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Sahaj Marg and Chari's "Visionaries"?

Taken from Chari's speech to his Functionaries: "Becoming Visionaries".

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Becoming Visionaries

Address to Functionaries, 18 December 2011, Chennai, India 

One thing I want to say: This ‘vision' business is – I mean you are all using it without understanding what a vision is. A vision is not a dream. A dream is something which comes to you uninvited, though it may have some purpose: to try to awaken you in the conscious state to something you have to do, or to be careful about, or maybe just something in passing. A vision is not a dream. A vision is something to do with waking reality, that sort of – I use the word ‘dominates'. Jacky wanted to know what is the difference between an idea dominating me and something being obsessive. Obsession is something lower level, like being obsessed with a love affair, or with drugs, or with money, where you hand over control to something external to yourself. It is something which possesses you. (OK)

A vision does not possess you; you possess the vision. And it is internal to you; it is not external to you. Now what I want is for you all to share the vision, to develop it yourself. If we are, say, like Dhritarashtra's family – father and mother and a hundred children – if they had all shared the same vision, there would have been no Mahabharata. But Duryodhana's overbearing need, overpowering need… he was obsessed that he must be the king. I don't think the other brothers, except Dushasana maybe, really related to Duryodhana. They just went along, obedient (For war to happen, one needs "obedience". Who creates "obedience", at the most fundamental level?  Religion, Cults, etc...?)

In a vision there must be participation, not merely obedience. (Now, enter Chari and the "army" model ... the harmful and cultish aspect of Sahaj Marg)  Now, when we control an army, we need obedience. There is one commander and, I don't know, hundreds, thousands of people who have to obey. "Shoot," means shoot; "Fire," means fire. You have no time to think or question the order. If you did question it, you would be shot. Our kind of participation is not like that.  (Then don't use that as an "example", dummy.)  It is an intelligent, willing participation, sharing in a vision which must envelop all of us.  (But that you and your "boys" lust over, obsess over and control?? ... No women Master for Sahaj Marg, right?)  And that vision, at least as I understand it, is the welfare of the Mission, the growth of the Mission – because without the Mission there is no spiritual growth possible outside.  (How "WRONG"?  Spirit, if it is REAL,  is not "outside" and does not need "matter" ...  GIGO (Garbage In, Garbage Out.  For "spirit" to be able to grow, as with the material economic systems used by businessmen, there has to be an invented shortage of spirit at some point in the future or in the past. ... hence the "salesmen" of Spirituality have their "scam"... sell something which is intangible and which is available to all FREELY!!  We are SPIRIT or we are not... make up your mind.... Sahaj Marg(tm) is not inventing "SPIRIT")

Just this morning I was told from the newspaper that Russia is going to, or proposing to, ban the Bhagavad Gita as terrorist literature! Now, a couple of years back I heard the same criticism of the Gita from an American source who criticised the Hindus, saying, "They are worshipping something which is preaching terrorism – ‘Kill'." (Open all "Holy Books" and put them on trial and see if they incite, condone or encourage actions which our secular laws call "criminal".  And then wonder about the intolerance in discrimination against minorities (gays, lesbians, trans-genders, etc... and the outright admission to practicing racism by the Masters of SRCM. )  Now, people who don't understand, who don't need to understand, who don't dare to understand… We see this even when we walk. A child comes in the way and some rude fellow pushes it aside – pushes a child aside! It falls, it weeps. He doesn't care.  (What does this have to do with anything?  Is he Losing it? Or is this an editing error??

