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Spiritualist Kamlesh Patel, New President of SRCM, Master of Sahaj Marg and the "Foreigner"

Kamlesh D. Patel, the newly appointed President of Shri Ram Chandra Mission (SRCM -California-1997) ) and Master of Sahaj Marg, was appointed by the self-appointed ex-president and now-deceased Chari (aka: Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari). Chari formed and re-registered his SRCM (California-1997) in San Luis Obispo, California in 1997, after he was refused the presidency of Babuji's society: Shri Ram Chandra Mission (SRCM Shahjahanpur-1945) by the Board of Directors.

Patel's nomination, Chari's second choice,  became necessary as the "first-chosen", Ajay Kumar Bhatter declined his nomination.  Patel is a pharmacist from Staten Island, N.Y. who also has other pharmaceutical business interests.  (See Below)

Comments by 4d-Don to:  Exerpts of Speech of Dec. 27, 2014, "Serve Our Master by Serving Humanity", are in "red italics"


I wish there were more people here as well, those who can make the difference in our organisation, those whose thinking is of a different order.

Spiritualism, is fantasy, fiction and a scam, and it will keep the "good" and "rational", or "thinking" people away!! Spiritualism will attract the salesmen, profiteers, opportunists, scammers, get-rich-quick operators, materialists, sensationalists, addicts, and those with character or personality problems.   Chari targeted these and he got them... Now he passed them on to Patel... Now Patel can live with them as they are, or change them ... and "Liberate" or save them.

They want the magic and the quick-cure of spiritualism ... and they don't want to do the work of "spirituality" ... they want to "hang around"!!  ... and talk about themselves!  They are the "Me, me, me" generation!!

Will Patel try and make them go "inside", calm down and meditate or will he simply do what he does (or did?) for the rest of  his secular customers, sell them the "medication" the doctors prescribe, also called: pharmaceuticals?  Imported from India of course!!  So more pure and less adulterated?  OK!  Let's wait and see!! 


He (Chari) had to struggle even to establish himself as Babuji’s successor, his spiritual successor. Ninety percent of abhyasis were against him. He turned the entire thing around, and less than one percent remained against him. Ultimately it proves only that they were against themselves, this one percent. Because they had nothing better to do in life, so they took up a challenge, and they thrived like this in their life.

The old prefects, preceptors, and disciples, those who were "thinkers", philosophers, and good people, did not come back with Chari.  Chari called those who disagreed with him: "the enemies of  spirituality".  They (we) were, and still are, the "enemies of spiritualism".  To expose and to stand against the scam which is "spiritualism" and the idolatry of "cults of individuals", is a worthy endeavour.  I understand that those businessmen who profiteer from such lowly manipulations of the masses don't like reporters and "exposers"... We are the real "5th Estate".


And his pleasing of individuals never ended. He was always afraid that, “If I don’t pay attention to so-and-so, what will happen? He might leave me!” This was his permanent fear.

"Permanent Fear" in a so-called: "Master"??  Did he transmit that "permanent fear"?  Why so much dis-unity and so many division in Sahaj Marg?  Did it originate with the Master? (who is really "self-appointed")?  As Patel states, even "thieves can unite", why can't  the so-called: "holier than thou" not unite?  Is it a curse from Lalaji (Master of Naqshbandiya Sufi Brotherhood) because of the arrogance of the self-titled Masters of Sahaj Marg?  Has Sahaj Marg created a dis-ease?  Will it continue to create such division and "negativity" in the future??  Chari did not attempt to "please" the bloggers, those who said many years ago the same thing that many are now saying as they leave the "flock" or the "herd" ...  Chari just wanted to please those he could get something from, those with a little money to spare !!  


Any time you asked Master, “That gatekeeper, that stupid fellow stopped me at the gate,” he would give you a card: “Use this card whenever you want to come again.” Why did he make you exclusive? You are not exclusive, no one was exclusive, but he felt for us. Some of the people said, “Oh, so-and-so is coming to the cottage, Master, but they stopped me. They have prejudice Master was… “Okay, take another card.” Abhyasis would say, “You are allowing only the rich people.”

To hang around the rich, is to hang around the "materialists", those attracted and even addicted to the material....  And many opportunists hang around organizations where scams such as "spiritualism", and the arrogance of cults of Personality dwell...  Those who are attracted to SPIRIT, are (and should be) less attracted to matter (materialists), and/or the corruption of "spiritualism"... 

SPIRIT (as in "spirituality" is ONE (hence: no plural - united or unified)  ... but,  spiritualism or the realms of "spirits" are many (hence: plural - diverse or divided) !! 


He called someone because that person was visible and hanging around when someone was pulling Master’s chair for lunch or dinner. Master looked around and his eye met with another abhyasi, “All right. Call that fool inside,” spoken in a hurry [he] spoke. And even at seven-thirty, when he was going to the chair, and there were fifty people waiting, he would say, “These vultures, they will never leave me alone.” Haven’t you heard this? And yet we hung around. Can you imagine Master speaking like that?

That is LOVE??  That is so-called: BROTHERHOOD?  NOT!   Want some more?  Who is the real "enemy of spirituality"?  Who is promoting "spiritualism"?  The businessmen of Sahaj Marg.

Vultures don't hang around or are not attracted to the "spiritual", but they love rotting "material" and the emotions and upheavals of fear, anger, hatred, etc... ...  hence vultures hang around those who gather the material (realm?) and its divisive emotionalism around them ... and they wait for some "material" to be left un-attended.  Vultures are very opportunist.  That is a word that the directors of cults of Personality and/or the masters of spiritualist societies such as Sahaj Marg should be familiar with.   The businessmen of spiritualist Sahaj Marg which is the cult of an individual seems to attract vultures, according to its Master, Chari!!  WHY??   They (the vultures)  just want to do what is natural to them, to follow the leaders,  and head toward "rotting" material ...  (corruption?).  

