Friday, April 05, 2013

Sahaj Marg in Canada

Taken from an article by Alexis: "Sahaj Marg au Canada",  on Élodie's blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg

April 5, 2013

 Sahaj Marg in Canada

A year ago, Kamlesh Patel encouraged Canadians to raise funds to acquire an ashram: “ if 1,000 abhyasis each contributed $20 per month, that would be $20,000 per month and in a year we would have $240,000 – had we started five years ago we would be in a position now to acquire a property!”

Kim Hansen writes in Echoes of North America in March 2013:

Northern Light: an Ashram in Canada

"We are happy to inform you that there will soon be an ashram in Canada. On December 28th, Master responded to our proposal for the acquisition of an ashram property in the city of Toronto and proposed inauguration on his birthday, 24 July 2013. He wrote, “I am happy that Canada has the possibility of acquiring its first ashram. I have gone through the project report and am pleased to approve of it. You may all go ahead with the Master’s blessings.”

Abhyasis in Toronto are heart-fully engaged in a search for the right place, and are digging deep to contribute financially, within our means, for this long-awaited and blessed development. Seemingly out of the blue, by Master’s grace, we have received gifts from several abhyasis in Europe who have heard about the project. We invite one and all to join us in bringing this project to fruition. There is no time to waste."

4d-Don's Comment:  " time to waste"?  Have they (the adherents to Sahaj Marg) all become Apocalyptic?  The day they die, and they see that the material World is still here and has not been "destroyed",  will they simply egotistically claim: "It's because we, at Sahaj Marg, have done our "duty" and built one more ashram, temple or church in one more "new religion", managed by self-serving "businessmen" !!

Yeah Right!!  Believe that if you want to ... They (the "apocalyptic religious") seem to believe that they will be rewarded in the "other world" and start sending "whispers" to the other abhyasis from the spiritualist "central region" !!   I don't believe that invented fantasy!!  

Rather than donating to  build one more "recreational" ashram (a material place for a few to "navel gaze"), you could instead donate to feed one more hungry child ... You decide what is more charitable or spiritual (concrete, material ashrams or flesh, and blood (and SPIRIT??)  humans!! ).   

Either way, I don't think the secular, the humanist, the atheist or the "free thinking" tax-payers should be asked to subsidize these merchants of self-serving, recreational religious fantasies with our "tax-exempt" legislation meant for legitimate "charities" !! 



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