So, vision must include in itself so many qualities: of kindness, of love, compassion, mercy. Do we have these things, or are we just sitting and preaching? Preaching does not take much effort or soul-power or anything.  You can be taught to preach. (Point at yourself and your "lack of glittering" in the heart followers, as stated by Babuji in his letter to Chari as he dismissed him as Secretary of the Mission...  Remember what Chari called the Pope and Bill Gates for praying and offering money to help those afflicted with AIDS (not only homosexuals) ... "Morally Degraded" are they??  And remember the numerous attacks by Chari on Homosexuals and those (of us?) whom he called: the "enemies of Spirituality"... It sounds like the adherents to Sahaj Marg are not very "compassionate, loving or merciful" ... They point at others but they act differently... How "religious or "spiritualist" of them!!  )   There is a movie in which there is a preacher who wants to take the money out of the pockets. It's a crowd (one of these Christian denominations), and he preaches and preaches and he is very powerful, wearing an Armani suit. To the downtrodden, he represents the pick of the flock, whom probably Jesus Christ has himself chosen! That is the way he has established himself in his church. We are not like that.  (Lol, lol, lol,, But you are!! And you seek "Obedience" in this "speech"  Then you sell your opulent "holy books" for money, just like the Christians" !! Gotcha!)

We are not even teaching. What have we to teach?  (Yes!!  Nothing! So, "obedient" to what again??) I mean, if you will forgive me for saying it, how does a child learn to eat? A newborn baby – how does it know where to put its mouth? Does it know why it does it? But, it does. It's an instinctive response. We must remember one thing: that all living organisms are provided with what we can call a basic program, which is the instinct. They are instinct-driven first, before they learn to think. Then they learn to think, and to use all that is necessary to support the thinking process: the sciences, mathematics, semantics, the dictionary. (... stop using military jargon and images to teach "obedience"?)  

I am surprised today with more and more computerisation and Google and whatnot, people don't know how to use the dictionary. They don't know where to go. So, when you think, you have to master the tools that you need to think with; and the thinking must first be taught this. How to use a ladder, how to construct it, where to place it. Visions don't just have something very hazy [where] you relax in your easy chair and enjoy the vision. Those are daydreams, not visions. A vision is purposeful.  The purpose never leaves your mind. It is there, insistent. It is there when you are eating, when you are sleeping, when you are waking and, as circumstances get more and more difficult, the vision has to become more and more insistent, dominating, pushing you ahead. (In your head, in your thoughts, in your dreams ...)

How do you think that Christ permitted himself to be crucified? (Oh?  He "permitted"?  Using Christ and Christian mythology to lure "sheep" to Sahaj Marg??  Honestly!! )   It is a very true thing to say that without his crucifixion, Christianity would have died in 29 A.D. He had to be crucified. It is that which is still keeping Christianity alive today, and continuing the push.  There are certain things where the initial push is so strong that it continues for millennia, thousands of years, maybe millions of years. (Want to be "sacrificed"?  Or do you simply want "obedience" so others sacrifice their lives and the lives (the togetherness, the unity) of their families ?) Take the Big Bang of science, of cosmology. One bang, and it is still producing expansion in our universe. It is as if you kick a football in such a way that it is still going on somewhere in the universe.  (Chari, the egotist Master of the Universe??   Christ sacrificed himself and allegedly, he did not live off the "MONEY" of others!!   Nor did he build "material churches or temples".  He allegedly gave them (the people) "wine,  fish, bread etc.."...  lol lol )

We see lesser (REAL?)  miracles in all these spacecraft that are going around (explorers), something which is going out of our solar system very shortly, I believe. And when you think of the immensity of space, and if I may use the word ‘eternity' in respect of time, ("Eternity" is of Space: No Beginning, No End ... Space which "continues" or goes on for all TIME!)  what is this vision? Is it God? Can we say only God is capable of such visions, or God has a vision, or God is a visionary? I don't think anything like that. One push (of a penis? or of the mother "giving birth?) ) , and a baby is conceived.  It is a different type of push, a different type of impetus, a different type of no-vision vision.  (The old: "contradiction" philosophy of scammers?) I mean, you can't say that every man who sleeps with his wife wanted a baby.  That initial push is given by nature – the instinct to cohabit, the demand to cohabit. You see it in the rutting season of the animals. There is no staying away from it. There may be lions all around (beware of Sahaj Marg and their "abhyasis" (lions)??  No they're obedient sheep, all.) , but the animals, they have to mate, and the children have to be born, whether they are going to be eaten the next moment or not. Unlike our human babies, which are pampered for eight to ten, twelve years, those poor things, within two minutes if they don't stand up and are able to run, they are dead. Life has two minutes to survive out there, and yet it is part of the grand vision – Go forth and multiply. Isn't it?   (The analogy only holds for some animals.)