Hope you won't mind if it does not attract the more "intellectual," nor the "thinkers" (philosophers?) among us?  ...  If you call us names, and your master also calls us names (vultures?) , then maybe you are simply following his example, right?  Now, we who think, don't call that "love"!!  Distraction, maybe?   A waste of time? 


 I don’t know how many of you have read a message by an entity called The Foreigner. I think he is mentioned in the third or fourth volume of Whispers. He is introduced as a person arriving into the Brighter World. And he tells the medium, “I can remove your sickness in an instant. I can make you dance the way you used to when you were fifteen or sixteen. But I cannot do it unless your Babuji permits me to do it. Nevertheless, I take the liberty of granting you that state for one day.” Who is this Foreigner? He descended from yet another higher dimension. So there are many, many, many dimensions awaiting us. That travel is awaiting us; don’t waste time here, breaking your head and heart: “Oh, who is entering? Who is going? Who is doing what?” No! Let us be united in this. United we can achieve, united we can travel up and down in those dimensions. There is a great possibility, and especially when we have such a Hierarchy helping us, let’s take that advantage of that travel in higher, other dimensions.


SPIRITUALISM (Mediums, messages from the "spirits of the dead", egregores, etc...) is not the same as  SPIRITUALITY.   Babuji, the founder of Sahaj Marg,  claimed that such alleged "powers" as mentioned above, were removed from Sahaj Marg and that followers of Sahaj Marg were to use the practice only in their quest for the Ultimate or the REALITY.  

Chari, the "self-appointed" Master and President of Sahaj Marg while still alive and through the channelings of an "non-professional" Anonymous French Lady Medium (AFLM), introduced a spiritualist "hierarchy", some "beings of light", some "elevated souls", and now a "Foreigner" who can allegedly heal humans.   She also allegedly (that means that she only claims to) channels many spirits of the deceased:  Lalaji, Babuji, Chari, Chari's mother, Chari's wife, and now a "Foreigner".  Add to that the "autonomous psychic entity", called an "egregore" (the disciples are asked to pray for a "favourable egregore") introduced by Chari, and you don't have a spiritual society but a "spiritualist" society.  there is a difference. (see above)

And now we learn that all these entities are from "other dimensions".  Oh, My God!!  And if the disciples of Sahaj Marg "unite" they allegedly (not really) can "travel" in these "higher dimensions"... Oh Yeah??  I'm from Missouri, you've got to show me!!  

So much for Babuji's "spirituality" which he wanted to resemble "Raja Yoga"...  NOT in REALITY!!  Just wishful thinking on his part! 

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Anonymous said...

So now they will travel to different dimensions!
Have they started flying yet? Oh, wait...I am confused...that's a different cult!

Free Bitch Baby!

4d-Don said...

Hi Free Bitch Baby ...

This group of businessmen can sure confuse the concept of dimensions as much as they confuse "spirituality" and "spiritualism". Spiritualism, is called "spiritism" in some parts of Europe.

One refers to the belief in communicating with the spirits of the dead through a "medium" in a "séance" (private or public) ... and one is SPIRITUALITY.

However one defines "spirituality" it is certainly not "spiritism" or "spiritualism".

Patanjali, the inventor of raja yoga, the "eightfold path", which Sahaj Marg claims to be a "modified form" beginning at step #7... he must be turning over in his grave. Or at least "his spirit" is. lol lol

As far as the "dimensions" go, to describe the conceptual motion through the dimensions or "degrees of freedom", and to claim that one can travel "up and down", is a very confusing (or false) abstraction which only shows that one is not familiar with the concept of more than three dimensions or degrees of freedom in SPACETIME or SPACEMOTION (TIME being a measurement of MOTION or change)

One can't point in the direction "up" and call that dimension #1" and then point in the opposite or "down" direction, and call that dimension #2.

You will notice that Patel says:

(...) Let us be united in this. United we can achieve, united we can travel up and down in those dimensions. There is a great possibility, and especially when we have such a Hierarchy helping us, let’s take that advantage of that and travel in higher, other dimensions.

Lol lol

Let' see: United some may achieve... true some times.

But that this statement is parallel: "United we can travel up and down (our invented dimensions of) "up" and "down" the dimensions", does not follow...

SHOW us how you travel up and down the same three dimensions of SPACETIME or SPACEMOTION called "length, width and/or height (not on camera) but scientifically.

Patel seems to confuse dimensions or degrees of freedom with "directions" one can point at. (ie "up" and "down") as opposed to height, width, length, etc...
Where is "up" in "length"? Where is "down"? How about "width"? or "Height"?

Oh Well ... when you're perfect ... hell, you don't even have to be accurate!! Any fool can just claim to be a "Brahman", or a "chosen" or a "special" something or other, and invent a language and bully your way through speech tricks, turns of phrase, or drony oratory, etc...

That exemplifies the need for dogmatism in religion. How else can one "believe"?? It also exemplifies the lack of knowledge and the very un-believable theology often exhibited by the proselytes of some pseudo religions and cults of personality ... it's their favorite hiding place ...

And really?? A Hierarchy?? Give your head a shake... The "woo, woo", of Religions !! Is it a gang of archangels? A POSSE ... of opossums? lol lol lol

You gotta laugh b'cause it's not funny!! At all!!