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Sahaj Marg and Fasciatherapy

Translation of an article by Alexis: Sahaj Marg et Fasciathérapie , on Élodie's blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg

April 14, 2013
Sahaj Marg and Fasciatherapy

An article by Alexis:


A  (French) Senate Inquiry Pins a Former Disciple of Babuji

After six months of work, the French commission of inquiry into the influence of sectarian movements in the field of Health released its report on April 10, 2013.

According to the magazine: Sciences et Avenir (Sciences and the Future): "(...) At the press conference, Senators particularly emphasized fasciatherapy, an esoteric practice inspired by osteopathy and the teachings of Ram Chandra, founder of the sect Shri Ram Chandra Mission (...). "

The online news website, Rue 89 had already published an article on this topic in 2011. Removed following a first "no publishing" ruling, this article entitled, "Facing Cancer, fasciatherapy continues to divide at Angers", was re-published on March 3, 2012 following the decision of the Appeals Court, canceling the decision taken in the first instance, after updating and corrections of 16/09/2011 and 21/09/2011 to reflect the comments of Mr. Bois.

Excerpts: "Danis Bois was seduced thirty years ago by a certain Shri Ram Chandra, who's movement in France has since been identified by the General Intelligence (RG). He describes in a book published in 1995 how he met the 'Master', asked for his 'blessing' to open a school of manual therapy in France, and has since worked with his 'invisible support'. But he now regrets these references, and considers this episode as belonging to a far and distant past: 'After his death (in 1983), I began to doubt the one who succeeded him and I became more than a dissident of this movement, to which I never belonged.  I am a layman! '"

Olivier Hertel, Sciences et Avenir journalist and author of an article entitled "Cults Enter the Hospitals" in November 2012, following an investigation of six months, was interviewed by the commission. 

Excerpts from his testimony

"(...) The second case is fasciatherapy and represents I think the smartest example of the way to enter the health institutions.  Fascia is the tissue surrounding fibro-elastic organs and certain anatomical structures - pleura, pericardium and meninx (brain?). This fabric is allegedly animated with a subtle movement, which would involve training specific enough to perceive it. Training allows the therapist to feel this movement and get a read of the status of the person, as shown in a video produced by Danis Bois, the inventor of the method.  If the therapist places his hands on the patient and feels that the movement goes forward, it is that the person "going forward." If he receives no backward movement, it is that the person "lacks backward-ness ".  The chart is fairly simple and easy to understand!  

The movement can also go to the ground, meaning that the person is "rooted", and is more or less powerful, etc.. All this is done by placing the hand on an arm or on the body of the person. The internal motion is critical to health and reminds one of oriental medicine, Indian, Chinese, etc.., and the notions of qi, chi, prana, kinds of energies that allegedly circulate throughout the body. This method helps to re-balance the energy through support (pressure?) points defined by Danis Bois. I attended a  fasciatherapy session for a sore back. One remains stretched for about an hour and the therapist puts his hands in different places around the back and almost nothing happens. Besides, I still have a backache! I also consult with doctors, but in the context of my job, I have the opportunity to try a bit of everything, which is quite informative.  I'm still alive, proving that this is actually not so dangerous - although one should still be careful ...  

What are the allegations of fasciatherapy? The language is generally quite cautious. Today they speak of  help and support, but you can find the mention of somewhat severe enough diseases. Fasciatherapy would allegedly be particularly effective in the prevention or support in cases of cancer, multiple sclerosis, immune deficiency, etc.. The site of the "Department of Fasciatherapy" lists all the therapies of Danis Bois. The idea is to attract students, usually all physiotherapists to this training to provide tools to "conduct a remedial action and education to patients suffering from physical pain, chronic conditions and serious illnesses." In fact, this internal movement perceived by fasciatherapists does not exist! According to the specialists in anatomy that I interviewed, this structure can not match the description given by Danis Bois.  

Danis Bois is a former physiotherapist and osteopath; in the 1980s, he had mostly been a disciple of Ram Chandra, the founder of the sect: Shri Ram Chandra Mission. In one of his books that I could find, Danis Bois indicates that the first to talk of internal motion, the base of fasciatherapy, is Ram Chandra. He thus attributes to his master the creation of fasciatherapy. This esoteric concept rests on an imaginary movement, yet Danis Bois holds a Ph.D. from the University of Seville, he is a professor at the University Fernando Pessoa in Portugal, an associate professor at the University of Rouen. Fasciatherapy is the subject of one master thesis, two university diplomas (DU) and seventeen theses within the somatopsychopedagogy or perceptual psychology in at least six French universities. 