So vision is what? What is a vision? How do you define a vision? We all tend to think it is something somebody does. I know in some of the old primitive tribes, they had people like the shaman, the witch doctor; they were supposed to have ‘the dream'. It is said that they possessed the dream. It was never specified as to what their dream was, what the dreamer dreamt. It was, and it was enough that it was there. And there was a vision, because it gave confidence to the tribe that there is something guiding us, which is guiding us through someone selected (who selected himself, and self-appointed, like the Babuji, Chari, the Gurus of Sahaj Marg!)  for that purpose, who was the shaman or the witch doctor, who has it in his power to unleash this vision for the growth of all. And then he shares that vision whenever he speaks, by his actions – even if it is necessary for him to choose a warrior who shall die, like Christ choosing his own crucifixion. (To chose someone else (an obedient sub-missive "sheep") to die is not the same as offering yourself.)

So, vision does not exclude death; it does not exclude suffering; it does not exclude anything. A vision is all-inclusive. In its purpose, there is everything there from before birth to after death. And what lies after death is the principal concern of the visionary.  (not necessarily... Beware of self-serving spiritualist con-men and charlatans, who invent "myths" and then sell them to the tribe...  just another way to make a living (money, food, favours, sex, etc...) For us, it is only what we are doing here. What are we doing it for? Not to be happy and healthy and wise, but so that after our years of sadhana, and of our practice, of our dedication, obedience such as we have, we shall eventually go to a state called liberation, and then be free of all this – "the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune."  (A SCAM.  Invented by ?? to control "MATTER" and people!!  Not SPIRIT)

So, we have to do so many things, think of so many things, so that eventually we can escape into a state of not-doing, not-feeling, not-being – a state of being where there is nothing.   (Do that now, you don't need "matter" to do that. ) So, some people say, "What is all this? Your vision is just to be nothing?" You know, one of the problems of facing death, especially in the monotheistic religions, especially the Semitic (which includes of course Christianity, (Become Christians then!) which is not understood by many), is this problem of death. They take it that after death there is no death at all, there is only annihilation. Nature does not produce anything for it to be annihilated.  (Read that Bible again, eh??  There is nothing "annihilated" after death, in the Judeao-Christian Bible!! You made that up.) 

Scientists know this. In that simple statement, "When a candle burns nothing is lost" – it is not just an idea of no loss; it is a fact that when a candle burns, nothing is lost. Same thing with the body when it is put away with, when the man dies, or the woman dies – nothing is lost. Everything dissolves back into the elemental source. (... or into energy?  Or into Spirit?  Are you only an "atomist" or an fundamentalist "elementalist"?)  So we have to guide that state from this life to that life, where there is no elemental dissolution of what drives us: what is life, which you may call soul, which you may call anything else you like, which is immaterial, non-material, not subject to the laws of nature. Is that a mere vision or is it a purpose?  (It's invented fantasy from our ignorant past ... Time to evolve again!!  And leave the "Whispers" of spiritualism if you want to preach and teach "SPIRITUALITY"... look at the Raja Yoga of Patanjali again and see the lack of "SPIRITUALSM, IN HIS "eightfold" path from the 5th century BCE)

