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Babuji's 1982 Message to Sharad in Paris

Taken from the English exerpt of an  article by Sharad (Babuji's grandson) in the "Spotlight" section of the Society For Babuji's Mission.

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Haqeeqat Benakaab (Reality without covering)..
Conversation at Paris with Rev. Babuji Maharaj
(Continued from the past)
Part 47
Shubh Chintak Kishore & Sharad Chandra

During my, Sharad Chandra’s, late night
conversations with Rev. Babuji Maharaj in Paris
(France) in August/September1982, He had said:

“Sharad, mein Parthasarthi ki harkaton sey
quatie khush nahin hoon. Lakin mujhe
yaha ummeed nahin thi ki voha meri
beyizzati karega aur muJhe badnam karega.
Hann, voha paheley bhi zaroorat sey zyada
hoshiyar banney ki koshish karta raha hai.
Mujhe ummeed thi ki voha eik din apni
ghaltiyan mahsus karega aur apeny ko sahi
kareygha. Uska mujhe akhari javab 17th
April 1982 ko Secretary Shri Ram Chanra
Mission key haudey sey hataney key baad,
saabit karta hai ki usney apni galtiyan
mahsus karin. Uski laalchi harkateyn
September 1982 key baad bhi nahin rukin.
Uskey majuda saluki uskey saboot hain”.

I am not at all happy with the activities of
Parthasarthi. I never expected that he will act to
insult and defame me; yes he was often acting
smartly before too. I was excepting one day he
will realise his mistakes and correct himself.
One of his last replies to me dated 17th April
1982 after his removal from the office of
secretary Ramchandra Mission, proves about
his realized mistakes. But till Sep 1982 his
greedy actions were not stopped. His Present
actions are his witnesses) .

He looked at me and I realised that He wanted
my opinion in the matter. I immediately said,
“Babuji, snake should be killed to save innocent
human beings from its bite. If you do not want
to kill, at least break all its teeth and save
innocent people”. After a pause He said that He
would withdraw all the spiritual Powers given
to him for work After that he will be like a
snake without teeth. All true devotees will
realize his reality and maintain distance from

Observing from Parthasarthi’s present actions,
though he has created many trusts and
amassed enormous wealth under the banner of
newly created trusts to fulfil his material greed,
but he himself has not been able to create
even a single person whom in his own
opinion he could trust to take care Shri Ram
Chandra Mission affairs after him. The two
persons whom he selected – Ajay Bhatter and
Kamlesh Patel - have been associated with Shri
Ram Chandra Mission even during Rev. Babuji
life times. Their selection by him is his own
certificate of his inability to develop even
one person from amongst his own introduced
many new members of Sahaj Marg club to work
after him. Is this the quality for which he wants
his members to be proud of and call him living
master ! These further certify that Rev. Babuji
Maharaj had withdrawn all the powers given
to him but left him to practice His founded
System so that he could atleast achieve the
object of life in this life time.

This is the Nature’s system that after the advent
of Great Personalities there are left after them
few person(s) to genuinely mislead general
public so that only the cream-intelligentia – were
able to take advantage of the reality by
distinguishing right from wrong. The world is
continuing to exist because of such persons who
can baffle people because of their apparent
worldly intellect and power, and further if
everyone were wise enough to understand the
Reality, the world would cease to exist. But seen
from the Great Personalities point of view,
persons like Parthasarthi are traitors to them
to mislead innocents, for whose emancipation
the Great personalities are born ! Nature
punishes them for their act of traitorship. We
are now convinced that no body can save
Parthasarthi. He has to reap what He had sown.



Date; 7th April 2013

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