The Danis Bois team also collaborates with researchers in the research laboratories of the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS). Hospitals also use fasciatherapy in supportive care, there is also a DU at the Pitié-Salpêtrière, where intervenes one of Danis Bois'  right arm man. One also finds fasciatherapy at the Western Institute of Cancer, at Angers and Nantes, as well as patients' associations, which are quite permeable environments, as you can understand. More surprisingly, a clinical trial was carried out in fasciatherapy supportive care for breast cancer ...  

Fasciatherapy is a very lucrative business, the training is provided by the private school "Point d'Appui" (Pressure Point??)  notably affiliated to some private universities including Fernando Pessoa, Portugal.  The training is simple: all students are enrolled at the University Fernando Pessoa and pay registration fees, but the lessons are taught in the Paris region, the University for delivering masters degrees with European recognition. Training fasciotherapist, issuing fasciatherapy DU's, is only open to physiotherapists.  It has eighteen sessions of three days in three years, a total of 450 hours of courses or training sessions, for a price of 10,890 euros. As a reminder, fasciatherapy is not recognized by the National Association of physiotherapists ... '

Excerpts from the article by Olivier Hertel, "Sects Enter the Hospitals," Sciences et Avenir November 2012: 

"(...) Sliding again, but this time at the heart of the university system where" fasciatherapy "and its derivatives have emerged as a discipline in their own right. During our investigation, we have listed at least 17 theses in progress in at least six universities in Paris, Rouen, Tours, Nancy, as well as in the laboratories of the CNRS or INSERM and even the prestigious school AgroParisTech. However, this practice developed by the French physiotherapist and osteopath, Danis Bois, was denounced on June 22 by the National Council of the Order of Physiotherapists, which points out that they are not recognized by the profession, contrary to the claims by Danis Bois. Close to the concepts of qi, ch'i, or ki, fasciatherapy supports the existence in the body of a mysterious movement animating the fascia, connective tissues that delineate the organs. An imaginary movement which allegedly would have an impact on health.  

An adept in the 1980s of the sect, Shri Ram Chandra Mission (10), Danis Bois developed his practice at this time which he claims effective "in preventing or supporting against cancer, multiple sclerosis, immune deficiency, etc. . ". Allegations disputed by Olivier Palombi, Professor of Anatomy and Neurosurgery at the University of Grenoble and modeling expert of anatomical and tissue mechanics, for which the fascias are in no way "animated by a movement." And swept by a master study conducted this year at the University of Grenoble that confirms that fasciatherapy has not demonstrated its therapeutic efficacy (11). To penetrate the academic institutions, the former physio has taken crooked and winding, but effective road of  first obtaining a PhD in Education at the University of Seville in 2007.  The same year, he had himself appointed  professor at the modern University of Lisbon, a Portuguese private institution that has since gone bankrupt.  

His diplomas have opened the doors to French universities, since he now presents himself as an associate professor at the University of Rouen.  Fasciatherapy has also infiltrated patient associations such as the Association of the French-paralyzed, the  Multiple Sclerosis (SEP APF) and his followers have so far infiltrated at least five French hospitals. Thus, Nadine Quéré, with her university diploma (DU), teaches Stress, Trauma and Pathology at the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital in Paris.  More surprisingly, this practice has been the subject of a clinical trial ...  at the ICO, Angers (see above)! 

When asked,Dr. Eric Jadaud, who led the study, refused to answer our questions. I bet that the offensive has only just begun: physiotherapists cohorts are learning the Danis Bois method through Fulcrum, a private training organization founded in 1998 and is headquartered at Ivry-sur-Seine, in the Val-de-Marne, which provides a master and doctoral OF recognized by the state. And, through partnership with the private University Fernando Pessoa in Porto, where students are required to go for the defense of their diploma in French. A "business" as the lucrative brand "Danis Bois Method" already showed in 2009 a turnover of over one million euros! We are also able to say that Danis Bois receives supportive weight even within the French university system (...). "

The personal website Danis Bois is currently undergoing maintenance, as well as the websites of training Danis Bois method or http:/ / / (this date: 04.13.2013). Only currently operates CERAP Portuguese (Centre for Study and Research in Applied Psychology Perceptive University Fernando Pessoa in Porto, Portugal):

 "89 Street" and "Sciences et Avenir" do not know as well as we, the SRCM.  From the biography of Danis Bois, we understand that he was a disciple of Babuji, that he (Babuji)  gave him his blessing to develop his fascial therapy, but he did not become a follower of Chari.  Passing by Vendome, (France)  1971-80, he attended the very active anti-Chari, and pro André Poray and / or Kasturi circles, as some of his fellow disciples, Denise and Jean-François Mincet or Cyrille Roux.

Danis Bois moved away from the SRCM of Chari, but do not believe the SRCM is absent from alternative therapies, quite the contrary. Chari enthusiasts often invest in these disciplines: psycho-genealogy, spiritual psychiatry,  biokinetic energy, etc..



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