So, we must not play around with vision, (or egregores and "channeled messages from the "spirit of the dead"... That is "spiritualism"!! ) like Commander and I used to throw a tennis ball and catch it. This is not playful; yet it is not so serious that we cannot play with it. Like everything in spirituality, it is something subject to very contradictory approaches.  (or it is just for "profiteers" to use and sell to the "sheep" as "wisdom" or "saintly".   Handling techniques, be kind to be cruel… (manipulative?  Superiority complex?) like when you bring up a goat for it to be eventually consumed.  You are kind to it through all the years that it grows, only to eventually cut its head off.  (This spiritualist cult is NOT for vegetarians, or for thinkers, is it??)   And then there is the need to be cruel to be kind, to promote growth, which is discipline which nobody likes, not understanding that if you are not disciplined… you go on the streets in your car – along comes a man who doesn't care about left and right, and seven cars are hit and twenty-seven people die.  (lol lol lol Apocalyptic or is that just a silly story?)

Discipline is the way of prolonging life in every facet of its exuberance. How to protect life? It cannot be done without discipline. (for children and animals, Discipline, for adults, self-discipline) Discipline is not something like a straitjacket to make me inactive and not to think. That which makes me incapable of thought – that is indoctrination, not discipline – to force my mind, to fill it with rubbish, where there is no more thought process but only reference to something which is thrust into me with so much power that I cannot get rid of it.  (you got that right... that is "obedience" without logic, reason or compassion... that is tyranny!! Just like religion and the cults ...)

It is like people in a bus or in a ship – we are going to our destination; we have the vehicle. The vehicle must serve us until we get off at our destination. Are we all cooperating in that journey? (NO!  The invented "vision" serves some who decide what must be "obeyed" and some others must "obey"! )  This is the practical side of the vision. (the "vision" serves the "inventor" or the channel of the vision... the alleged source is dead. )  What is the visionary side of the vision? We may all share so many visions. "Ah, we shall go there. The sun will be bright." Another man says, "There, neither the sun shines nor the moon." Third fellow says, "There I shall have eternal peace." Fourth, has a negative thought, "I hope there are no teachers and preachers there." (YEAH! or no "there"... just a "here"!)  We will find out. (We already have no evidence of the veracity of  the "vision".  So, "Buyer Beware"... Its could be another of millions of spiritualist cons (SCAMS)   A dream bursts when we are awake. What a vision is, what it promises if anything at all, what we are striving for to hold that vision dear to our hearts, to proceed through life holding it… And when we come there, is it like a torch – a powerful torch lit in the night, and you see nothing because there is nothing for it to illuminate? You know the funny thing with light? You cannot see light. You can only see objects reflected in that light. It is a fundamental understanding of light.  (yet you suggest that the "sheep" put light in their hearts and imagine that it is "GOD"... Just a shell game??)

So, I hope you all will think over this business of vision. "No, no, we want your vision first at every meeting." It is not necessary. It is like national security, state security, town security, home security, and then within the home – individual security. National security is a must. If it seems to interfere with individual security we have to sacrifice, because without that, this cannot be.  (Yes... Stop selling a spiritualist  "whisper", channeled by an anonymous French lady,  and dished out as "pap" for children,  as if it was a "vision" to replace other "visions" of some obedient sheep ... that way, the Sahaj Marg sheep may create their own visions and be like "lions"... finally!! ) 

So the corpus, the group ( Be Spiritual, and stop using  spiritualist intellectual entities or "egregores")  – we have to think of the security of all of us, which is the Mission. What do we do to keep the Mission alive? Because without it, I cannot survive  (You mean: YOU cannot survive as the Master of a non-existing "cult of a Person"  ... not the rest of us. We will survive without your invented Mission, and its spiritualist "WHISPERS") – forget the generations that are to come after me. Especially in Hindu families, we have this question of parampara – the family going on into the future. (And what about the other "nationalitiies" and their "Visions" which you try and replace by your "Myths".  That's why they always crave for a son, because the daughter goes into another family. This family must survive only through its sons. That is why in Hindus, the first child if it is not a son they are… Not that they don't like daughters, but they want the son first to assure that the family will go forth into the future. So Babuji Maharaj said that when there is a need for somebody to take hold of this… like he had [the thought], after him what? – as he grew older, the need became insistent, more and more insistent. It is like a childless couple becoming more and more unhappy, more and more trying to find ways in which they can have a baby.  (Sahaj Marg has become the  cult of a Person (the Master)... It is a Spiritualist Group who gets Messages from the dead founder channeled by a French Anonymous Lady Medium.

