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According to Babuji's Grandson, Whispers are "Misleading"!!

Taken from Sportlight at  Society for Babuji's Mission, part 37 and exerpt of part 38.

4d-Don's Comment: If Babuji is not sending the messages (Whispers) to the Anonymous French Lady Medium, who is then compiling Whispers From The Brighter World,  then who (or what spirit) are the spiritualist channeled messages (Whispers) coming from?   Is the Medium making it all up?  What are the abhyasis paying for?  An "opulent" book (to quote Chari)?

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Haqeeqat Benakaab (Reality without covering)
High Level Talks during Rev. Babuji’s times and after His Mahasamadhi
Part – 37
Shubh Chintak Kishore and Sharad Chandra

There were quite a few people highly rumoured to be in Central Region even in Rev. Babuji’s times. Talks of this nature multiplied after His mahasamadhi. So many people started talking of having met Him, saw Him in dreams, having messages from Him, getting long inspirations from Him covering pages, continous flow of inspirations from Him in praise of worthless self style living master (as if He has no other work except praising the worthless self style living master), etc.

True meaning of Living Master is who is ever living and presence can be felt by sincere devotees. But his members (slaves) would not understand this meaning, they will only understand the meaning given to them for Living Master.

Parthasarthi, who admittedly has no power of inter-commune with his Master – Rev. Babuji, still gave messages to his innocent members (slaves- whose quality is that they do not apply their mind but think that what their master says and does is the best) like living master saying ‘discussed with Master’, ‘got Master’s consent’, ‘Master appreciated my view’, etc. etc.

Finding that such things were on increase, I, Sharad asked Rev. Babuji Maharaj’s clarification in this matter on 10th March 2013 at 3.40 a.m. (IST).

Sharad : “Many people claim that Rev. Babuji come in their dream”

Rev. Babuji : Mukt atmaiyen kabhi khwabon mein nahi aatin. Jab Kabhi aisi hastiyan kuch chuninda logon ko rahnumai karna chahti hain to dil mein prerana deiti hain aur us ko anjam deney key liye halat paida karti hain
(Liberated souls never appear in dreams. Whenever such personalities wish to guide selected people, they provide inspirations in their heart and create circumstances for implementation).


Sharad : “ Means, persons appearing in dreams are not liberated”

Rev. Babuji : Jara see deir key baad boley “han”
(After a little pause, said “Yes”)

In our opinion, people should bring this important and little known clarification to the knowledge of others to save them from unfounded gossips.

11th March 2013 Amen

Exerpt from Part 38: 

"Those claiming as having seen Rev. Babuji Maharaj in dreams and telling others, are actually misleading them and are propagating to prove how close they were with Him and still continue to be so."

Date: 14th March 2013


Michael said...

...So what of Lalaji who appeared in Babuji's dreams telling him that he was the new Master???


4d-Don said...

Hi Michael...

OOOPS!! Who said that??

lol lol ;-))

It's hard to keep a straight face with all the "spiritualist" twists of those who set out to deceive or to SCAM ...

You bring up a good point...

The "spirit" of Babuji seems to have "TWO STORIES" about what goes on in their invented "Brighter World", or the "Central Region". And HOW it actually is a REALITY (at dawn?) ... It sounds like they are all in the "dark" and the real light of DAY has not dawned on them yet ... lol lol

The spirit (is it really Babuji?)... is it really REAL? (or is the Medium making it all up?) ... Is the alleged spirit even "wise" or knowledge-able)? It seems to be telling both "clans" a different story ... is that not typical of SPIRITUALISM??

Maybe Nature is more "HONEST" than the mind of MEDIUMS, or the ghostly plasma of the "spirits" ... Nature certainly creates a relative REALITY as compared to this spiritualist fantasy or "illusion", created by imagined "light", smoke and mirrors.

Thanks for the comment


Michael said...


I am not one to say that dreams are unimportant or that some aspect of our spirit doesn't reverberate after death, but SRCM has a long legacy using dreams and channeled communications from the dead to justify claims of an individuals divine supremacy over others.

Recently, a close friend shared a dream they had of Babuji and Parthasarathi in the presence of a third "Master", who was admonishing both of them for claiming to be God.

Now that's a dream I think is worth paying attention to!


4d-Don said...

Hi Michael...

Yes, there seems to be "reverberation" felt in our sub-conscious (as in our conscious) mind (dreams, inspirations, etc...) which are sometimes connected as past or future "memories", with PRESENT events. The mind often confuses TIME (past, present, future) in dreams, without the waking "consciousness" to give on-going time clues. And even Babuji stated that if we, the abhyasis, saw him in our meditation or dream, we were not to presume that it was him in reality. MIND makes up a story or a dream around many "memories" ... but it is not necessarily guided from "without", (such as a "spirit" (a Saint) who is consciously sending you a message from "heavey") the memory reverberates from within the individual's MIND, a product of BRAIN (material (atoms, molecules) and its electromagnetism or "Energy"), as well as the hereditary or cultural pre-disposition of the individual ... .

That represents the "conscience" of the individual: What is brought into the world on our DNA (genes), combined with what has affected the individual's morality and ethics in its "environment", in this LIFE.

The reverberations are sometimes events occuring in the PRESENT (sirens, noises, lights, etc...) which the brain slavishly merges into the dream story.

Some part of memory is now alleged (by some) to exist as reverberations in the magnetoshpere of the planet, and could be geographically accessed ... Some areas or regions seem to carry or create dreams which are different from the dreams of other areas or regions. (could there be "standing memory waves"??) Some now claim that the "ghost" experiences are the effects of such standing waves (cold spots, hair raising (fear?), fleeting whispering sounds, and sights from the corner of the eyes, etc ...

I worked in mental health and when some of the patients communed with the "OTHER SIDE", we were not too concerned, but when the messages started coming from the "other side", with specific instructions, then we began to question and check the "meds" ...

Thanks for the comments ...