Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sahaj Marg: When a Woman Takes Power

Translation of an article by Alexis: Quand une Femme s'Empare du Pouvoir, on Elodie's blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

January 13, 2015 

Sahaj Marg: When a Woman Takes Power

The time for emotions must give way to action, we establish the right to blaspheme. Especially against all these "-ism" words, first and foremost being: obscurantism.

Example, obscurantism & Spiritualism:

Link to Alexis' article:
When a woman takes power


The Turning of Spirituality into Spiritualism is Finally Complete

The fourth? Guru of Sahaj Marg, Kamlesh Patel officially runs the Mission.
We expected (I expected?) some power struggles, splits caused by PR Krishna, Krishna Barghav Santosh Khanjee, AP Durai or US Bajpai?

FALSE! Patel is the pilot! So much so that he allows himself to criticize the system that was set up by Chari, from his very first speech ... only 3 days after Chari's death!

Implicit in his second speech, there is only one message: The system that was set up under the joint influence of Chari and the abhyasis is rotten and must change.

What power, what power he must have to afford so early such a revolutionary criticism!  Let us applaud with both (2) hands Kamlesh Desaibhai Patel, this individual who's lack-luster demeanor was such that he was already nicknamed "sinister" as opposed to the charisma of the Other ... In that speech, everything goes: Chari, the organization, communication ... nothing is forgotten. Nothing! Nothing?

Nothing, if not the most important of the moment: the MEDIUM ...

Patel has not a negative word to say about the spiritualist turn (bent) of Sahaj Marg and the influence of the medium on the SRCM. Quite the contrary, with "The Foreigner," Patel multiplies the dimensions of the Hereafter, relegating the Brighter World to a first step, a vulgar stage where we expect to meet Babuji and Chari. An even stronger re-launch of the "Whispers" and the role of the medium ...

Let us return for a moment to the Medium and  the Whispers from a Brighter World where from now on will dwell Chari since joining the Special Personality of Babuji, all the Great saints of all times ... and the dark side of the Force, "the Foreigner" now in the lead!

In 2005, Chari launches his first book (Whispers From the Brighter World) for € 300 which we did not see back then but as a new way to make lots of money. But little by little, by shelling the messages, one becomes aware of the impact of the content of these messages
on the abhyasis supposedly from the realm beyond, provided by a psychic who claims to speak for Babuji and some others.
An insidious intellectual revolution is underway in the Mission. The Whispers from the Brighter World are trying to convince the followers of an impending earthly Apocalypse at the end of which a new spiritual world will emerge, and in which their children will occupy the primary place.

But since the middle of 2014, things are accelerating. Until then, the messages were issued to the abhyasi public with about a 5 years delay.  Some of them are now distributed almost as soon as Babuji has (allegedly?) dictated them.  And this movement has accelerated since Chari's death, to the point that Babuji and Chari now address the abhyasis in real time, so much if not more than to the current president of the Mission, Patel. So the question becomes: Who really runs the Mission?

Who really runs the Mission today? Patel or Babuji and Chari from the great beyond? The medium or Patel? To ask the question is to reply ...

Remember December 2009, when the medium (Catherine Lauret?) Said to Poonam Thaper (aka Rose) that she would be the next spiritual representative and that she would open the new path (the new way) for Sahaj Marg. We are not that far away, even if for the moment she directs Patel from the shadows of her messages.

“(...) a french lady called Catherine Lauret who said that Ajay was not going to be the next representative and who had explained to him about the future of Sahaj Marg and how it was going to totally change  
(...) She said that because preceptors have been abusing their powers and letting their ego get the better of them and not taking (their) duties properly in the "new way" cleaning would be done by Babuju direct from the brighter world via the heart of the new representative (her).
(...) She also said "Babuji is telling me to tell you that you have an amazing chance to get to know the next master before anyone else knows about her and you should use this time wisely as one day you will need Binoculars to see her"
(Blanked out-fiance) also asked her something about Ajay - Catherine has told (blanked out - friend) that Ajay's family had been telling him that he should be the next one and Ajay was having doubts about Catherine too but Catherine said that it was all sorted, Ajay accepted her. So we said that when she was master who would take care of the "business" aspect of Sahaj Marg- ie the accounts etc-bear in mind that Catherine can barely speak english - when she does its very broken. So we asked if Ajay would be like her right hand man - she said "No Ajay will have to go back to being the most basic abhyasi and he will have no role in the management of the mission and no responsibilities.(...)”