So, that is a vision too, because a ship must have a captain.  (and others have to "obey" in the illusion of the material world... the veil of Maya... But we are "spiritual" so it does not apply to us.)  Who will take over when I go to the destination and get off the bridge? Is there another captain or not?  (Let us hope they are all 'LIONS" and say NO!!  That game is OVER) Some of you should read that beautiful book, On the Beach, by Neville Shute, on what happens after a devastating atomic warfare.  (The "spiritual" message promoting fantasy of "warfare", or just another apocalyptic "sales gimmick"?)  There are some of these things that for a visionary to operate there is the need for a platform. For a captain of a ship, he needs a ship; the ship needs a captain. It is a sort of symbiotic relationship.  (lol lol NO.. NO... just for a few of "your boys"... not for the majority of us "SHEEP", who must obey " your boys"...) You may almost call it parasitic. He lives off it; it lives off him.  (How sick is this spiritualist Sahaj Marg corpus or "body"??)

So, what happens in a Mission like ours? We need prefects. Without abhyasis, what is the need for a prefect? Isn't it? Of course, if there are many abhyasis, you feel troubled, you feel imposed upon, but then that is life. When you marry, you cannot decide how many children you are going to have. One has twenty-seven like the famous Sudama, but then you have Lord Krishna coming to his help. Another has a hundred like Dhritarashtra, who denied Krishna's help. And then there is Narada, the eternal bachelor – happy to go around the seven worlds, creating, shall we say, little pockets of conflict, of jealousy, which have to be resolved so that the future is secured.  (This is a cultural "myth" and not to be sold as "FACT"... It's an Indian story!! )

This next story is called: Science "FICTION"... Not true, not REALITY and not "spirituality... but paid at Sahaj Marg retreat centers by "Charity" dollars ... as children die of starvation... That is the "SCAM" of cults ... Feed the poor. and stop believing in Fantasies and/or navel-gazing... imagining light in your heart as if it will solve your or the problems of LIFE and this world)

And now the Apocalyptic "vision" from Isaac Asimov sold by Chari as "REAL"?? 
If you have read Isaac Asimov's famous trilogy, it is remarkable how he foresees – (one fellow who knows how to do it, foresees) – that the world will have problems for twenty thousand years: suffering, misery, destruction. And he creates a plan by which there will be two, three problems, major problems created – one within fifty years, one in two hundred years, so that the twenty thousand years is collapsed into just a thousand years. Our life is like that. We grow up. Babyhood is very nice; Mummy carrying it around, everybody kissing, everybody giving birthday presents. You start walking. Then mummy and daddy just sit on opposite sides, making you walk. And if the child really could tell his feelings, he would say, "What the hell are you doing there? Come and hold me." But Mummy says, "Yes, come." And that is necessary. The first step, [Asimov's] fifty years. Then wonderful till [age] five, then you go to school.  (You gotta chuckle!!   With a nick-nack, paddy whack, Give the thief a buck!! ) 

Nowadays they are sent to school at the age of one and a half. Pre-KG [pre-kindergarten] they call it. I am sure there will soon be a pre-pre-KG. And I am not sure, but I am almost sure that within say the next ten years, there will be education for expectant mothers. There will be some sort of thing they can put on their belly which will put education into the child. I have no doubt at all that this will happen. Even electronics – in the age of electronics and our pride in electronics – if you keep a cell phone in your pocket, you lose your power of reproduction as a male. I am told if you keep it near your heart, you can have fibrillation. But you put it on the belly of your wife who is pregnant and perhaps you will have a brilliant child, who in the next generation will create cell phones which do not damage.  (Uh??  Give the bed a shake) 

