceptor & Abhyasi – disciple of...Chrompet
Shri Ram Chandra Mission (SRCM) .....Res. 11/84 Panchavadi Aprt.
HQ Shahjehanpur ...................................Dr. Rajendra Prasad Road,
Shri Babuji Memorial Ashram World HQ .Nehru Nagar,
Manapakkan, Chennai – 600 116 ...........Chrompet – 6000 044

See contents at:

Page 3

SRCM Registration info dated 28, 7, 45 (July 28, 1945), and re-registration dated May 4, 1978 as per Indian Government Legislation.

See it at:

Page 4 (Salient and IMPORTANT)

His Holiness Mahatma Shri Ram Chandra attained Maha Samadhi April 19th 1983. He has however, left behind His disciple, Shri P. Rajagopalachari, as His successor and spiritual representative to continue the task ahead for the uplift of humanity at large.

Ever since the establishment of Shri Babuji Memorial Ashram on Shri Ram Chandra Road, Manapakkam Chennai – 600116 (during 1997-1998) the style of functioning of the mission has changed.

The Spiritual Head of the Mission who is also the administrative head, with titles of ‘Master and President of the SRCM:-the present person being Shri P. Rajagopalachari – sometimes affixes his signature as “Parthasarathy – ignoring the norms of constitution and by-laws incorporated the wordings (Words) ‘International head quarters’ to the Chennai Centre at Manapakkam – 116. It is not clear to the disciples all over the world, wether the mission has embraced a new registration under the societies Act as it is an operative trust.

When the Registrar of Govt. of Tamilnadu was approached, he has negatived the request stating that they have no such recording on their files (vide copy enclosed)

All the disciples in India as well as abroad have been dissatisfied with the functionning of the trust – Office at Chennai as the functionaries of the SRCM organization at the World HQ do not follow any norms. All types of mismanagement, mal-administration, corruption and immoral acts have become the order of the day.

Barring a handful of functionaries around the present Master/President of the SRCM – Chennai, no disciple is allowed to meet the Master. These things have started as long as the present President took the reigns in his hands - since 1983. It has become ‘bad to worse’ since 1997 when the present Master / President’s son gate crashed the organization and it is felt by every individual disciple (barring their associates around (him?) the the Master / President’s son is totally responsible for the downfall in spirituality of the organization.

Sudden administrative orders are sponsored by the President’s son in the name of his father. Silencing every individual on the strength of his father sri PR Krishna President’s son, his family and associates have taken the upper hand in the adnimistration of SRCM Chennai. Shahjahanpur (UP) as HQs has been totally ignored violating the recording of the constitution.

Page 5 (Salient and IMPORTANT)

Shri Umesh, founder guru’s (Shri Ram Chandraji Maharaj) eldest son, has filed a suit in the court of law at Lucknow UP in this regard and a case is still pending in Uttah Pradesh against SRCM Chennai.

To cite an instance please find enclosed the implementation of organizational structure with effect from January 1, 2003. There is no authenticity for the order since it has not been signed by the president SRCM, nor it is in official decorum. After 1997, there are inumerable such lapses leading to the maladministration and mismanagement of the Mission.

Hence I’d like to know the following:

1. The SRCM has derecognized the Head quarters of Shahjehanpur (UP) without the knowledge of the disciples all over the world.

2. They function under the banner: SRCM – Shri Babuji Memorial Ashram World HQ – Manapakkam – Chennai – 116. Have they registered this new nomenclature? If so, what is the new registration number?

3. Is there any New constitution and by laws for this revised organization? If so a copy may kindly be extended and obliged or I may kindly be guided the manner of possesing the copy.

See signatures on letter (not legible) at:

ALSO from the Legal documents on Shashwat's Blog:

See “original constitution from Babuji in 1945.
See Item 3 on Blog.

See Babuji’s Signature: His legal FULL NAME in 1945 was apparently: Ram Chandra, then there are at the end of the document, of the 12 original "founders" of the SRCM, there is a Prakash Chandra who's signature looks like "Chander", and a Kailash Chandra. Then there is also a "B. Ram Chandra Saksena" (number 7). Babuji's son Umesh and his Grandson Navneet are called: "Saxena" or "Saksena". Hmmmm??? was this a "family and friends" affair.

PS... Notice that there are "12" signing founders of SRCM. The 11 apostles and Babuji!!

Chari re-registered the Shri Ram Chandra Mission in Califorrnia, USA, in 1997 and the Sahaj Marg Spirituality Foundation in Austin Texas, USA in 1997. He placed himself as President of SRCM in other countries and placed directors loyal to himself on these Boards of Directors in other countries.

See Michael's (ex- preceptor and "inner circle" member of Chari) Testimonial on his blog: Inner Circle of SRCM

And list of Directors for SRCM (Canada) at:
Canada Revenue Agency Charities Listing
Enter: Shri Ram Chandra Mission
City: North York
Province: Ontario

See country of residence of Directors at: Shri Ram Chandra Mission (SRCM) and the United Nations (Appendix)

Notice directors from the USA and France... Notice also $60,000.oo leaving SRCM(Canada) as the Canadian Directors lose control of their society. The money that was apparently "raised in Canada and was said to remain in Canada", is now is gone!! To build a "Private School" for the wealthy in India?? To buy a 28 acre Ranch near Austin, Texas, USA? To buy a castle or two, or three, in Europe? To buy one more commercial building on the Mediteranean (Lyons, France)? They wouldn't do that...would they? Don't believe me!! Research it yourself.

And then there was the "financial crisis"!!

PS... Ask to see the books before DONATING to an American (or any) CHARITY!!!

See also Chari’s SRCM (Chennai) "Fake Constitution" (a word for word version of the original constitution registered in 1945 by Babuji et al) apparently filed in the Supreme Court case in India and seems dated "2002". But there is no registration "seal" on the document!! So?? Is this an attempt to pull a "fast one"?
See Item 3a on Blog.

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