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Sahaj Marg After the Fall of the Wall

Taken and translated from an article by Alexis: Le Sahaj Marg Après la Chute du Mur, on Elodie's blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

4d-don's comments:  Even though Sahaj Marg and the Shri Ram Chandra Mission is registered with the UNDPI, they do not adhere to the stipulations which the UN requests of its members.  Beside the incidences of racism and homophobia, SRCM insists on keep women in subservient roles.  According to Chari, ex-ceo of a mill (part of the largest consortium, TTK Group Inc.) in India, women can't be "Masters" in Sahaj Marg.   

Chari's successor as President of SRCM (California-1997) (and hence, Master of Sahaj Marg)  is the owner of a group of businesses which import and distribute pharmaceutical products from India.  Kamlesh D. Patel and some of his businesses (pharmacies) are from Staten Island, New York, USA.   Either meditate (imagine a light in the heart) or take this pill!!  Which "snake oil"  takes precedence?? 

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Sahaj Marg After the Fall of the Wall 
From an original article by Alexis on his blog: "Chari with the Soviets" 

April 17, 2013: Reactions to reading an article by Elena Revinskaya in Russia & India Report (RIR) titled: More Russians see India as the "true path" to spirituality.RIR is the Indian equivalent of the French website "Russia Today", a project of the Russian daily Rossiyskaya Gazeta, the official newspaper of the Russian government which provides the official publication of laws, decrees and official statements of the state bodies . 

What does this journalist say?
After decades of anti-religious Marxist materialism, the Russians have (re) discovered the benefits of spirituality. So much so that fashionable trend for Russian girls is to study yoga in India to become a  certified teacher, then come back to make a fortune in Moscow with this baggage of  an "Indian spiritual master."

This observation is correct, but one will appreciate the true value of this highly spiritual approach, without any ulterior materialistic motive ...

The observation is correct, the Orthodox Church has regained its citizenship and the number of sectarian communities has exploded in Russia, but also in all the countries of the former Eastern bloc. Sahaj marg is no exception ...

The journalist speaks about 700 Russians present in India last February for the seminar of  the SRCM (Shri Ram Chandra Mission), she also speaks about 1,500 Sahaj Marg meditation centers across the country, with the main centers in Moscow, St Petersburg, Murmansk, Chelyabinsk and Novocherkassk.

The SRCM alternatively communicates the figure of 750 people present at Chari's Russian-speaking seminar, and about the number of centers, it is roughly the total SRCM centers in the world.  In reality, the number of Russian centers corresponds roughly to five centers she cited.  Let us come back to the numbers ... 

The journalist also said that the Moscow Center is supported by the Indian Embassy and that Sahaj Marg is a leading global movement supported by the United Nations. It is clear here that the communication and disinformation operation orchestrated by the SRCM still works perfectly with the neophytes, but only based on re-arrangements of the reality.

The reality is that a local Indian embassy lends to the group of abhyasis from Moscow space for one to two collective meditations per week. The reality is that the Department of Public Information of the United Nations asked the SRCM (or any other NGO (non-government Organizations) or "non-profit societies" who want to register with the UNDPI)  to relay its messages.  "Through the associated NGOs, the DPI is working to spread the messages of the UN in the world, to help the public better understand the activities and objectives of the United Nations. (...) To be associated with DPI, NGOs must also have effective information mechanisms and the ability to disseminate information about the work of the UN programs. "(Source: Home website DPI

The Indian embassy did not take charge of the (SRCM) movement, the UN does not endorse in any way the SRCM  ... it asks that the SRCM support its actions!

First, the saga of Sahaj Marg in the countries of Eastern Europe did not begin in Russia, but in Minsk in 1987 in present-day Biélorussie (or Belarus).  In 1995, SRCM had eight preceptors in Belarus and in 7 in Russia.  In 2007, the figures were 18 and 20 preceptors respectively, without counting Romania with nine (9) more preceptors.

The total for the former European bloc countries was 17 preceptors in 1995, 72 in 2007 and it should be around a hundred today.  The number of abhyasis in this region must now be established between 700 and 1000 regular attendees, followers and sympathizers, or 1% of the global membership, or 7% excluding India.

A bit much for the number of 700-750 Russian followers in Manapakkam in February 2013, there were families with children, many from other Russian-speaking countries, including Belarus, Ukraine ... and perhaps a few from Romania . 

Russia is between 25 and 30% of the membership of abhyasis from European countries and is little more than Belarus, but less than 2 per million followers against 23 for Belarus.  Romania is a little more than 10% of the membership, 5 adherents per million inhabitants and an ashram in Timisoara. The other supporters are divided between 11 countries from the east. 

In the top 50 donors to the SRCM and SMSF (Sahaj Marg Spirituality Foundation), Ukrainians occupies 13th place, Belarus occupies 29th place and there are no Russians.  Eastern Europeans  make 10 times fewer donations than Western Europe, it also has five times fewer adepts ... 

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