This sort of thing, this is called development. And because of all this development in industry and science and technology, there is development in psychology called developmental psychology. I don't know what it deals with. I have studied something of psychology, but developmental psychology… Like you have in modern science, in education: science of engineering and the engineering of science. Institute of engineering sciences, institute of scientific engineering – I don't know what... This is like saying legal illegality and illegal legality. (Hmmm!!  Seriously?? That old: Spiritualist "contradicttion" trick again eh? )

So, the way the world is going, there is a need for a visionary who will hold to that delicate thread of the essentials of what constitutes life. (yes, but not a "cult" or a person... not a "spiritualist" channeled vision.  The "collective" vision will survive... it will be called REALITY or the illusion of the material Life...  Let it BE!!  It is what we CREATE together as a species,  and it is GOOD!!  At least it is better than the religious or spiritualist "family" squabbles of  POWER and MONEY addicted tribal factions of the tribal cultures of the EAST!!)  Life is something which goes through a series of existences which we call living. (Huh?? Seriously??  Teach that to the kids eh?... NOT!)  Is that life being protected? Or are we only protecting the living? This is a vital distinction also. "I was." Of course I was. Where could I have come from if I had not been? And since I was, and I am here now, there is every hope, every reason to think that I shall be – what? So to protect that – that is life. This is living; I am protecting the living. This is what governments do, educationists do, scientists do, engineers do, corporations do. But what do we do, if at all anything? It is to protect and cherish life.

So, you see how a vision grows, and how in its essentiality it is just an atomic, basic atom of a thought. So I wish that you would all think more, rather than just listen more, note more, and decide to do more. People who do more without listening and thinking are like toy soldiers; you wind them up and they march: left, right, left, right. They are insensate. Soldiers are living things, but very much insensate. They are trained to perfection to be units of destruction. In their life there is no protection, although governments say they are to protect. It is something of a parody that you say, "I am destroying to protect." In some situations it is true, like a doctor. He destroys something to protect life.  (Yet, Chari wants you to "obey" and be like mindless, un-thinking soldier.  I will study war no more... not even for the promises of spiritualist "god-men"... Let go of the military fixation and talk of "peace" for a while.  Peace is what does not exist at Sahaj Marg or at the SRCM... Remember how Chari created SRCM (California-in 1997, with Santosh and his "cronies"?

So, you see, all that I can say is: be brave and think.  (Just like we have been saying... use your heads, don't just "obey"... Demand that the words make sense and have reason. )  You know it requires bravery to think – aude sapere – that is the Latin. The word ‘audacious' comes from that. Dare to think. When people don't dare to think, they think the thoughts of others. Babuji Maharaj read Mills' philosophy (a few pages), and put it away and said, "I don't want his thoughts in my head. I want my own thoughts in my head." Wonderful!  (Same here... I want my own thoughts in my head... not Chari's flawed philosophy and Babuji's fantasies about how he was chosen by Lalaji in his dreams, as if Lalaji did not chose others. Just lies!!)   Did he become an educated man? No. He became knowledge itself.  (silly)  Because instead of having to read a thousand books from a thousand libraries, he created his own knowledge base, as you call it in modern language. He created it here [in the head].   (You can all do the same and really be LIONS, like us... GROWLL!!  lol lol ) 

Have we the courage to do that? You can have it if you aude sapere – dare to think. Dare to think, "What is this guy talking about vision? What is so extraordinary about a vision?" – and then you will find out. You don't need somebody to come and start off every meeting with a ‘story of my vision'. "Ah, sounds very grandiose and front page." It's nonsense. My vision is to make you all visionaries.(Right... Just like the rest of us..  See?  We were not the "Enemies of Spirituality" after all, as you called us.  We were the enemies of Spiritalism and are still ...Stop the Whispers From the Brighter World SCAM... It's a LIE!!  )   And you want me to come and talk to you about visions. It is like the cook waiting for you to eat and you wait for the cook to produce the food. Both staring at each other. "What? What are you looking for?" "When are you going to cook?" "When you start eating." What sort of situation is that? Isn't it?

