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Sahaj Marg (tm) and Gastroenteritis

Taken from an article from Elodie: "Les Gastro-entérites du Sahaj Marg", on her blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

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May 19, 2013

Sahaj Marg(tm) and Gastroenteritis 

The 114th Birth Anniversary Celebrations of Pujya Babuji Maharaj (From: Echoes of India, May 2013)

Summary of the 114th anniversary celebrations of the birth of Babuji: Kamlesh Patel as a great organizer of the 4-day event, recalls the "Master Plan for the Regeneration of Humanity" according to Whispers to some 33,000 attendees, adults and children gathered and celebrated no less than 16 weddings.

The reporter of these events does not know what to say except to spread the wonderful organization of these days that has brought the number of cases of gastro-enteritis and other "touristas" from 202 cases last year to only 102 this year.

Fortunately, the announcement of a video message by Chari relaxed the atmosphere a bit. The announcement of the organization of celebrations for Chari's anniversary at Tiruppur in July can close these days on a little more optimistic note.


"On Sunday 28th May, Br Kamlesh conducted five weddings after the morning satsanghs. (At Sahaj Marg (tm), Chari wants to marry the disciples so as to reach and indoctrinate the next generation before their age of reason.  Babuji had an 18 years old restriction)


He read out two of Babuji’s messages (in reality, the messages are from an anonymous French Lady Medium, claiming to get these "whispers" from the long-dead "spirit" of Babuji ... Sahaj Marg(tm) is a "spiritualist" cult.)  from the Whispers and explained the role of the abhyasi in the grand plan of regeneration of humanity.  (This is after their religious "apocalypse")

When the announcement was made on 29th about Master’s expected address the next day through video telecast, the rejoicement of abhyasis was palpable. (some more stuff for sale)


In addition to the weddings on 28th, Br Kamlesh conducted four weddings on 29th, three weddings on 30th and four weddings on 1st. These weddings in the Sahaj Marg way, stand for simplicity and a way of integrating families across the boundaries of cultures and languages.

33,000 abhyasis and children took part in this year’s celebration. (who's counting??  I don't trust their numbers ... and they count "children" also.)


How would one explain a kitchen that cooked for 25,000  (they only cooked for 25,000 not 33,000... Hummm ... numbers are dropping by the minute!! )   people on an average, thrice a day, yet managed a near ‘zero wastage’? The campus had twentythree security posts from where our abhyasi brothers were working in three shifts a day. The brothers and sisters in the accommodation team, who were the first to start work nearly two months ago, made our stay comfortable within the confines of our limited resources. It was hard to miss the absence of flies in the campus, especially in the kitchen and canteen. The hygiene house, sanitation and housekeeping teams worked in unison to give us a healthy and comfortable stay. They spent sleepless nights while ensuring our comfort and spent their resting time amidst barrels containing organic septic tank dousing solution, sanitisers and segregated waste. The result of their hard work is evident from the the fact that in the 2012 bhandara, 202 cases of gastroenteritis were recorded at the medical facility. This year it was only 102 cases of travel diarrhoea and no case of on campus occurrence. Another reason for this was the drinking water treated in the RO plant. Given the hot weather of Tiruppur, 6 lakh litres of RO treated drinking water and 24 lakh litres of water for other usage were consumed in these three days.None could have missed the wi-fi enabled travel desk consisting of twelve counters which catered to the travel needs of abhyasis.

Several new publications were released during these celebrations. Some special releases, some new books and videos as well as some reprints in several languages were part of this release. There was an overwhelming array of Mission publications to choose from. A photo gallery extended this with beautiful framed photographs of our Masters. (sell, sell, sell,  ah the business of religion and spiritualism: Sell iconographic trinkets and purchase real estate!! Where are the philosophers in Sahaj Marg(tm)??  They all left the "cult" when this gang of businessmen took over the small meditation group.)


The added bliss came on the last day when it was officially announced that beloved Master’s birthday celebration will be held at Tiruppur this year. Time has once again started ticking towards that occasion, when the beloved would fill our hearts with love.”  (more bliss, more "whispers",  and more spiritualism!!  Since God moved to India, where "HE" (male) now dwells, "HE" (male) must  be getting larger (or is HE (no female Master allowed in Sahaj Marg(tm)) in fact shrinking??)  all the time!! )

The effects of prejudice and self-judgment on our spiritual life (Video speech by Chari, January 1, 2013):

Chari attempts to convince his lions and his sheep to not judge or pre-judge.
Here is what he said in a speech on October 12, 2010:
“(…) So you see, it is from below to the top or the other way down, when churches condone same-sex marriages, perform same-sex marriages. Soon a day will come when perhaps, in Athens or Barcelona or somewhere, you will find a man marrying a cow. (...)”  (The universal "Love" of Spirituality and tribal "spiritualist cults of a person" are not synonyms!)

Let him who is without sin cast the first stone, Chari would do better by putting his own house in order(rather than putting their moral and ethical house in order, the cult leaders at Sahaj Marg(tm) give orders and the "sheep" are simply expected to blindly and unquestionably obey)




Anonymous said...

So what they are saying is that this year only 102 were "special enough" to get a case of travel diarrhea aka "a cleansing from the Master."

I think all of us former members should get together and will ourselves to astrally travel to their group satsang and take a big dump on them!

There is way too much BS going on with this wretched group.

-- Triple Gem

4d-Don said...

Hi Triple Gem...

Lol, lol, lol...

I always thought they (specially Chari) were putting out "verbal diarrhea" all along.

Now it seems that there are many in Sahaj Marg(tm) who's output, being spiritualism rather than REALLY "spirituality", is still the output or the "invention" of an entity, a personality or an "ego"... and thus is "matter" or at the very most "temporal" and not "eternal"...

So yes, to be as NATURE, we can "dump" on them as they dump on others their very human "crap"!! If you work out that "astral travel" or trans-figuration technique, let us know!! lol lol

One has to laugh b'cause it not very funny!!

Thanks for lifting us with your "levity" (as in levitate)