So here we are.  The deed is done. Like a gray eminence, the medium directs Patel, the Master.  Sahaj Marg and SRCM are controlled from behind the scene by a woman. For now, Patel and the medium seem to agree. The medium approves the decisions made by Chari in his lifetime, she seems to have chosen to give her support to Patel. But until when?
Tomorrow, things could change ...

And who would win?

Will Patel Master the medium? Nothing is less certain! Unless he himself writes the so-called messages (whispers) from Babuji and Chari, Patel is completely subjected to her influence.

So, December 26th: "(...) He [Chari] envisioned new arrangements to facilitate certain aspects of the practice; everything must be done in this direction, we will come back (to this)  soon (...). 

"And Dec. 27th: "(...) Changes will occur in the Mission: New rules will be established (...) we will come back (...)". And 28: "(...) Many decisions will be taken; he [Patel] will constantly be guided and informed better about what to do. (...) "


We will "come back to this" soon?  Who is "We"?  (The French Anonymous Lady Medium (AFLM), or Patel??)




Anonymous said...

Instead of this Blog, if you are so smart, why don't you start a new moment, hopefully at least your family will follow, I doubt there is one. What are getting by publishing all these, whom you are saving. Is this your full time job or Do you have a real one ! RC

4d-Don said...

Hey Ram Chandra (are you the real one or just another fake?)

Luckily for all of us, the "moment" (or do you mean "movement"), is already created, it is called REALITY! You can call it the UNIVERSE if you want to, but whatever IT is, it is not Sahaj Marg which is the CREATOR of IT ... And we are simply to accept it as IT is ... we (you or I or those who now allegedly live in some other dimension) We don't create IT.

So we don't need followers, just to realize REALITY is to be a disciple (or a part) of IT ...

So take you nose out of the butt of the ones in front of you, and try to smell the roses ...

The "5th estate" (the media of the PEOPLE) is still necessary because searchers like yourself, are still coming to read us ... we must be "interesting" at least eh? We must be giving you something you don't find elsewhere, or you would be there and not here ... and as you and I and our readers can tell, YOU ARE HERE ... That is why we write what we write...

Bye for now... see you again when you need us ... WE do the work because we are needed ... Money (the material realm which also includes spiritualism and/or spiritism these temporary illusions, is not our motivation in writing this blog, and we expose it all as "material", not SPIRIT!!

Spiritualism or Spiritism is not part of REALITY! It is a FANTASY or a FICTION!!

Don ...

C said...


I stumbled across your blog and just wanted to leave a comment about my own experience with Sahaj Marg.

I'm nearly 30 and have been dipping in and out of practicing Sahaj Marg for the last 8 years or so. I've been to a couple of seminars in Denmark and the odd Satsang on my home turf, and all of my experiences have been positive ones. For me the whole thing is about love. I get that there are people within the practice that are quite devoted, I'm not that. I've never been one for religion but I really enjoy practicing meditation. The modern Sahaj Marg seems to be making a real effort to make meditation & transmission accessible to people, free of charge, with no pressure of commitment in any shape or form.

From reading a few of your posts it's clear to me that you know far more about the structure of the practice and the people involved in it than I do. I just wanted to get across that, from my various interactions with preceptors & abhyasis from around the globe, I've only ever encountered love, kindness and a way that genuinely works. If more people on earth, particularly in the west, have the experience of meditation then our future will be brighter. I think Sahaj Marg (or Heartfulness) is helping in this regard.


4d-Don said...

Hi C

Thanks for your Comment...

I'm sure that many who adhere to most religions do not see any problems with the system they endorse...or they would leave. That does not mean there is no corruption (such as using a "Medium" to get alleged messages from Babuji or Lalaji, Chari or the "Hierarchy")... in all "faith-based" systems who are managed by "imperfect" people. Those who use those pyramidal structures of "obedience", do so for their own purpose... Some are more "perfectt" than others...

Corruption does not become known to those who simply attend the function and close their eyes and meditate ... or pray and obey...

One can find the ONE (ie "God") anywhere and at any time... IT is there for all to experience at any time... Sahaj Marg or Heartfulness is simply the "trade mark" or "brand" you chose to favour...

Good luck to you...