So it is like two people… I know this has happened many times in our Mission. Prefect and abhyasi sitting… [laughter] and you can imagine the rest. [laughs] I must confess to something like that myself! This morning the sitting was so superb. I had the children of the twelfth standard in my cottage, sixty-five or so of them. I said, "I will give you all a sitting." I think I must have gone on for about twenty minutes. Suddenly – I had been in some samadhi – I did not know whether I was sitting in the hall, or where. I opened my eyes to see where I was.  (Giving a sitting to 'children"?? And What about Babuji's "18 years or older" COMMANDEMENT??  Playing with children??)

So you see, unknowingness can come from several sources. You understand? In fact, when I was preparing Lalaji's Truth Eternal for publication, it was such a confusing book. I mean, I still don't dare to open it and read it. [laughter] I hope they are listening up there! You know there are states which are described – like ignorance. Ignorance is good, he says. And what is this ignorance? It is the innocence of the one who is neither ignorant nor knowledgeable. (Is Chari losing it??  That is what he himself has been teaching to his disciples ... this is how he divided SRCM, and  Sahaj Marg(tm) and many of its families ... with such stupidity!!  )

So the only book I think that I needed to awaken me to a state of ‘what am I doing' was Truth Eternal. I wrote several [times] to Babuji Maharaj seeking clarification. So like that sometimes, what Babuji calls this kshobh (of course, the kshobh created the universe – that was the Big Bang), we each have a kshobh, something that suddenly explodes within us, and that creates a vision. (OK??) Like a man who is a billionaire in the USA amassed wealth, suddenly gives up everything and comes and puts on a dirty dhoti and a dirty kurta, and starts what you call an NGO, to help people of some valley somewhere. I have seen so many of them. Especially near our Satkhol ashram, there are so many NGOs. And if you look at them, "Umm-umm-umm," they are going. They are all in their fifties, sixties, but they have gone native, as the British would say. And they were big people, rich people, now with a vision. And that vision demands that they are like Gandhi – minimum clothes, minimum food, minimum housing. Is this a rule, that to produce the maximum, you must be the minimum? I suppose it must be, because if the Big Bang started with something, which we call a singularity which has no dimension, which is really not existent (not true!!  He does not know!! ) … So from the non-existence comes the existence. So to create the existence, you must be non-existent.  (Are you obedient "abhyasis" really reading, understanding and obeying this stuff?? ...  Sci-fi as REAL??  You've drifted really far from the shore (safety of reason and logic) ...  Wow do you ever have a long journey back to REALITY!!   Sahaj Marg(tm)  and its Master appear drunk on their own self-importance ...)

I am saying this deliberately because in conflict resolution, there need be no resolution at all if there is no conflict, and there can be no conflict if you are a nothing.  Because all conflicts, they don't concern any thing. I mean if two people want the same woman, or if two people want the same house, that is a different sort of thing. Here, what is the conflict? Ego. "I am right; you are wrong." "No, no, I am right; you are wrong." "Forget it, guys! I am right; you are wrong." [laughs] Isn't it?  (Conflict??  In Sahaj Marg and SRCM??  Is that possible?  Chari seems to be defending his stealing of SRCM(California-1997) and Babuji's Family's society??  Tricky!! 

So, there is a need to be simple. As Babuji said, "Be simple, live simply (what a crock... look around you... that is not "simple" that is opulent by the standards of most of the people in the world, including this person in Canada!), think simply." Don't have complicated thoughts. (Don't control the thoughts of others!! Stop your Whispers Scam for Money!! ) Don't try to emulate a processor in a computer. Even that is a micro-processor. If it was a macro-processor it would… So we have to be micro-processors: simple in our existence, undemanding, yet with a vision that is overpowering, which can be the soul of this world, and the soul of the future. 

So that is all I have to say. I am a little breathless. Thank you for your patience and I pray for you all.


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