Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Ten Years of Spiritualism (Spiritism) at Sahaj Marg

Translation of an article by Élodie: "Dix Ans de Spiritisme au Sahaj Marg",  on her blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

January 27, 2015
Ten years of Spiritualism (Spiritism)  at Sahaj Marg

Whispers, the Founding Myth of a New Religion

2005: Chari opens the door of Sahaj Marg to spiritualism, with an entrance ticket of €300 or $250, triggering a wave of resignations (including myself) and/or some taking their distances. Those who blindly trust him (Chari)  acquire the first volume of "Whispers from the Brighter World", with orders to not share in any way with anyone.

2005-2014: Ten years later, spiritualism is omnipresent. The silent revolution, the religious myth peddled by Whispers has been instilled in everyone's minds.

Whispers is the publication with five to ten years delay, of the so-called messages of Babuji, channeled by an anonymous French (lady?) medium. Babuji, the "special personality" would henceforth address us from the Brighter World, this Central Region where he (allegedly) has realized his divine fusion.  In these messages, he promises us the divine punishment and the Apocalypse on Earth, and the emergence of an elite that must regenerate mankind and save the world.

2015: Illusions fly, and the myth becomes richer and more complex. The whispers are published as soon as they are (allegedly) dictated. There is no longer a couple of medium (dictators?), but many. The Brighter World is not the Central Region. The "Beyond" is no longer just populated by Babuji and the great saints of all time. It consists of a multitude of parallel worlds populated by a host of characters, some not always benevolent.

In ten years, Whispers has largely kept its promises: financial corruption and a dive into spiritualist obscurantism.

Where is the promised spiritual fusion with the divine?   What about the access to the Central Region? What about the "special personality" and the Grand Design of Sahaj Marg?

Gone is the wave of reactions and the early departures, the spirits have gradually become accustomed to the unacceptable.

Too bad for spirituality.



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