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Formation, De-formation, Transformation, Sahaj Marg Style!

Translation of an article by Elodie "Formation, Déformation, Transformation", on her blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

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May 10, 2013

Formation, Deformation, Transformation

Since their creation by Chari, the spiritual education centers (CREST) form a large number of the leaders and future leaders of the Shri Ram Chandra Mission in India and Europe, first as participants, and then as presenters.  Here are some examples from the newsletter (in-formation?) of the SMSF (Sahaj Marg Spirituality Foundation) of April 2013:

A program (claimed) to deepen the experience of preceptors and another for the youth at the CREST in Bangalore: Youth, a catalyst for change. Topics addressed: focus on the goal and avoid distractions, work on yourself to change, the seeds of an infinite potential, one lion is better than 500 sheep.

Four seminars on the formation of character at CREST, Kharagpur. Topics: Discipline and obedience, the power of thought, unity and brotherhood, Guru: the Role of the Model, Ethics and Morality, Transform your thoughts to transform your life, learn to love and learn to serve, cultivate the kindness of the heart, the willingness to change, be plain and simple in harmony with nature, love and brotherhood, how to achieve one world and one humanity, obey with your heart, tolerance begets love, be authentic, fulfill your role in the universe.

A program called "Humility, a precious milestone for one's journey",  at CREST, Berlin. Topics: humility in the spiritual tradition, the spiritual heart, Love vs. Power, Values and success, Samskara and Bhog: the joyful acceptance, dignity, self-respect and humility, teaching and humility action: Blessing or Curse, the Future: a spiritual society.

All this training took place during the first quarter of 2013.  Each theme is developed and led by a presenter, eg one participating in a previous training. Here are some of the summaries of these topics in a few sentences by some seminar participants:

Discipline must be intrinsic to the disciple, the one who learns. Service means the path of obedience and is the secret of spiritual success, spiritual growth and spiritual realization is obedience. When one looks at the Master, it develops the desire to be like Him.  He becomes our model, a living example. A feeling of love and devotion arises whenever we look. Morality is a set of rules to deal with one's behavior and one's self, ethics is the set of rules for dealing with the outside world. 

There is no spirituality without morality. The constant awareness of the Divine's presence in the heart, supported by practical transmission can bring about a transformation of life.  The transformation is accelerated by our love for the Master. The service is a way of expressing love. It should be natural and spontaneous. The greatest service is to become what the Master wants us to become. 

To serve is easier than to love and to be devoted to the Master.  We serve the master as his devotees. We need to focus on the heart.  One's attitude, behavior, character and discipline are tools.  Our attitude should be that of a child, very receptive. Change is necessary for growth, development and survival.  

The Sahaj Marg system promotes change.  Practice and advice from the Master can make a change in our attitude.  Emulation of the Master, a living example, is easier than the emulation of nature. True love is different from friendship and brotherhood. 

The Masters of Sahaj Marg have a vision for the establishment of a new world based on love and spirituality. The guru is the main source of divinity entering an individual.  This is possible only through the obedience of the individual. Tolerance is a duty, we must inculcate in our character. 

Humility is the essence of spirituality. You have to trust what the heart says. Only what comes from the heart is of value, the rest is hypocrisy.  If you give your heart to the Master, he will happily be obliged to be with you all the time during your ascent to the goal.  Joyful acceptance is the main key to evolution.  

Do not be swayed by others or by the senses. This life is a divine field for learning. The action of love is a blessing.

To work on one's character, to change and to become what the master wants of one, is now at the heart of the system. Too bad that love, brotherhood and tolerance are drowned in discipline, obedience and service. (one of the 500 sheep?)




Anonymous said...

That's freaky. "GIGO - Garbage In, Garbage Out!"

-- Triple Gem

4d-Don said...

Hi Triple Gem...

Yes, "Freaky"!!

Sahaj Marg, like most religions, creates a "flock" of submissive, but disciplined and obedient, "freaks" who will obediently donate their time and money to their cause ... No "free thinkers" there (not for long anyway).

These real "sheep: are told that they are "lions" for separating themselves from what the "divine" or the gods of fate (randomness) have put together and "entangled" ...(either as family (dna), culture, society and/or the species, elements, etc...)

... and brothers and sister, cousins (the real real family), and the friends and the societal acquaintances are replaced (divided from?) by another man-created cult family (i.e.: "Don't be swayed by others and the senses"), they suggest or "command". The "target" is then told to repeat the suggestion over and over, or to auto-suggest... as a way of erasing samskaras and/or being disciplined?? That is their "formation"?

Truly freakishly submissive... REAL sheep, being told that they are "lions" ... and they believe it?? Real Freaky!!

Thanks for the comment...

The "cognitive dissonances" will take care of all that!! When they reach their true lion-hood, they will BE more like the rest of us who commune with the ONE and the ALL directly, and are not divided from the rest (of us?) as yet another "sect".

Addicts to Power and the material will always create such temporal divisions. But they will not last!! They create the "illusion".

The ONE-ness of Spirit is a REALITY, ALL IS ONE ... Now and Forever.

Don ...