Friday, May 24, 2013

Sahaj Marg(tm) and Reality Without Covering (part 50)

Taken from an article: Reality Without Covering (Part 50) ,  on Elodie's blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

Presented for study and discussion ...  What does it mean for some to BE "spiritual" ... Do their actions reflect the "State of BEING" of those adherents who are members of  this SPIRITUALIST group?  What is the difference between "spiritualism" and "spirituality"??  

The links presented below do not work any more, as the legal battles continue at Sahaj Marg(tm). 

May 24, 2013

Sahaj Marg(tm) and Reality Without Covering (Part 50)

Copy of an article by S.C. Kishore and Sharad Chandra on their blog: Society for Babuji's Mission,

Parthasarthi diverting Mission funds for his family and the friends helping him in his game plan

For long before 1998, Parthasarthi’s only son Krishna and his family were not living with him. In that period, Krishna attended unsuccessfully several jobs/businesses. In the year 1999 or so, on Parthasarthi’s assuring his future with substantial hard cash, which is the way generally understood of securing anyone’s future, they all returned to him and are living since then in ‘Gayathri’ at Sri Ram Nagar, Chennai. Krishna ostensibly is not engaged in any independent occupation.

The house ‘Gayathri’ was beautifully and very lavishly renovated sometime back with diverted public funds legally which in reality belonged to Shri Ram Chandra Mission, Shahjahanpur (U.P.). There is nothing more that Krishna may have to spent in his lifetime on the house where he is living. Of course, a day will definitely come when Krishna would be at his wits to explain the source for that expensive renovation, etc.

Further, Krishna is the main beneficiary or trustee of various trusts created by his father, Parthasarthi, after grabbing the Presidentship of Shri Ram Chandra Mission, Shahjahanpur. In fact, Krishna may inherit so much wealth created from diverted funds that his generation may not be required to do any kind of job, till such time the diverted funds and assets created out of that go back to the rightful owner, which is quite likely as per the law of nature. In that case, at least Krishna and his family will be hardest hit, as Krishna has not trained himself for any painstaking and intelligent occupational exercise. It is also generally seen that recipients of such unearned moneys acquire various unwanted habits injurious for themselves and the Society.

There are few persons like Madhava Reddy appearing as Parthasarthi’s friend and his best well wisher. In fact, he is one of those persons who have helped him in the Mission’s funds diversion drive either by offering as front person for the diverted funds or in various other ways. A few such front organizations are

- HTC Global Services (India) Private Ltd (Indian arm of US based Company ) with branches reportedly in USA, Canada, UK, Europe, UAE, Singapore, Hongkong, Australia
- HTC Finance Pvt Ltd
- HTC Development Centre Pvt Ltd, etc

Once enquiries and investigations start into diversion of Missions funds and their ultimate beneficiaries and uses, many startling disclosures will come to surface. Parthasarthi has to live to see the unfolding and play of that drama, of which he himself is the architect. May God bestow wisdom to all those who depend upon Him.

Shahjahanpur/Delhi Amen

15th May 2013



Anonymous said...

Wow...just watching the show and waiting for it all to blow up, it reminds me of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 and we r being forced to watch a B science fiction movie. You, me and Michael should be the peanut gallery. Actually, you do a great job of being the peanut gallery all by yourself!!! I love all your comments on PR's ridiculous speeches! Call me bad if ya want, but it will b quite a show when the old man kicks the bucket and leaves Krishna as a trust fund kid! Life is rough on the Guru circuit.

4d-Don said...

Hi Anonymous...

Just remember that Christianity has lasted for over 2000 years and Islam lasted over 1400 years with all their scandals.

We can only hope that the "Information Revolution" will stop these Spiritualist Scammers in their tracks but having been a Catholic from birth, and having known for a long time about the physical abuse inside the "Holy Mother the Church", it is only once I (and many of us) saw the financial corruption with my own eyes, that I/we finally left. The NUMBERS, the DATA is what got me, not the "anecdotes" and the "hear-say".

After the great "unifications" in physics, begining with Newton, making Gravity a universal force; followed 180 years later by |James Clerk Maxwell's (1850's) unification of Light, Magnetism and Electricity; then, Einstein's (1915's) unification of Space and Time (Spacetime), and the unification (1950's) of all the forces (4); some (Quantum) particle physicist are now claiming that the next great "unification" in physics will be between Data (Information) and Reality. We already know experimentally of the quantum entanglement of photons and electrons in what even the great Einstein, just a few short decades ago, used to call: "spooky action at a distance" ...

So much for the Acadian "peanut gallery" eh?

There is Hope !!

Thanks for the comment...


Anonymous said...

You are right! I still enjoy your comments. It's fantastic that a person with your intelligence can address the nonsense that comes from PR, or whoever writes the stuff he delivers.

I think it's a disgrace that he is giving sittings to the young people. 18n is even too young. I also find it really underhanded that they target the universities. People are vulnerable at that time in their life, some are away from home for the first time. It's really a crime. Life is too precious to get tangled up with this group. What a waste of precious time.

I think it would have been helpful to me, if while i was brainwashed in their system, someone would have analyzed the total BS that was coming from PR, in his "talks."

Constant Remembrance is a totally unhealthy practice.

I am very grateful that I have my life and mind back. It was not easy to gain my freedom but it was totally worth it.

Once my eyes were opened I made myself a promise, never to return, I had seen other people leave and go back. They choose not to look at the "dark side" of the system.

If one part of it stinks, there is no part that doesn't stink. It's the same as any other system, or company, or corporation.

Thanks, Don!

-- Triple Gem

4d-Don said...

Hi Triple Gem...

Thanks for you comment...

A Song of Hope (for the future?)... The lyrics for your perusal ...

The Paradigm

These are days of higher learning,
These are signs of our time.
And our world is into fusion
Into rhythms out of rhyme.
These are days of revolution
And confusion's on the rise
As we leave behind the quandaries
Of the old paradigm.

These are days of trans-mutations
Who knows where the virus flies?
To put the genie in the bottle,
Who decides and what survives?
These are days of global warming
The floods and fires on the rise.
As we leave behind the quandaries
Of the old paradigm.

These are days of re-alignment
Rise up in the Holy Shrine
These are days for re-aligning
A million light-years down the line
These are days of Revelation
The gods of war will soon decline
As we leave behind the quandaries
Of the old paradigm.

Don ...